I Am Not a Slug-Beast

I intended to write my post last night, so that it would be ready to go first thing this morning. I’ve been trying hard to stick with my newly self-imposed schedule of posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I particularly wanted to stick to the schedule this week because last week was a bit of a “fail” on my part. Anyhow, I love it when I can get my posts written up a day or so ahead of time so that I can get them up on my blog first thing in the morning. It makes me feel really accomplished for the whole day, even though it’s such a little thing. But hey, bricks are little things, right? And they can build huge buildings if you stack them all together.

But … I thought and thought and thought yesterday … and then, thought some more … and could not come up with anything I wanted to write about for my blog post today. I know — unbelievable! On any given day, there are gazillions of ideas floating around in my brain. Okay, so maybe not “gazillions”, but, you know, at least three or four at a time. Maybe five, if I’m feeling particularly productive or lucky. However, on the day I actually want to sit down and take time to write my post … Yeah. Nothing. Big, fat GOOSE EGG of ideas. Ugh. My brain is so annoying. I swear, if I didn’t need her for stuff like breathing and keeping my heart beating, I would break up with her. She’s a diva and a half.

Anyhow, I thought about it again today and still had nothing. So I am going to write about my exercise struggles. I know, I know: BORING! But it’s all I’ve got. I guess you can direct your complaints to my brain, although I can tell you right now that she will just ignore them.


I’ve been quite the slug-beast lately with my exercise routine. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been struggling to get in just three days a week of working out. Also, I think I walked my dogs maybe three times in the last two weeks. (Bad dog owner! Bad!) So, I told myself this past weekend that I needed to make some changes. I needed to kick myself in the butt and get moving once again. And, by “moving”, I mean consistently doing some form of exercise for around an hour to hour and a half at least five times a week. Before the post-holiday doldrums, I had been pretty consistent with working out six days a week. I had been hoarding my steps and counting them at the end of every day like a rich man counts his money bags. I felt so good about this, too. I felt accomplished and healthier and just overall great about myself.

What can I say? When I fall off the wagon, I fall HARD.

But I told myself there were no more excuses. I told myself over the weekend that it was one last weekend of “fun” and not working out, and then we were going to hit the week on a more positive note and make some great changes. I felt pretty terrific about this. (What can I say? It was a really good mental pep talk.) I just knew I was going to hit the ground running once Monday morning rolled around and my family was back to our normal school day schedule. Heart, body, and brain, I was all in on this plan. It was going to be GREAT!!!


Yeah. It totally didn’t happen. I think my brain conveniently forgot that she had also signed up for the new and improved “let’s not be a slug-beast” program. Monday morning rolled around, bright and early. The alarm clock went off, like it always does. And my brain said, “Meh. I didn’t sleep well last night. Let’s stay in bed.” And so we did. Not super late, but until around 9 AM, at which point I had to get moving on all the errands I had to do before my kiddo got out of school. My brain pretended to be all upset and sad about the fact that, suddenly, there was no time left for exercise. Honestly, it wasn’t very convincing. Looking back on it now, I can definitely feel the smug condescension that was happening at the time.

Tuesday happened. And my brain said she had a sinus headache. Well, this was true. There’s been a lot of thunderstorm activity lately, and that stuff is hell on the sinuses. And so, my brain and I, once again, stayed in bed until the ripe hour of 9AM. We swore (swore!!) we were going to exercise in the evening. We had it all planned out that we would spend at least 40 minutes running on the Precor. Did this happen? Of course not. Because my brain started watching Miami Vice. And she didn’t want to stop until it was time to go to bed. My brain can be pesky like that.


Today is Wednesday — WEDNESDAY!!. I went to bed last night with the sinking realization that we were quickly approaching “hump day”, and we had not exercised at all. I already felt like a failure for the week. My brain didn’t seem to care much. She hummed along as usual, blissfully in denial over how we had failed to conquer this week and vault out of our sluggish habits.

But today, I wasn’t taking any crap from my brain. I let her sleep in until 8 AM, and then made her get up, even though she was terribly unhappy about it. I let her surf a forum and watch a nail video on YouTube. After that, she was all, “Oh, I’m hungry. It’s time for breakfast.” But did I give in to this? NO!!

I told my brain that it was put up or shut up time. If we didn’t go for our walk today, we were basically never getting out of our rut. My brain is actually fine with this, but I am not. And so, we headed out for our walk. A bit later than I would have liked … and we weren’t happy about it … but we made it out the door.

Truthfully, it was a pretty terrible walk. I was in a pissy mood pretty much the whole way. Plus, I was starving by the time we got back to my house. Neither my brain nor I had any fun, in spite of the weather being a bit chilly and wet, which is my favorite. By the time we got home, my brain and I had decided we would have to co-exist silently. She’s still not speaking to me. But, underneath it all, I think she feels pretty darn accomplished. I know I do. I haven’t yet told her we have to do the whole thing all over again tomorrow. I’m a bit afraid of what she might do, so I’ll wait until morning to break it to her.

Oh, and the dogs had a good time, too. Really, isn’t that all that matters? Happy dogs … happy life. Or something like that.


Falling Down the Book Hole

Is there any feeling quite as sad as coming to the end of a book that you really enjoyed? It’s such a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, there’s a sense of accomplishment at completing a monumental (well, if the book is quite long) task. On the other hand, there’s sadness at knowing that, once you turn the last page, you will have to leave a world you’ve come to love and return to your own very hum-drum life. I think a beloved book leaves a mark on a person’s soul — a little spot where characters we have come to know and love continue to hang out and make us wonder what’s going on in their lives. Or, maybe we can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next, and our beloved characters whisper all kinds of possibilities in the backs of our minds. You know, behind the spot where we keep our grocery list but in front of the place used for remembering to pick up the dry-cleaning.

Seriously, does it make me crazy that my favorite characters seem so incredibly real to me? That I might want to be friends with them in real life? Or maybe not, because many of the characters I love seem to get into an awful lot of trouble on a pretty regular basis. And no one has time for that kind of mess, am I right? If it does make me crazy, do I even care? Hint: The answer to that one is a big, fat “NO!”.


I’m currently suffering from that brand of nostalgic, bittersweet sadness that comes from turning the last page on a great book. I delayed it for as long as I could. I lingered over the fast-paced aerial battles toward the end. I went back and re-read favorite passages. I took the time to ponder over the characters I had come to know and love during the course of almost 700 pages of story and plot and description and all that other stuff which makes a book oh-so-wonderful. As I got down to the end, I tried hard to savor every single word on every single page. I even thought about going back and reading the whole thing all over again. I liked this book that much! I might have done it, too, but my daughter had decided she wanted to read it when I was done. I got tired of her popping her head into my room and asking, “Are you done yet?”

And so, with a happy sigh, I read the last page. I savored the final sentence and dawdled over the last few words, until I could no longer put off the inevitable. I closed the back cover with a happy sigh and hugged this book close to my heart. I could already feel the little hole shaped by these characters forming in my soul. As I handed the book over to my daughter, I thought to myself, “I can’t wait for the next one.”

Oh yeah. I’m a glutton for punishment. But the book-shaped hole demands to be fed and filled. Who am I to argue?

My Week in Nails

So, with all the stress and drama behind me, I’m happy to report that I was back to my crazy, nail polish magpie ways this week. I’ve been putting a pretty good dent in my “never before worn” pile, although I seem to continue adding new polishes to it. I’m not sure I’ll ever reach the end. I just got in ten new polishes today (6 Zoyas from the Earth Day exchange/sale and 4 China Glazes from an e-tailer).

Clearly, I have a problem. Clearly, I love having this problem. Oh yeah … Denial: not just a river in Egypt.

Here’s what I wore this week:


First up this week was Glam Polish, “Bad Hair Day”. Glam Polish designated this as their “alopecia awareness” polish. The moment I saw that, I HAD to get this one. I would have purchased it even if it had been a horrible, ugly color that I hated (not that such a thing is even possible with Glam Polish, as everything on their website is AMAZING and beautiful!!). I know the emotional and mental struggle that comes with losing your hair, as I have had to deal with this in my own life. I don’t have alopecia, but I do have PCOS. And, one of the things PCOS likes to take from you is your hair. I think losing one’s hair would be horrible and traumatic for anyone, man or woman. But, as a woman, I have to say I found it particularly difficult because society puts so much pressure on us ladies to have gorgeous, perfect hair. If, for some reason, you don’t have those full and flowing locks, it’s like the people around you seem to feel you are less of a woman. Or less of a person. Or something. It was awful. Not just the losing my hair part, but the comments, criticisms, and “helpful” (not) advice about it. I think the “helpful” advice was the worst part, because, basically, unless someone can figure out a way to make my ovaries work the way they are supposed to, my hair is never going to be society’s idea of perfection. I’m lucky, because my hair has started to come back in. My little bald patch is shrinking. But I know there are other people, both my PCOS “cysters” and people who suffer from alopecia, who are not as lucky. So I had to show my solidarity with them. Also, huge, huge props to Glam Polish for putting this polish out there and calling attention to this devastating condition.

Okay, now that my whole soapbox thing is done … Look at this polish! LOOK AT IT!!! Oh my googley-gosh, but it is so freaking beautiful. Can you see the rainbows in there from the holographic micro glitter? Can you? Can you? Plus, I adore the deep, rich, dark blue base on this one. Seriously … I can’t even. Can’t even. This polish makes me want to scream in joy and flail on the floor in polish junkie abandon. I waited a while before wearing this, just because it is kind of dark and I was in “spring colors” mode. But, it is definitely my favorite out of my order. I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore this, and I can’t wait to wear it again. Love, love, love, love … so much love!!!


Sinful Colors, “Butter Kup”. This is one of the new Kylie Jenner “Trend Matters” colors. I actually have no thoughts on Kylie Jenner one way or the other, meaning I’m not a fan but also I’m not “not” a fan. (Did that even make sense? Am I still typing English here?) Her name being associated with this polish isn’t what made me go out and get it. (And I actually had to search through two Targets before I found it, believe it or not.) I saw an online review of this entire line, and the colors looked so beautiful and unique because of the little bits of shimmer running through them. I thought most of the pastels were very pretty and feminine looking, and perfect for Spring. Plus, I love me some Sinful Colors. So, off I went in search of the collection. I think I managed to find 3 or 4 of them. So far, I’ve worn this one and one other (“Kool as a Kukumber”), and I only bothered to take pictures of this one.

What can I say? I was really disappointed in this polish. In fact, this one kind of made me want to cry in sadness and frustration. I love the color. I don’t think it shows up well in my picture, but the shimmer in this polish is really pretty. I also like how delicate the color is on the nail. But … but, but, but … This polish was a booger-bear to apply. I am not a manicure noob, and I struggled with this polish. I had to take it off my nails and start over again at least twice. It went on really chunky and streaky, all at the same time. If I did thin coats, it wasn’t as chunky, but it also wasn’t nearly opaque even at four coats. If I did thicker coats, the shimmer chunked everything up. I wasn’t happy with how it ended up for this picture, but I was too tired of it to keep trying. Sadly, the light green “Kukumber” one was the same way for me. I’m not sure if it’s me or if I just got a bad bottle or something, but it really put me off the whole line. Bummer.


Next up was OPI, “Gargantuan Green Grape“. This is an oldie but a goodie, although it’s a new one for me. I was so excited when I finally found a bottle of this color that was actually green! Believe it or not, I had been looking for it for quite some time. Originally, I had a bottle of this color that was the mint blue shade. And, in spite of my love of all things blue, I really didn’t like it. There was something about the color and the way it looked on my nails that put me off. I’m not sure I even have the bottle any more. I might have given it away or donated it or something.

This one, though, I really like. I was a bit surprised at the final color after this had dried, because the online swatches I had seen looked more “green”. I feel like my bottle has a more yellow undertone to it. It’s okay, though. I enjoyed the kind of yellow-toned green. It felt very fresh and spring-like on my nails. It had a great formula, too. Not that this comes as any big surprise. This is OPI, after all, and they are usually pretty awesome.



Sadly, shortly after putting this color on my nails, I had a little bit of an incident with some blue dye. It ended up getting in around the edges of my fingernails and a couple of places where I hadn’t realized my topcoat had missed. And, in general, it made my pretty green look kind of dull and drab. I was so bummed.

Seeing as how my manicure was ruined anyhow, I decided to experiment with a little nail art. So I did some designs on my nails with Sharpie markers. Then put a topcoat over it. I didn’t wear this super long (maybe a day), as I’m not much of a nail art person, overall. But it was fun. I think it turned out okay for my first try.


Next up was China Glaze, “Papa Don’t Peach”. This is from the Lite Brites Collection for 2016, and man-oh-man … It is BRIGHT!!! I think this might be the brightest nail color in the universe. Also, please ignore the fact that there is an eeeeeny-teeeeeny bottle clutched in my gigantic man hands in this picture. I got this one, along with a few others from the collection, in a set of minis.

This is not a color I would have expected to wear or like. It doesn’t photograph particularly well, but it’s kind of a coral-peach-orange color with golden shimmer running through it. I tried to get the shimmer in my picture, but it didn’t show up as much as I had hoped. The shimmer really, really shows up on your nails, though. I pretty  much never wear peaches or oranges or corals, so I have no idea what came over me with this color. I loved it the moment I pulled it out of the little mini package. I still think it’s gorgeous, and I got quite a few compliments on it when I wore it. I went on to order a few China Glaze polishes online, and I really debated over whether or not to get a full-sized bottle of this one. In the end, I didn’t because I thought I wouldn’t wear it that much. Now, though, I’m kind of regretting that.


After the crazy brightness of that China Glaze color, I needed a little bit of “calm”. I realized I hadn’t  yet tried out my bottle of Zoya’s “Lake”, so I pulled that one out. It was the perfect little palate cleanser that I needed after all that coral craziness.

This one is from the 2016 “Whispers” collection, and I do love this color. It’s very grayed out, but it has definite blue undertones. It’s soft and pretty. And I think it would go with pretty much everything. It does remind me of a deep and still lake very early in the spring, when the water still has a little bit of that gray color from the winter sky mixed in. I do wish it had a touch more blue color in it, though. If it did, I think it would be pretty close to perfect. Even so, I would have worn this color longer, except I got a huge chip on the middle nail on my right hand. Not a chip in the polish — a chip in my actual  nail! So, the polish couldn’t be saved. And my nails couldn’t be saved. I had to file them back down a bit. It’s okay, though. It was time.

As with all the polishes in the  Whispers collection (at least all the ones I purchased), this didn’t have the greatest formula. It went on kind of streaky, and it was easy to pull polish off of the nail if I accidentally overworked the color. I ended up having to do three coats. I love the color a lot, so it’s not a deal breaker for me with this one. But it did make me feel like things looked a bit “thick” on my nails once I was all done.


Finally, we have China Glaze, “Let’s Jam!”. I’m not much for purples, but this one is pretty great. I like it a lot, and I can see myself wearing it often. It has a blue shimmer to it, so the color kind of shifts from purple to blue depending on the light. It’s not a strong shift; it’s very subtle. I think it shows up a little bit in the bottle in my picture. But, on my nails in real life, that blue undertone and shimmer was definitely there. I love it! The only thing I don’t love about it is that this color really, really pulled back with my beloved Seche Vite topcoat. So much so that I’m going to end up taking this off in just a little while because part of the color on one of my thumbnails is in danger of lifting right up off the nail. Ugh. I will have to try and remember to wear a different topper with this one next time.

Someone commented today that the color was very bright. I guess it is a little bit of a bright color. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worthy of being in the “Lite Brites” collection, right? Still, I don’t feel like this is an eye-searing, in-your-face kind of bright. It feels a little bit subdued, but still very fun for Summer.





A Post of Random Chatter

So, I actually have a longish (maybe?) post that I want to do about the crazy that was my life last week. Honestly, I am not sure if it will be long. It might not be, but, in my heart — as I sit here right now in front of my computer — I feel it will be. Plus, the whole thing was a huge emotional drain because confrontation was involved. I hate confrontation. I am terrible at confrontation. Which is actually very funny, considering I worked as a lawyer, once upon a time. I realized just tonight that I was avoiding that whole post because of all the mental drama around it. In a day or so, I think I’ll be in a better place with it all, but I need time for the dust to settle. However, avoiding that post turned into avoiding my blog altogether, which means I am now totally off schedule for yet another week.

In the interest of forcing myself to keep this blog going — because I actually enjoy blogging and because it’s mentally unhealthy for me when I slink away into the darkness and ignore the stuff I enjoy — I thought a post full of random chatter might be fun. It might not be, though. I’m not making any promises here. I think I may try to find some rather random pictures to go along with it, too. I’ll see what’s hanging around on my Flickr account. So … buckle in for a long post of randomness!


So, clearly, Spring has sprung in my corner of the universe. I think I mentioned this (half a dozen times) in a previous post. I have a love/hate thing going on with Spring, as everyone knows. I’m currently loving all the different shades of green that appear in the springtime. I feel like I go through this every year. It’s like I’ve never really and truly seen “green” until Spring happens. I mean, I think I know what the color green looks like and what it means. I feel like I skate along for months and months, secure in the smugness that comes with understanding that there is a color out here that is called “green”.

And then … BOOM. Spring happens.

There’s always that one day, somewhere mid-way through the season, when it feels like I step out my front door to find the whole, entire world has turned green. There are so many shades and variations and hues of green. It amazes me. There are no words for it. Seriously, I’m sitting here, typing right this moment, and I have no words. None! I can’t even with the green. But I’m loving it. Seeing all those shades, from the newest, gentlest yellow-green all the way through to the deepest, darkest green of older leaves … I dunno. It does something to me. It makes me feel so happy inside. It makes me feel like everything in the world around me is all brand new and starting over, which, in turn, makes me believe my life can be brand new, too. Blue is my favorite color, but, if “hope” has a color, I think it’s green.


Speaking of my life, I was thinking today that I really need to pull back and evaluate things. I need to get my shizzle together. Lately, I’ve been feeling incredibly overwhelmed, discouraged, and scattered. I feel like, in spite of my numerous “to-do” lists and daily goals (none of which I seem to be accomplishing on any regular basis), my life is running me, instead of the other way around. Sometimes, I feel like my life is completely out of control and stalled-out in ways I never would have expected when I was younger. Or, even five years ago. I think I’ve fallen into some deep ruts, and I’m not exactly sure how to climb back out to get onto a smoother path.

I fell off the bandwagon for my exercise and diet during the holidays. (And I’m talking about Christmas, here — not Easter! Ugh.) I guess saying that isn’t exactly accurate. I never stopped exercising. I’m still doing that on a regular basis. But, before the holidays, I was managing to get a good work-out in on at least 6 days of the week. Now, I’m only doing it on 3 days. We had company for about a month at Christmas, which makes keeping to a regular schedule difficult. And I was sick during the holidays. I was sick again at the end of March and through the beginning of April. (Bronchitis for almost 3 weeks — so much not fun.) So … there are valid reasons for my schedule and exercise resolve taking a hit. I’m trying not to beat myself up over it. Everyone stumbles here and there. I know this. But … Yeah. I’ve been beating myself up over it. I may be my own worst enemy.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting back into my 6-day a week schedule. It has become so much easier for me to say to myself, “Hey, Self. We don’t really need to head out and exercise today. We went yesterday and the day before. We’ll go tomorrow, for sure. That makes 3 whole days this week. I think we’re good.” And my Self seems perfectly okay with that reasoning. She never tells me to get my happy butt moving. Instead, she just nods along and tells me to eat a cookie or some M&Ms.

That’s another thing: My eating has been in the pits since Christmas. I’m not eating total and complete trash, like I was before. But I am not being as careful as I know I should be. So, yeah … I need to figure out a way to get back on track. There may be more blog posts coming about this in the future.


My daughter has strep. I think all the stress from this past week did a number on her immune system. She tends to be a “streppy” kid, anyhow. Last year, she had strep 5 or 6 times. That was so not fun. But last year was a very, very stressful year for her. She was pretty miserable in school all year last year because she hated her teacher. “Hated” is too strong of a word. She “greatly disliked” her teacher. What’s even worse is that she felt like her teacher “greatly disliked” her right back. It was a pretty miserable year, overall. I have no scientific proof for this, but I think the stress of the year contributed to her getting sick several times.

Anyhow, she is sick again, poor kid. This is the second time so far this year that she has had strep. Considering how many times she had it last year, we might have to consider having her tonsils taken out. Two of her pediatricians have mentioned this to us within the past year. I know having your tonsils out is no big deal. I had mine taken out when I was 3 because I was sick all the time. Even so, it feels like a big deal when it’s your kid. So, there’s that. Also, I really don’t know when we will be able to do it. The summer would seem like an ideal time, but our entire summer is booked up already with a wedding on my husband’s side of the family, a visit to my parents, and a family vacation. The next big school break would be over the Christmas holidays next year, but there will be another wedding during that time. It’s not something I really need to be worrying about right now, but it’s humming around in the back of my mind. Plus, my mom reminds me of it whenever we talk on the phone. She calls me pretty much every day.

Also, my daughter broke her foot last year on the playground. This year, she broke THE OTHER foot. Her iPad fell off her bed and landed “just right” on her Lisfranc joint. This is a terrible injury, which takes forever to heal. Literally. The poor kid has been in a cast and/or boot since just after Christmas. I think the accident happened on her first day back to school after the holidays.

My mother is convinced my daughter has cancer or some other horrible thing wrong with her. She tells me this nearly every time we talk. She loves us all so much that she is terrified of something happening to us. But that kind of terror is hard to deal with when you’re on the receiving end. I reassure her that my daughter is perfectly normal. I am rational and calm on the phone. And then, I go to WebMD and frantically look up stuff about childhood cancer because the idea will not leave my head. Let me just tell you this: If you’re ever worried you have cancer … don’t ask Google. You will be sorry.


Last Friday, my daughter and I went to get our hair done. A couple of months ago, my daughter came to me and told me she wanted to dye her hair pink. This came as no surprise. Pink is her favorite color, after all. And several kids at her school sport non-traditional hair colors. She didn’t want it completely pink, though. She just wanted to do highlights around her face. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, so I gave her the green light, and it turned out super cute! It sounds weird to say it, but the pink actually looked very natural on her. It looked like she was born with pink hair.

Shortly before kiddo went pink, I had started adding blue into my own hair. Again, no huge surprise because blue is my favorite color. I’ve wanted blue hair for about forever. Seriously. Since my twenties. Back then, I couldn’t go for it because I was in a conservative profession, working in an even more conservative office. One time, I wore boots under a long skirt, and my boss gave me the stinky fish-eye look all day long. Blue hair would not have been a good idea.

At first, I started with small little peek-a-boo blues. They were hidden under the rest of my hair, so that only I could see them. They would show if I pulled my hair back, but, otherwise, my hair was its normal color. (Well, sort of normal. I’m a natural darkish blonde with red undertones, and I dye my hair black.) When my daughter and I went back this past Friday, I decided to get more blue in my hair. I wanted to do larger patches of color around my face, similar to what the kiddo had done with her pink, and I wanted to use a dark blue and a lighter blue, in addition to my usual black.

Sadly, it didn’t turn out like I had hoped. The darker blue is okay, but the lighter blue didn’t take to my hair for some reason. So it came out a sort of blue-green color instead of a true blue. I don’t hate it, but I was a bit disappointed in the final result. I’m going to wait for it to grow out some, and then I will try again with a different type of dye. Anyhow, during our phone call today, my mom asked how the hair appointment went this past Friday. I told her kiddo’s hair turned out nicely, but that mine didn’t take. And then had to explain to her that I had planned to get more blue in my hair, but that the dye didn’t turn out as expected.

To which my mom replied, “You’re putting blue in your hair? I don’t think I like that. I really just want you to be normal.”

Yep. Me, too, Mom. Me, too.

My Week in Nails

It was a slower-than-usual (or slower-than-I-like) blogging week for me. I only managed to get two posts in, one of them being this weekly nail polish wrap-up. I’ve already blogged about the sore eye socket (ewww! gross!) thing. That was one of the reasons, as it’s hard to blog – or even think – when your eye socket hurts. But this week was kind of a rough week, all around. I shall probably blog about it in the coming week. Maybe. I don’t know. I might just want to forget any of it ever happened, so I haven’t made up my mind. But I probably will. Blog, that is.

Anyhow, it was a slow nail week, too. Believe it or not, I only have THREE manicures to show you. I know. This is a shock. The rough week meant not as much time for my nails. But, also, I had a couple of colors this week that I loved, loved, loved. I started out the week with Glam Polish’s “Windchill”, which I showed in my last week wrap-up. I love that polish so much that I didn’t want to take it off. I wore it from some time on Friday until Monday evening, when I couldn’t ignore the tip wear any longer. My second manicure for this week was also a favorite. I did not want to take it off, either. I put it on either late Monday evening or Tuesday morning, and wore it all the way until Thursday. Again, until I couldn’t ignore the tip wear any longer.

So, there you go. Let the (extremely paltry) week in polish begin. Huzzah!


This is China Glaze, “You’re Too Sweet” on top of SpaRitual, “Melt With You”. I was super excited about doing this manicure. I loved the way these two polishes looked next to each other in their respective bottles. And I just knew — I KNEW!! — it was going to be a fabulous, fabulous manicure.

It wasn’t. I hated the way this looked on my nails. HATED IT. The glitter came out too sparsely, and I feel like all the pretty pinkness in it was completely lost. I should have tried this one over a lighter color, like a white or a maybe a light gray. Even a lighter pink might have been better. Ah well. Live and learn. I like both polishes individually, though. I just didn’t feel like they mixed together the way I wanted them to. Also, the SpaRitual polish chipped almost immediately. I fixed the first chip. But then, it chipped again in a different place. Needless to say, I didn’t wear this manicure for very long. I’m not sure I had it on for even a whole day. Also, the dark pink stained my nails. They already had blue stains on them from last week. Now the stains are kind of purple. Ugh.


This is China Glaze, “Can You Sea Me?” on top of OPI, “Funny Bunny”. This manicure was LOVE. It seems so silly because it’s really a very simple manicure, but I adored this one. I love this glitter because of the mix of small blues and the larger holographic circles/hexagons. I wish the larger pieces came out of the mix a bit easier, but that might be my fault for not mixing it a bit better before applying. Even without trying, though, I got quite a few of the larger pieces scattered on my nails. And there was lots of the small blue glitter.

This mani made me so, so, so happy. And this week, that was an extremely big deal. I loved the contrast of the blue with the white. And the circle/hex glitters caught the sun “just right” to make pretty rainbow reflections on my nails. Every time I looked down at it, this made me feel happy inside. I didn’t want to take it off. And so … I wore the heck out of it! Until yesterday, when I realized the tips of my pinky nails were beyond repair. I felt a little bit sad taking it off, honestly.


This is OPI, “I Am What I Amethyst”. I put this one on yesterday, after taking off my previous manicure. I expected to feel sad and disappointed with it, just because I loved my previous mani so so much. But I was pleasantly surprised. I quite love this one. I think it’s supposed to be a sort of dusty purple (because of “amethyst” being in the name), but it looks blue to me. I love blue, so I’m letting my mind stay there. If I wore something purple next to it, though, I think it would probably look purple or lavender.

This is from the 2016 “Soft Shades” collection. I fell hard for that collection the first time I saw it swatched online. I started looking for it in all my usual brick and mortar places, but no one had it. I looked, I know, for a good two or three weeks. Finally, I decided to order the colors I wanted online. Of course, right after I did this, the polishes appeared in my local stores. Whatever. I still got a better price. Even with shipping, I saved about $14 USD. And I had my polishes a smidge earlier than I would have, otherwise. I’m putting it in the “win” column.

I think this color is going to be a favorite of mine over the long run. It’s such a beautifully muted and soft color. I had to use three coats before I was comfortable with the opacity, which is a draw back, but that will not keep me from wearing and loving this polish. It’s one of those colors that I really like to see on my nails.


Springtime Miseries

And so, Spring has sprung. The flowers are all lovely. The sky is blue. The clouds are fluffy and white, scampering across the beautiful blue sky like so many pretend sheep. The breeze is gentle. The days are warm and getting longer. The weekends are filled with fun outdoor activities. The sun is a brilliant and welcome sight after the gray days of winter. The bees are buzzing, and everyone is happy, happy, happy. Everything is coming up roses, figuratively and literally.

I think most of us welcome the changes with open arms. We emerge from our darkened houses to stand in the warmth and blink in the friendly sun, letting the rays wash over our upturned faces. We shed our outer layers with giddy abandon. Sweaters, scarves, hats, coats, boots, and heavy socks all must go as we run out into the warmth and the light. It’s such a cliché, but I think it’s true: Spring is rebirth. No matter how jaded we have become with our lives and the people around us, Spring’s arrival brings with it that little kid joy that makes us want to twirl in circles and laugh in the sun. Or, at the very least, take our lunch outside for an impromptu picnic at work.

I don’t love Spring. I think I’ve written about this at the start of Spring every year that my blog has been up and running. I love the beauty of the world waking up around me. I love seeing the bees return — yes, even the giant, bumbling ones that buzz around the roses near my front door and give me a fright every time I go in or out. I love hearing the birds sing. I love how green and fresh everything looks. I love how my heart feels lighter, somehow. I love all these things about Spring and, yet, I do not love Spring.

And you know why? Actually, I’m sure you do know why. I complain about it all the time.


I don’t love Spring because I am allergic to it. Every May flower brought about by every April shower. Every newly budding, preciously fresh leaf on every tree. Every bit of soft and cuddly bunny fur … well, if bunnies stopped and let me cuddle them. Every flower petal blown on every soft and gentle Spring breeze. Yep. I am allergic to it all. And I tend to experience Spring by standing in my window nursing a hot cup of tea in an effort to open up my aching sinuses. These periods of longing are punctuated by short bursts of activity in which I dash outdoors for an hour or so every day to walk my dogs, both of whom adore Spring with the kind of giddy abandon that only dogs can muster. These forays make me feel like a woman without a country, as they leave me feeling happy and wheezy all at the same time.

I used to see an allergist. But I stopped going many months ago. (Maybe even as long as a year ago?) I am a bad allergy sufferer. Or a bad patient. Or … something. At any rate, I kind of gave up on the whole allergist thing because I was allergic to so many things that their advice was basically, “Just stay inside with your windows closed. And get rid of your dogs. You should never have dogs.” This was not advice that made me happy. It only made me feel hopeless. And, honestly, I don’t care how deathly allergic I am to all the outside things, I’m not giving up my dogs. Ever. I am typing this with one of the silly beasts curled up on my feet under my desk. There are few things in the universe as comforting as a dog curled up on one’s feet.

Today, though, I am venturing back to the allergist. I don’t have a choice, as this Spring, my sinuses have started a new thing where they make my eye sockets hurt. I think I can say, without reservation, that you have not experienced pain until you have had to live with aching eye sockets. Seriously, I didn’t even know eye sockets could ache. And I have to say that I think this should NOT be a “thing”. But whatever. It’s not like the universe will listen to me on this. If it did, I wouldn’t have aching eye sockets, to begin with.


I have mixed feelings about seeing the allergist again. I am sure they are going to give me all kinds of nagging hell for dropping out on them for so long. And I suspect their advice will not have changed. I don’t want to live my life indoors, watching everything happen from behind double-paned glass. I don’t want to feel hopeless and confused in the face of my many (many, many, many, many) allergy triggers, awash in a sea of inhalers and pills. I feel a sense of impending doom circling the pit of my stomach. And yet, in spite of this, I am hopeful that I can, somehow, find a way to live with these allergies of mine. Because I would like to stand there, toss away my heavy winter coat, and feel the sun on my face. And I would like to do so with a minimum of coughing and wheezing. Is this too much to ask? I don’t know … maybe. But I guess I will see.

My Week in Nails


Sinful Colors (Sinful Shine), “Prosecco”

I have to say I was a little bit “meh” about this color. I thought it was really pretty in the bottle. It looked like a sort of chocolate brown with some really pretty golden shimmers running through it. I thought it would be a fun change from all the pastel shades I’ve been wearing lately. You know, kind of like cleansing your palate in between dinner courses or something.

It … didn’t work out quite as I had planned. The color was pretty enough on my nails, but I was a little disappointed in the shade of brown. It didn’t look as rich on my nails as it did in the bottle. I felt like there was a bit of a gray undertone to the brown, and I wasn’t expecting that. The golden shimmer is super pretty, though. And it really shows up on the nail.

Overall, it wasn’t a total bust. I still like the color, and I’m looking forward to trying it out again later on, maybe a bit closer to Fall. I’m thinking I might not have been over the pastels, after all. I have been in a bit of a “Spring” mood lately, in spite of my horrible allergies.


Nine Zero Lacquer, “Annual March Blizzard”

So, I was in the worst mood on Saturday. It was just a crummy day, all around, filled with lots of little, nagging bothers that all kind of piled up together to create one big annoyance that hung over the entire day. To cheer myself up, I decided to bust out the last color I had from my previous Nine Zero Lacquer order. I loved it so much in the bottle, and I think I was waiting for just the right time to wear it.

This color is SO PRETTY!! So pretty!! I wanted to squeal in happiness as I was putting it on. I didn’t, because my friend was over visiting (we were doing manicures), and I didn’t want to seem weird. Or, well, “weirder”. Or … something.

Anyhow, I love, love, LOVE this color so much. It is so chilly and sparkly and such a pretty shade of cool blue. It made me feel super girly and delicate when I had it on my nails. Plus, it cheered me right up. Also, as I was putting this polish on, I looked out my window and saw snowflakes falling. In April! True story.


OPI, “The I’s Have It”

I was in absolute and total nail polish junkie lust with OPI’s new “Through the Looking Glass” collection from the very first moment I saw swatches of it online. I looked everywhere for it for a couple of weeks with no luck at all. And so, I ended up ordering it from a new-to-me online store. I ended up getting three polishes from the collection: the two blues and the gold glitter polish. And, of course, I had to put this one on immediately after it arrived. Immediately!! I was so incredibly excited about these polishes!

This one … happy sigh. It was love at first sight. Seriously. This one ticks all of my happy boxes, and I think I will end up wearing it a lot. It’s such a gorgeously perfect shade of blue. It reminds me of the spring sky. The formula was lovely, too. It applied pretty smoothly, with only very minor streaking on the first coat. This might have had more to do with my application technique than the polish itself. I think I overworked it a little bit. I wanted to whisper sweet nothings to this polish. I might have actually told it how much I loved it and asked it to spend the rest of its life with me. Is that weird? No … don’t answer that.



OPI, “Fearlessly Alice”

Oh, Fearlessly Alice … how I loved you from the first moment I saw your bottle. You are such a beautiful shade of blue. I wanted to wear you for forever. And then, when I went to take you off, I thought I actually would have to wear you forever. In fact, a few days and two colors later, I am still wearing you on my nails. Because you stuck around. And around. And around.

Yep. This one stained like a mother. Even though I wore two (TWO!!) coats of base coat underneath it. Ugh.

I was so, so, so disappointed in this polish. This was the one I was most looking forward to in my “Looking Glass” order, and it was just a bitter, bitter disappointment. I could cry big, sad, broken-hearted polish junkie tears over it. In fact, I think I actually did shed a few tears when I saw the stains it left behind. I haven’t read or seen anything about staining in any of the online reviews of this polish, so I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe my nails just reacted weirdly with the formula. Or maybe I got a bad bottle. Overall, I didn’t like the way this one applied. It came out of the bottle really thick, even from the very first time I opened the polish. It applied thick and lumpy in some spots and very streaky in others. So … yeah. Super unhappy with this one.


Glam Polish, “I Got My Eye on You”

This was my first time ever ordering from Glam Polish. I, of course, picked out three different blues. This is me we’re talking about, after all. And blues are my peanut butter and jelly. I ordered a light, a medium, and a dark polish.

This one is the medium-toned blue out of the bunch. When I was waffling back and forth over which one to try first, my daughter picked out this one. She said it was her favorite out of the order, so I should try it first. And you know what? She was right!

This polish was like … Wowza! It was pow-pow-pow on my nails, and I loved every moment of it. I caught myself staring at it several times. I love the color — such a wonderful blue. And the color shifting glitter/shimmer thing happening in this polish is fantastic. I loved it so much that I wore it for two whole days. That’s saying a lot for a polish magpie like me!


Glam Polish, “Windchill”

I was so enamored of this polish when I saw it on the Glam Polish website. It was immediate, shiny-eyed lust. The pictures of it were just so, so, so beautiful. This was the polish I was most looking forward to out of my order. I could not wait to see it in person.

When it arrived and I got my first in-person look at the bottle, I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. I love how light the color is, but, overall, I was just a little “meh” about it. It seemed almost too dusty. And the little flakies were … well, too “flakey”.

However … On the nail, it looks completely different. I. Love. It. Yes, that’s right. I have changed my tune. I love this polish like a cat loves a new catnip mouse. For anyone not acquainted with cats, that’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on. The color is so light and smooth. It’s almost airy, in a way.  And there is pretty, pretty color changing glitter that shifts and flashes in the sun. And those flakies? They are FANTASTIC!! I love the way they give the polish a little bit of extra “oomph”.

Pioneer Days

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bit of a “power incident”. A power pole about a block from my house snapped, no doubt the victim of the recent winds that have blustered through our area. There was a flash of light, two large booms … and then, nothing. No power in my neighborhood, in the neighborhood a few blocks over, or in the neighborhood and houses across the street from where I live.

It’s funny how quiet the house becomes when the power goes out. There are times during the week, when my husband is at work, my daughter is at school, and it’s just the dogs and me hanging around the house, when I think, “This is the most silence I’ve ever heard.” The hum of the ceiling fan in my office, the click-clack of my keyboard, and the gentle, groaning sighs of the dogs seem to sing out with an unexpected force that feels soothing and comforting to my over-anxious soul. And, underneath it all, there is the never-ending hum of power coursing through the house, as if the building itself is alive. Is it too cheesy of me to say it’s a balm in a world that is too often restless and overwhelming? Maybe. But that’s just what it is. Sitting in my quiet house and hearing the small sounds of my life around me makes me feel content.

But the silence that happens when the power goes out is different. It is bigger. It is more profound. It is the kind of quiet that seems loud. It takes over the whole house until you think it might just swallow you whole. It is … SILENCE.


So last night, I was sitting in my too-silent house … in the dark. And, naturally, my thoughts turned to my pioneering ancestors. I wonder about the kind of spirit and courage it takes to travel to an unsettled place and face unknown dangers. How must it have felt to huddle around one little candle or gas lamp against the darkness outside? Did they feel comfortable with their thoughts and dreams throughout the long darkness? Or did they anxiously await the first rays of the sun because that would call them to the work of the day? Were they bored without books and iPads and Internet? What does one do in the dead of night without FaceBook and Dragonvale? Maybe knit. Or spin thread. Or make candles. I have no idea.

I’ve often thought I would have been a terrible pioneer. I like my creature comforts way too much. I love having running water. And electricity. And a bathroom right in my house, so I don’t have to carry a candle and fight off bears when I need to pee in the middle of the night. And also, if you only have candlelight, you are sure to overlook spiders lurking in the dim corners of the outhouse. Spiders might be just a little bit more frightening than bears. At any rate, I’ve long ago made peace with the fact that I don’t seem to have the kind of get-up-and-go that it takes to settle into a wild place and build a life out of nothing.

Last night, though, I realized I was wrong. Quite, quite wrong. I bumbled around my hallways and stairs and bathrooms using only the light from a teeny tiny flashlight. And I hardly bumped into anything at all. I managed to sit, all alone, with my deep thoughts for at least an hour or two. And I didn’t even miss FaceBook at all. (I did miss Dragonvale, though. Some sacrifices are just too much to ask of a person.) As I turned in for the night at the ripe, old hour of 9:30 — because, really, there’s nothing else to do once the sun goes down if you have no power — I thought to myself, “Self, we’ve got this pioneer thing licked. We can totally do this.” I settled into bed, nestled among my comfy pillows with a good book, and clicked on my little book light for a nice, long read in the profound silence of my home. Oh yeah. I’ve got this pioneering thing licked. That’s for sure.

A Birthday Wish

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve never been much for birthdays. It’s not that I hate them or that they make me feel depressed or sad. Well, not really. I think it’s more that I’ve just never really thought about them very much. My birthday hasn’t ever felt important to me. I quite like celebrating other people’s birthdays, though. I especially love doing special things for my husband and daughter on their days. For myself, though … I don’t know. It just feels like much ado about nothing. I’m a fairly low maintenance kind of person. (Although I could be someone who thinks they are low maintenance but who is, in fact, high maintenance. Scary!) So I find myself feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the fuss.

This year, my birthday felt … Well, I don’t want to go so far as to say it felt bad, but I definitely didn’t feel all that great about it. I am now firmly planted in my second twenties. I’m closer to 50 than to 30. I’m not sure how I should feel about that. I firmly believe age is just a number. That I am only as old as I think I am, or as I feel in my heart. I understand these things are handy little sayings — the kind of thing one might expect to see plastered on an inspirational poster or an internet meme. And so, they are, perhaps, a little cheesy. But I also think they are true.

Lately, I’ve felt very old, indeed. Life has been pushing in on me from every side, it seems. There are some big sources of stress in my life. And there are what seems like dozens upon dozens upon dozens of little bitty sources of stress that love to pile up on top of me every day. It’s the little stressors that have been getting to me recently. I think it’s because the big things are easier to spot. You know they are coming, so you make sure you’re on the lookout for them. But those little things –the rude people you encounter every day, the broken nail as you’re trying to get the gas cap off of your car, the weird knocking sound in your engine, your computer suddenly deciding to shut itself down repeatedly, your child talking back to you, your dog barfing on your freshly cleaned floor, your front door frame suddenly falling to pieces — all seem to come at you out of nowhere. You try to shrug them off. You tell yourself they are just little things. You remind yourself these are just the normal annoyances of daily life. But, sometimes, small things can all pile up together to create a big thing.

And, if I’m being brutally honest with myself, I have to say my life isn’t where I expected it to be at this point in time. When I was a kid and teenager, I didn’t let myself dream very much. I had dreams, but I kept them in close — hidden, even from myself. Dreaming felt too risky and too dangerous. It felt like a sure-fire way to lead myself to disappointment. But, in those moments when I dared to let myself dream, I would look forward many years into the future (at that time, 30 was “old”), and I tried to picture what my life would be. I thought I would have accomplished so many things. And I would be so much more sophisticated and sure of myself. By the time I was 30, I thought, I would know who I was, where I was going in life, and how to get there.


I’m way past 30, and I don’t know any of those things. I’m not sophisticated. In fact, I’m a complete dork. (Do people still say “dork”? I have no idea.) I don’t feel confident. I feel fragile and brittle and a little bit squidgy around the edges. I have no idea who I am. And I feel I have accomplished exactly NONE of the dreams I had for myself. I think I managed to accomplish a couple of dreams that other people had for me. I suppose I could put those things into the “win” column, but, honestly, those things don’t feel like victories. Even though they are good accomplishments, I am not proud of them. And thinking on them leaves me feeling bitter and hollow. The truth is that I’m nowhere near accomplishing any of my dreams. As I sat and thought about it the day before my birthday (which was a pretty horrible day, all around), I felt like I was closer to completely giving up on those dreams. It seemed easier and felt more right to throw in the towel than to continue slogging forward, particularly when I feel most of my life is pretty much stalled out right now, which means not much forward progress is happening.

But yesterday, a couple of my friends sent me birthday wishes that said they hoped my birthday would be the start of a great year for me.

And you know what? I realized I was looking at this birthday thing all wrong. I had fallen into the trap of looking BACK at my life and regretting where I had and hadn’t been. I was so busy looking backward that my birthday felt like an ending, of sorts: the period at the end of my long list of unfulfilled dreams. I forgot to look AHEAD. Maybe some of my dreams won’t ever come true. This is a fact. None of us can make all of our dreams come true. If we could do that, we would be Disney princesses who dance through the forest and sing to birds. But I still have dreams. They aren’t unfulfilled; they are still-to-come. They are works in progress.

I love the idea of looking at my birthday as the start of a new year, instead of some kind of sad and dismal mile marker on my march toward my inevitable end. I like beginnings. They are full of potential and hope. And you know what? I think I could use a little bit of potential and hope in my life.


Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. I think it might be a good one.

My Week in Nails

Another “crazy” nail week for me this week. One of these days, I will either settle down and wear fewer polishes during the week … Or I will just admit to myself that I’m a polish-loving magpie. For now, I’m totally doing the magpie thing, but I think I’m a bit in denial about it. So I keep on saying how my polish week was “crazy”, as if to indicate this is not normal for me. Yeah … Denial: It’s not just a river in Egypt.

Anyhow … On to the polish fest. Woo Hoo!!



First up is China Glaze, “It’s a Trap-Eze!”. What can I say about this one? It’s like a party on my nails. I love, love, love, LOVE it. I really could not stop staring at my nails when I had this on, and it almost felt like I was wearing melted cupcakes on my nails. Or maybe ice cream with sprinkles. Which sounds totally gross when I type it out loud like that, but it isn’t gross on my nails. At all.

The party was over when it came time to take this one off. As expected, it was extremely difficult to remove. There was glitter everywhere. Two days later, I was sporting a totally different color, and I looked down to see glitter still stuck to the side of one of my nails. I had somehow missed it when I did the removal, even though I thought I was being sooooooo careful. This is normal for glitter polishes. But it’s still annoying. It won’t stop me from wearing this one again, though. I loved it, and it’s totally worth the extra annoyance.


SpaRitual, “Emerald City”. I love this brand of polish. Love it! There is something so luxurious and rich about the formula on every color I have tried from this brand. Even the colors I ended up not liking felt rich and kind of decadent, in a way, when I applied them. Even so, I don’t often buy it. It feels pretty expensive, even to polish-junkie-hoarder me. Also, my local Ulta, which is the only place I’ve ever found this brand, doesn’t carry many colors. I look at them pretty much every time I go into the store. But, yeah … don’t often buy.

But (!!) my Ulta had SpaRitual on clearance the last time I visited, so I picked up a couple of new shades. This is one of them. I don’t usually think of myself as someone who heads for the greens, but this is a really, really pretty green. I was drawn to it right away in the bottle. And I also loved it on my nails. I feel like the color is rich but also kind of floaty or ethereal on my nails. Not even sure that makes sense or not, but this one was a winner for me. I’ll definitely wear it again.


Defy & Inspire, “Winner’s Circle”. This is a new brand of polish for me. I think it might be new, period. It’s a Target-only brand, and I’ve only just started seeing it in my local Target store. Anyhow, they had so many pretty blue shades that I couldn’t resist giving it a try. It’s advertised as being 5-free and wear-resistant, meaning it’s supposed to last longer than a normal polish. This was not the case for me. I had it on for about two hours before it chipped. And, really, even though I do my nails a lot … and I am kind of hard on my nails and  hands … I don’t usually change out my manicure because my polish chips. Usually, my manicures change because I’m tired of that color and ready for something new. I can typically wear a polish for at least 4 or 5 days before it starts to chip or look ragged.

I still loved this polish. The color is so beautiful and perfect. It’s just a perfect and gorgeous blue for me. The formula was good, too. I liked the way it applied. And it was easy to remove. I’ll definitely wear this one again, even though it did chip quickly on me. Maybe my body chemistry doesn’t agree with it or something.


Finger Paints, “Been There, Scene It”. This color is so, so, so GORGEOUS. I loved it. In my picture, it looks more on the green side. In reality, it is a super pretty and soft blue-ish teal with the most beautiful golden shimmer running through it. I think it’s one of the prettiest colors I’ve seen in a long time. And I love that it comes from a “cheaper” polish line. I’m a big fan of the Finger Paints brand, anyhow. It’s the main reason I visit my local Sally’s Beauty Supply. If I wasn’t in such a magpie mood this week, I could have seen myself wearing this polish for several days. I could maybe even see myself wearing it for an entire week. I loved it that much.

This is from the “Endless Wear” line. I think they are supposed to be longer-wearing, but you have to use a specific base and top coat for them. Maybe it’s Finger Paints’ answer to all the different do-it-yourself gel type polishes out on the market. Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t care enough to look into it because I was never going to buy a special base and top coat to use just for this polish. I wore it with my regular OPI Nail Envy as the base and with my regular Seche Vite as the top. And it was great. No chipping, no tip wear. So, yeah, this one is a total winner in my book!


OPI, “Rich Girls & Po-Boys”. This is from the recent New Orleans Collection. And what can I even say about it? It is perfect, perfect, perfect. I love it. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue, falling into that color category that I’ve always thought of as “French Blue”. Even among all the blues I have in my polish stash, I didn’t have anything with this exact color tone. It goes on like a dream, and was almost a one-coater on some of my nails. With that said, I did a terribly patchy job of applying it because I had a shaky hands day. I take three different allergy medications, and they sometimes give me the shakes, which makes applying polish a challenge. So, on some of my nails, I was good with two coats. On others, I needed three. But this had to do with my crap job of applying the polish and not with the polish itself. I didn’t have any staining with this one.

Interesting side note: I accidentally bought this polish twice. I happened upon a review of the New Orleans Collection some time after I had picked up the colors I liked best, and I was mesmerized by this amazing and gorgeous blue. I could not remember buying it when I shopped the collection. I did a quick look through my stash and didn’t find it, and I was all, “What the heck? Why did I not pick up this polish? It’s perfect!” Yeah. Turns out I had already bought it. But that’s OK. Now I have a back-up. As much as I love this color, I will probably need it.


OPI, “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana”. Why do I keep buying yellow nail polish? Why, Universe, WHY??? I don’t know. I don’t even particularly like yellow. And yet, I keep on buying these yellow and gold polishes. Although, really, gold isn’t the same thing. No, really. It’s totally different. *ahem*

This one is from the Hawaii collection. I passed it up for months. I would look at it every time I went to the store, but I would tell myself to put it back and walk away because I didn’t need another yellow nail polish. For months, I did this. Months!!

And then, Ulta put this one on clearance. Damn you, Ulta! It was such a good price that I couldn’t pass it up any longer, so here it is. Do I love it? Ehhhhhh  … I don’t know yet. I only wore it overnight and long enough to take the picture because I got a huge chip on one of my thumbnails when I was trying to change the battery in my pedometer. Ugh. I had to do three coats on this one because of the formula and, well, because it’s yellow. So there was no way I was going to repair the chip.

I like the color, though. It’s very sunny and bright. It’s a really pretty yellow. I’m just not sure I like it on my fingernails. I think this one might end up being a toes-only color. And that’s OK.


OPI, “She’s a Bad Muffuletta!”. I don’t typically fancy myself as a red polish person. For some reason, I feel like reds look weird on my hands. No one else seems to feel this way, and, believe me, I have taken surveys. It’s my own weirdness; I know this. But still, reds are just not something I reach for a lot, even though I have a few in my stash.

I quite like this red, though. I could see myself wearing this one on a fairly regular basis because I love the color a lot. It feels softer, more muted, and a bit cooler to me. And I can see a sort of blue undertone to it, instead of the more typical orange. Honestly, I’m not sure if most people would categorize this as a red. Maybe it’s considered a coral? But whatever … I like it. I think I’ll wear it again on my fingers. And I’ll definitely wear this one on my toes!