Happy Dog


Wet shoes and
Wrinkled toes …
Crazy hair and
Soggy clothes …
Drippy face and
Runny nose …

Nose to the ground and
Tail in the air …
Exploring here and
There and everywhere …
Through rainy days and
Weather fair …

I will come and
Stay a while …
Follow you and
Not count the miles …
Just be with you and
See you smile.



rose encased in ice


Walking on your street today
As they carried you away
Tucked up inside a white, white sheet
Like a present — small and neat

Were there signs or did you know
That soon, so soon, you would go
Did you say your lengthy good-bye
Before you lay down to die

Did it happen in the night
In a dream, your soul’s last flight
No time to tell the ones you love
As Death descends from above

Yesterday, you were still here
You danced and laughed in good cheer
Today, your spirit has moved on
What made you “you” is now gone

I wonder if you are glad
Or perhaps you just feel sad
To be without those you have known
As you leave this life you’ve grown

I stood in the chilly rain
Feeling my own phantom pain
Watching, somber, as you passed by
I don’t  know you … Nor you, I

But this universe feels large
And I wonder who’s in charge
Right now I am mortal and small
I don’t  understand at all

How can we be here, then gone
In the space of angels’ song
For now, just let me laugh and play
Before I am called away

One day, that will be me, too
Taken away, just like you
Tucked up inside a white, white sheet
Like a present — small and neat


birds on a wire ... in snowThere’s snow on the ground
And over my toes.
When I fell down,
It went up my nose.

There’s snow on the roof
And the tops of the trees.
It could be a goof,
But I’m done with this freeze.

There’s snow on the robin
Pecking the ground.
He’s angry and sobbin’,
For Spring can’t be found.

I know it’s out there
With flowers and bees.
And warm, breezy air,
Come on, Springtime … Please!!



smash book page, including poem.if i were a princess
high above the sea,
would you be my knight
and rescue me?

if i were a mermaid
in the ocean blue,
would you stand on shore
and sing me to you?

if i were a bird
in the sky so true,
would you use a wish
and grow wings, too?

if i were a dragon
thirsting for blood,
would you stay your sword
and teach me to love?

if i were these things,
would it still be true
that you love me
and i love you?


Snowy Day

yard ornaments covered with snowMoving forward on a snowy day;
Time to laugh and time to play.
Pause to write a few things down
‘Bout the jewels in Nature’s crown.
But words won’t come to me,
Explain the wonder my eyes see.
No words for sparkle, glitter, or shine;
Just can’t seem to make them mine.
No way to tell how my heart sings
At new beauty of everyday things.
And so, what more is there to say?
I’m moving forward on a snowy day.


Drive, She Said

truck with rain on the windowToday’s sky is heavy and gray,
And so’s the air around it.
Want so bad to run away
Look for what’s lost until I’ve found it.

Wish I had a big, old Chevy,
Maybe a ’63 or ’64.
Time machine on wheels, just hold her steady
Listen to the engine purr, feel it roar.

Point her t’ward the county line,
Miles and miles of open road.
Suddenly, I’m feeling fine
ZZ and the Texas sky, my troubles all explode.

Drive and drive, no end in sight,
Outrun the fears within my heart.
All through the day and into the night
Then sunrise … a deep breath … a fresh start.


The Fish

fish in a If you were a fish,
You would want to fly.
What is wrong with that?
Said I.

Nothing at all,
He said with a smile.
But growing wings …
Takes a while.

And if you flew in the sky
Too, too far away,
I wouldn’t see you
For days and days.

No one to hold you,
No one to love.
Just wind in your wings,
High above.

I do not like that,
I frowned as I said.
Then … I’ll be a fish
With you, instead.



sea urchin, because i'm feeling prickly ...You’re all around, and I can’t breathe
Trapped in this construct — it’s just not me
Claw and scratch my way out of that box
You shove me back in, smile as you slam the top

Be nice, be quiet, and sit still
Perfect words in the right tone of voice
Do all the right things, just what they expect
But don’t think, don’t want … and don’t ever feel

Freedom calls to me
She shows me the things  you won’t see
A love free from the razor’s edge
The things I feel, and my true worth

Sick to death of your careless words
Smile like a fool, like it don’t hurt
It cuts and it tears, this ravenous beast
Gnawing my flesh and chomping my bones

Come find me now, hollow with grief
Tattered perfection, never quite good enough
Striving, always striving, for an impossible dream
Now, fade away — none of it was real

Freedom calls to me
She shows me the things  you won’t see
A love free from the razor’s edge
The things I feel, and my true worth

Tired of being wrong, even when I’m right
Done with pretending it’s all okay
Stuck with a past that’s not part of me
Wanting to fit in, even as I wanted to scream

Don’t need to be less to make you more
Need to breathe my life, let my dreams fly
Not pull it all in and anchor to Earth
Let me go; let me make it all mine

Freedom calls to me
She shows me the things  you won’t see
A love free from the razor’s edge
The things I feel, and my true worth