Holy Guacamole!

I am happy beyond measure. I am giddy beyond belief. I am stunned speechless.

Okay, so not that one … because, really, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing a blog post if I truly had no words. Let’s just say my flabber is gasted and leave it at that.

a giant hand ... i dunno. National Harbor, DC.I just discovered that my blog has 153 followers! Wha-aaat? When did this happen? How did this happen?

I have no idea, but I am so excited and over-the-moon about it. It makes me want to giggle and celebrate. My inner child (and her not-so-inner alter ego) are both happy dancing over this stupendous discovery.

In many ways, it feels as if I’ve been blogging for forever. But, in others, it’s painfully obvious I haven’t been at this for very long at all. I think I still make a lot of rookie mistakes. I still feel anxious about every word I decide to send out into the ether. I still sit down at the beginning of each week — heck, the beginning of each day! — and think to myself: “What am I going to write about today?” And I worry that each idea might be my last. It’s a whole drama thing, but it’s a good kind of drama. The kind that gets my brain working and the ideas, hopefully, flowing.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating (and repeating  and repeating and repeating): Deciding to blog on WordPress was one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time. I had forgotten how much fun writing could be. I had forgotten that I wasn’t alone out here in the world: stuck inside my head with only my own words to keep me company. I had forgotten what it felt like to be around kindred spirits — even if it is only via the internet.

And so, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful experiences I’ve had so far. Thank you to my wonderful followers, who buoy my spirits every day with your kind comments, who inspire me with your beautiful blogs, and who remind me that I’m not alone out here. We’re all in this together.

Okay … now that the mushiness is over and done with, come and celebrate with me! Pull up a chair and pour a drink.

bottles of alcoholThere’s some fresh “guac” and chips in the corner …

avocadosAnd … a little bit later … we’ll even pull out the Mardis Gras beads. But keep your shirts on, people! This is a family site, after all.

beads in a cup.




The Things You Need

I was thinking, today, about how life is often funny. I don’t mean a “ha, ha” kind of funny, but funny in a strange way. I’m not revealing any great truth by saying this; greater minds than mine have pondered this thought in years past, and even more will ponder it in the years to come.

Today, my thoughts turned toward friendship. I am a shy person, and I always have been.  When you add introversion to a feeling of worthlessness, it becomes difficult to make friends and nearly impossible to believe that anyone would care for me or my friendship. When you feel you have nothing to offer, you tend to look upon most of the world with suspicion, and I think being shy heightens this tendency.

wiliamsburg hats.

Even so, I have been lucky in that I have managed, along the way, to make friends. Very good, dependable friends. The funny thing about it all is that, often, it seems life doesn’t bring the people you think you want. Instead, it brings the people you need. That person, who is too loud or tells off-color jokes, which embarrass you at first … or the one who doesn’t want to meet your eyes, so that you have to struggle to make conversation … or even the person who seems, at first blush, to despise you.

I have met people, along the highways and by-ways of my life, who seemed the most unlikely candidates for friendship. In some instances, I felt I had nothing in common with them. At other times, it would seem I might get swallowed up in the hugeness of their personalities. Or, maybe it seemed they had nothing to offer me. For whatever reason, I thought, at the time of meeting them, that I would never want to seek out a friendship.

But, with the passage of time … and once I learned to look below the surface and see with the eyes of friendship and love, I found something worth more than anything else in the universe: the dearest of friends.

zebras: toronto, zoo safari


Winter hydrangea. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, VAYou … closer than a sister or a brother
You … shared my hopes and dreams
You … loved those who were mine
You … shared my highs and lows
You … laughed with me
You … consoled me
You … I believed to be more than petty selfishness

You … had to be right, no matter what
You … replied with smug platitudes when I needed your help
You … failed painfully at being my friend
You … hurt me in ways I didn’t know existed

You … who, in the end, I didn’t know at all
Me  …  the fool who believed your lies