Moving to Illinois … Wrapping it Up & Signing Off (for now)

So. The time is upon us at last. It’s funny how you wait and wait for something, and it seems like it is taking FOREVER. Until it actually arrives, and you realize it took no time at all. And you feel a little bit panicked that you won’t have enough time in which to accomplish all the things that need to happen. Oh yeah, I am totally in that mental place.

Today is our last true day in our house. We will be here tomorrow, too, but the whole day will be taken up with getting the U-Haul trailer and loading up the remains of our belongings. Tonight will be the last time we sleep here. It feels … weird. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m excited and happy for the move. I am ready for a change of place and pace in my life. At the same time, I feel a little bit sad. And a little bit mystified, as if, perhaps, none of this is really real. We have lived here a long time, and I never thought we would move. I had kind of given up hope, honestly.

My husband arrived late Friday night (or early Saturday morning, depending on how you want to look at it). And we have been clearing and packing ever since. I think we are pretty much done at this point. We cleared the garage yesterday, other than the stuff we have packed and boxed for the move. We made one run to the household goods disposal place, and we will have at least one more. You guys would not believe how much paint I had stashed away in the garage. It was a lot!


I had hoped to come in here with a blog full of moving shenanigans and funny stories. But, really, it has all been uneventful. It might not make for good blogging, but “uneventful” is the way I like it. We have been darting out here and there, amid packing and boxing, to eat at some of my husband’s favorite places. We had fantastic Korean BBQ last night, along with peach flavored soju in a perfectly chilled shot glass. Yum! Our daughter has been getting together with friends and saying her good-byes, as well. Today, we have a couple of “last” appointments with health care providers.

Overall, it has been a time of winding down and wrapping up. I can feel it, inside of me and in the air around me. It is as if I am mentally saying good-bye to the streets and places and people who have become familiar to me over the past sixteen years. Inside, I feel peaceful and kind of quiet, but I know it is only a short time of rest before another flurry of activity.

For today, we will finish up the last of the packing, which includes my computer. That’s why I’m in here now, typing away before it gets boxed for the trip to Illinois. The next time I land in here, I will probably be in our new town. And I will probably be anxiously waiting to get into our new house. So, it is so long … for now. And I will see you guys on the flip-side — in a new state, a new town, and a new home!!

8 thoughts on “Moving to Illinois … Wrapping it Up & Signing Off (for now)

    • Hi, hi! I just now realized I never replied to the posts in here. It’s funny and sometimes scary what you find when you read through old blog posts. LOL But, better late than never, I wanted to say thank you for your kind and supportive words and comments throughout the whole moving journey. I appreciate it very much! *cyberhugs*

    • Hi, Mixy!! I was just reading through some old blog posts and realized I had comments in here that I had never replied to. Even though it has taken me a long time, I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind comment and supportive words. It’s been quite a journey so far, and I think it’s only the beginning. But I guess that is part of life, right? ^.~

      • Happy new year, my friend! I believe it’s all a journey – and we make of it what we can πŸ˜‰ I hope home feels more and more homely and you have many happy years there πŸ™‚

      • Thanks so much! We are ever so slooooowly getting all the things unpacked. Plus donating a lot of things we no longer want or need. You are right. It is a journey, so we will get there one of these days. ^.~

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