Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I’m so happy it’s Friday at last. This has felt like the longest week ever. I spent most of yesterday in bed, feeling weak and crummy and sick. I even went to the urgent care clinic near my house, which is a huge deal for me. I have a really bad case of “white coat phobia”, so it takes a lot to get me to go to the doctor. But I just felt so, so horrible. I was dizzy, couldn’t keep food down, had horrible muscle spasms in my legs and feet, hadn’t slept well for several days (and not at all the night before), and felt too weak even to stand or sit up for any length of time. It turns out I was really dehydrated, according to my crazy blood pressure readings, but the doctor couldn’t find any real cause for it. I’ve been taking Prednisone for the last six days or so, due to a massive allergy attack I had in mid-October. Now, I’m wondering if the Prednisone could have caused my issues. It’s the only thing that’s really different in my life at the moment. Very weird. And unpleasant. For now, I’m taking it easy and hydrating, hydrating, hydrating.

I’m continuing on with my push to get all my “new” (to me)  polishes worn and stored away, which means there are going to be a few weeks where I’m trying to wear seven or eight polishes in a week. I don’t expect I will continue this madness for forever, as life tends to get busy. But I do love doing my nails. It brings me a feeling of peace and happiness. Lately, that has been something I really need in my life.


This is Fingerpaints, “Surreal Sunset”. It now lives in my not-gonna-keep-it pile, sadly. I loved the idea of this polish. I loved the way it looked in the bottle. I wanted to love it on my nails. It’s a really pretty, warm sort of color. But I hated it on me. Hated it. This makes me a sad panda, but what can you do? Needless to say, I wore this color for about a hot minute before I had to get it off of my nails.



Next, I moved on to Zoya, “Binx”. This is a polish from the 2014 Bubbly Collection. I love the finishes on these polishes. I wasn’t really into Zoya until a year or so ago, so I wouldn’t have been one to purposefully purchase this entire collection. I seldom purchase whole collections, no matter the brand. But, by purchasing a polish here and there, I think I might have managed to gather up almost all the Bubbly polishes. I just love, love, love them. Given that it was a Summer collection, this wouldn’t seem to be a great choice to wear in the Fall. Not that I cared. I wanted to wear it, no matter what. Once I had it on my nails, I realized the purple is muted and a bit dusty. It actually felt like a Fall color to me, which was a nice surprise.


This is OPI, “Yoga-ta Get This Blue!”. Um … yes. Yes, you do. This is another older OPI that I ran across while visiting my parents’ small Texas town. I love this polish so, so much. It is inky and gorgeous and moody. But there is a beautiful blue shimmer way down inside. I could not get enough of this one on my nails, and I probably would have left it on for several days if I hadn’t been in “wear everything!” mode.


This is China Glaze, “Flying Dragon” as the base color, OPI, “I Cannoli Wear OPI” for the flowers, and Essie, “Getting Groovy” for the centers. I’m still really new to the whole nail art thing, but I decided to give some fun little dot flowers a try. Overall, I was happy with how these turned out. It’s a cute and playful design, and it was fun to wear for a day or so.

“Flying Dragon” is not a new-to-me polish. It’s one of the oldest polishes in my collection, but it’s making an appearance in here because I was making swatches for a post about my favorite China Glaze polishes. I decided to swatch this one last and leave it on my nails. I love “Flying Dragon”. It’s such an amazingly gorgeous polish. But it chips quickly on me. I usually can only get about a day of wear out of it. Even so, the color is worth it.


I decided to try something totally different and new for my next manicure. This is my first gradient. I used OPI, “Black Cherry Chutney” (the dark color) with Essie “Getting Groovy”. For my first try, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I think I need to blend the colors out a bit more, so I will try that the next time. Initially, I wanted to do this manicure with a green and gold, but those colors didn’t work out as well.  I think this color combination would be fun for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

“Black Cherry Chutney” is a gorgeous, gorgeous polish. It’s another older OPI that I found while visiting my parents in Texas. I love how deep and rich the color is. And I love how it straddles the line between red and purple. It’s got a beautiful shimmer deep inside, which makes the polish look satiny and soft.

“Getting Groovy” is from the most recent Essie Winter Collection. I love gold polishes, in general, so I was immediately intrigued by this one when I saw the collection reviews and swatches online. Essie is not my favorite brand, but this polish is fantastic. It goes on so smoothly with two easy coats. And I love the soft finish of it.


This is Zoya, “Jesy”. This is another from the Bubbly Collection. I saw it sitting in my to-be-worn stack and thought, “Hey, that’ll work. I love the finish, and it’s orange. That’s a good Fall color.” And, it is a good Fall color. Unfortunately, I did a crummy job of applying this. I got impatient and tried to make my coats too thick, so it never dried. I wore this for about two hours before I got tired of the dents on my nails and had to take it off. Still, it’s a gorgeous polish. I’m thinking it might be too sheer to wear on its own. Next time, I may try putting it over another orange, if I can find one to match the color tone.


Next, I wore China Glaze, “Heroine Chic”. This is from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection. I really liked that collection a lot, and this was one of the polishes that I wanted the most. It’s a mid to deep gunmetal gray with red glitter/sparkle. I thought this was such an unusual and beautiful combination of colors.

Sadly, I felt pretty disappointed when I wore this one. It felt thick, gritty, and bumpy on my nails. And I felt like the red glitters didn’t show up much at all in the polish. I wasn’t feeling my best when I did this manicure, so I’m hoping it was me and not the polish. I’ll definitely try wearing this one again because I really want to love it.


Finally, there is China Glaze, “Blue Sparrow”. This is another fairly old China Glaze polish, but I only just got around to purchasing it. I had “Heroine Chic” on my nails for about half a day when the package containing this polish arrived in my mail box. The moment I saw this one, I was like, “Hello! You need to be on my nails. NOW!!” So, yeah … It went on my nails right away.

I love this polish. LOOOOVE it. It’s very similar in finish to “Flying Dragon”. It goes onto the nail a tad bit gritty, dries nearly immediately, and is matte and dark. But then, you hit it with a top coat and BOOM!! Gorgeous, brilliant, bright, blue sparkliness! It’s sorcery, I tell you. Sorcery!



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