Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

It’s Friday! Yay!! I keep on thinking life will settle down a bit, but that never seems to happen. I love the thought of the weekend being just a day away, although our weekend is going to be super busy. Busy with fun things, but that’s still kind of a pain. I feel like I need several weekends in a row where I do almost nothing. Maybe then, I can start to recover from the emotional and physical stress that’s been such a big part of my life in recent months.

The other great thing about Friday (for me, anyhow) is that it’s the day when I can share my weekly nail adventures. I’m such a polish addict. It’s a small thing, but these bright and pretty colors make me super happy. I need generous helpings of “happy” in my life.

It’s a pretty short post this week. I had one manicure I loved and didn’t want to take off. I almost thought I would be able to go a whole week wearing it, but I got a chip … and then a really bad break. So, my much-loved mani had to go, and I ended up having to take my nails back down to Shorty McShorty territory. Not that I mind short nails. I actually like them, but this particular break hurts because my nails had only just gotten to that “perfect” (for me) length. Oh well, life happens, right? I’m planning to make the best of my new shorties by busting out some reds next week. I like reds on me the most when my nails are really short.


I started out my week with some fun Halloween-themed nail art. I’m still new to the whole nail art thing. I think I’ll always feel like a noob with it, even once I manage to get a lot of practice under my belt. Maybe because I usually just do a straight manicure with no artwork. Anyhow, I saw these adorable mummy nails in a tutorial on one of my favorite YouTube nail channels (Phoebe Moon: https://www.youtube.com/user/phoebeamoon). They looked so easy and adorable that I had to try them.

I used Superchic Lacquer, “Trap Queen” as the base for this manicure. This polish is EVERYTHING. Seriously. It is all the things in the universe and a bag of chips. I freaking love, love, love this polish. And I don’t even like pink that much! This polish is a perfect shade of juicy hot pink — almost magenta. It is bright and bold and very in-your-face. Sometimes, that quality can turn me off of a polish, but it just makes me love this one even more. You can’t see it very well in my picture, but the holographic in this polish is beyond crazy. It lights up like a mad-glittery, pink disco ball in the sunlight. This polish has a perfect formula. It went on in one super-easy coat. I hesitate to say that everyone should own a polish. We all have different tastes and ideas of what we like, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, whatever. Everyone should own this polish. If you don’t have it, rush out and get it. Like, now! (No, really … )

Overall, I was happy with how these little mummy guys turned out. I used acrylic paint for the lines and the eyes (black, white, and red), and I used a toothpick to put the lines on my nails. I didn’t have a brush that was quite thin enough. Now, though, I’m interested to see what else I can do with toothpicks. (Nail art-wise, that is. *ahem*) This design was so fun and playful, and I loved the base color so much that I did not want to take this manicure off. That doesn’t happen to me very often.


Sadly, all good things must come to an end. And so it was with my hot pink mummies. As I mentioned above, I got a chip in one nail. This was followed by a pretty severe break, so I didn’t have any choice but to say good-bye to the mummies and file my nails waaaaay down. Just before this happened, my nails had hit the sweet spot for me with regard to their length. That’s a bit of a downer, but they will be back there soon enough. At any rate, since I was a little bummed about having to take off the mummies AND file down my nails, I thought there was no way I would even like whatever I decided to wear next.

Wrong! The next thing I wore was Colores de Carol, “Glitter Phantom” over China Glaze, “Dope Taupe”. Oh. My. Gosh! This glitter topper is love. That’s it. Love. It has all different shapes of orange, white, black, and green glitter. And some of the glitters spark purple in the sunlight. There are little black bats in here, too. You might be able to just barely make one of them out on my ring finger. It’s a bit hidden by the light spot. I love the glitter even without the bats, but I have to admit that the bats are hella cute. This glitter is packed with bright, sparkly fun. I didn’t have any trouble at all in getting a good, even application with just one swipe, and I didn’t have to fish for the bats this time. I’m thinking I did a quick swatch of this polish for an earlier post where I ended up with no bats. I loved the look of this glitter on my short nails. It definitely made an unhappy situation more bearable for me. This one is Halloween in a bottle. Yeah!

“Dope Taupe” is … OK. It went on easily, with minimal streaking. And it built up well in just two medium coats. I don’t hate it. After I had it on my nails, I found myself thinking I probably wouldn’t wear it on its own. It’s a bit too neutral and warm for my taste as a solo polish. But, I think it will be great as a base for many different glitter toppers.


This is “Morticia” from Colores de Carol. Initially, I intended to stop my nail week with Glitter Phantom and Dope Taupe. My plan was to wear them through the weekend, and then, on Monday, bust out a fabulous orange polish I’ve been saving just for Halloween. But … I realized today that I hadn’t yet worn all my Colores de Carol Halloween 2016 polishes. (The orange I want to wear on Monday is from this collection, too.) I decided I wanted to wear all of them before Halloween was over, so I put this lovely lady on today.

This polish is so perfect and pretty and everything that it makes me want to cry. I heard a chorus of “Laaaaaaaa!” as I was applying this polish. I knew I loved it from just the bottle, but I was not at all prepared for how it looks on my nails. I’m a fan of the blues. This is no secret. But this blue is so deep and dark and sultry-sexy. It was nearly opaque in one coat. I feel like I could have stopped at one and been quite happy with it. But, on the second coat, the color seems to come alive. It gets deeper and darker, until you are left with this amazingly moody midnight blue. And then, there’s holographic glitter. Yeah. Stick a fork in me … because I’m done!


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