Fall Nail Polish Picks: Yellow/Gold/Orange

I got a bit off-track with my Fall Nail Polish series because of my family emergency and my last-minute trip to Texas over the last couple of weeks. Since I’m so close to being done with the series, I decided I would toss in a couple of extra posts this week to finish it out.

In this post, I wanted to show some polishes and shades I love that fall into the Yellow/Gold/Orange category. I think yellow and orange are great, classic colors for Fall. Although I can’t say I’m a fan of the color yellow in general, I love, love, love yellow nail polish. It’s not for every skin tone, but I think yellow is such a versatile color if you’re comfortable wearing it. It’s great for Spring or Summer, and just beautiful in Fall. Ditto with orange, although I’ve only become an orange polish fan over the last six or seven months.

I love gold for Fall, too. There is something about the jewel tone of it that brings to mind the crisper feeling in the air, the crunch of leaves under foot, and the coziness of a warm fire. I also think golds are fantastic leading into Thanksgiving and, then, Christmas.


This is Zoya, “Amy”. It’s a beautiful, juicy tangerine-looking orange. I think it’s beautiful for Summer, but it also works for Fall because it has a lovely gold undertone/shimmer to it. The gold really comes out in certain lighting, which gives this polish a warm and cozy sort of feeling.


This is China Glaze, “Cowardly Lyin’ “. This is an older China Glaze polish, and it’s a rather soft and delicate gold. I feel like there’s more of a brown undertone to the base color on this one. It does have a glitter shimmer to it, but it is small and a little bit sparse. Not sparse as in you won’t see it at all on your nails. You will see it. But it’s not an in-your-face BLING effect. This particular tone of gold reminds me of the sun glowing through fall leaves. I think this is a great color to wear through to Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.


This is China Glaze, “Lighthouse”. This is one of my favorite yellow/gold polishes. It’s definitely a BOOM (!), in-your-face sort of look. It is bold, bright, and a little bit brassy. It’s very glittery, but also has a glassy look to it. I love this color for Fall. This is a great late Summer color, too, so I think it would transition nicely from season to season.


This is OPI, “Never a Dulles Moment”. Honestly, I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed in this polish. It’s from OPI’s Fall 2016 collection, and I was so looking forward to this one. After all, I am a yellow polish lover to the core! When I put this one on for my picture, though, I found the formula super difficult to work with. It could be that I hurried things along too much. I’m hoping that’s the case, and that it will apply better later on, when I’m taking my time with my manicure instead of just trying to grab a quick swatch picture.

At any rate, this one is here for the color. This is such a gorgeous, golden, mustard yellow color. I think it leans more golden yellow than mustard, but it rides the line between those two shades. I love how deep and rich the color is on this polish. It really says “Fall” to me!


Last, but certainly not least, here is OPI, “Orange You Fantastic”. I realize this is a rather strange polish, and it might not appeal to a lot of people. But I think this may be one of my favorite polishes of life … so, yeah, it had to go in here. I love, love, love the mix of orange and gold in this polish. It’s a perfect combination of classic fall colors. Plus, I feel like I’m wearing something bubbly and fun on my nails when I have this polish on. Whenever I wear it, I can’t stop staring at my nails.


2 thoughts on “Fall Nail Polish Picks: Yellow/Gold/Orange

  1. I’m lurking through your old posts. I love Amy, but she really really stained! I also had a hard time with Dulles, it required 3 coats when all the others only needed 2, and extra dry time — at least for me!

    • Hi, hi! You’re so sweet to lurk through my old posts. I think you might be the only person who looks at my nail blog. A huge thanks to you for that! 🙂 I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only person out there who had trouble with Dulles. I was so underwhelmed and disappointed with that polish. I really expected to love it, especially after hearing so many people rave about it online. And I just didn’t like it. I’m hoping it will grow on me — ha, ha! That stinks about Amy staining. I didn’t have that problem, although I found that most of the matte velvets stain my nails horribly. I haven’t heard anyone else mention that. It’s weird how our nails react differently to the same polishes. I suppose it’s all about body chemistry.

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