Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I kind of have two weeks’ worth of nail shenanigans to post about in here. I never got around to doing this post last week because I had to travel home to Texas suddenly. I also didn’t change my nail polish a lot last week because I had other things on my mind.

So, this is what I wore last week


For my  “Pink Mani Monday”, I did this flower dotticure. I used China Glaze, “Purple Panic” as the base color. I used OPI, “Suzi Shops & Island Hops” for the lighter pink flowers, and Orly “Million Dollar Views” for the extra dots. My daughter picked out all these colors for me. I think she has a pretty great eye for putting different things together. It was a creative mix that I liked — even though I don’t enjoy pink, generally.


I also wore Colores de Carol, “Demeter”. It is from the Harvest Goddess Collection. This polish is … PERFECTION. I love it so, so much. This shade of blue is beautiful and elegant. And, overall, I feel like this polish has a lot of character and depth to it. I love how the base color gives some of the holographic glitter the loveliest turquoise tint. It’s beautiful in the sunlight — sparkles like crazy! But it’s also gorgeous in normal light. I felt like I was wearing the universe on my nails when I had this one on. It gave me a much-needed emotional boost during an extremely sad time. I expect this polish will remain a favorite.

For this week, I haven’t been in the happiest emotional place. Overall, I’ve been in “don’t give a crap” mode about nearly everything. I’ve gotten next to nothing done all week, although I did change my polish out a fair bit. Doing my nails and seeing the different pretty colors on them makes me happy. I needed a good dose of happy.


For my usual “pink mani Monday”, I wore OPI, “Mad for Madness Sake” and “Petal Soft”. For a pink manicure, I quite liked this one. I think it’s mostly because of the glitter topper (Petal Soft). I really love the soft and delicate appearance it has, and I think it looks great over pretty much every color. As pinks go, however, I really like Mad for Madness Sake. It’s a wonderfully dark, hot pink. It makes me feel a bit sassy when I wear it. I also think it’s a fantastic pedicure color.


Next, I wore  Colores de Carol, “Ceres”. I am a newbie to this brand, but I have quickly become a huge fan. All of her polishes have the most fantastic and smooth formula. And her colors! Gorgeous and creative. I knew I needed this polish the moment I saw it swatched online. I’m a yellow polish fan, and this is the most delicious shade of mustard yellow. I don’t have anything even remotely similar to this color. I also love the fine copper glitters inside it, although I don’t feel I got many of those out on my nails with this manicure. Next time, I’m going to hold the bottle upside-down a little more, and I think that will solve my problem. I think this is such a perfect fall color. It just says “FALL!” to me.


My next manicure was with OPI, “Oh My Majesty”. I’ve had this polish for a while, but never got around to wearing it. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it, though. So I just KNEW I was going to love it.

Eh. I didn’t love it. At all. And this made me a sad panda. I love white polish. I love the clean look of it and how crisp it looks on my nails. And, as weird as this sounds, I really like the look of it against my pale skin tone. (I know … I’m weird.) This polish is supposed to have a subtle red shift/shimmer to it, which would make it unique in my polish stash. Sadly, I didn’t see that shifty shimmer on my nails at all. And the formula of this polish was a bugger-bear. I had the hardest time working with it. I’m no professional, of course, but I’m also not a slouch when it comes to doing my nails. I’ve had lots of practice. I can’t remember the last time I had to fight so much with a formula. I ended up putting on three coats of this polish in order to get it even close to opaque. Every coat was streaky and messy. It pooled at the sides of my nails and at my cuticles, too. And, even though it looked opaque, I could still see streaks on my nails in certain lights — even after three coats!! Argh! Maybe I was just having a bad day or something when I put this one on; I don’t know. I’ll definitely give it at least one more try before I take it out of my stash.


So, I kept Oh My Majesty on my nails for barely a day. Because … my Superchic Lacquer Urban Dictionary order arrived in the mail. Oh my good googley gosh!! I had been waiting on pins and needles for these polishes. I was so excited about getting them. And, after the disappointment that was Oh My Majesty, these were a breath of fresh air.

I ordered five polishes from this collection, and I couldn’t decide which one to try first. So I let my daughter pick for me. She chose “Deadpool”. It. Is. Fabulous. Fabulous!!! This polish has the most amazing teal color. It is rich and deep and gorgeous. I especially like that it leans more toward the blue side of life than the green. As you know, I adore my blues. This is a one coat polish. One coat!!!! I still can’t get over the fact that I was able to get color this rich and opaque with just one coat of polish. I love the color of this one in normal light, but it absolutely comes alive in sunlight. I’m going to include an extra picture to show the magnificence. So. Many. Rainbows! (eeeek!!!)



And, finally, I wore Superchic Lacquer, “Rum-Billie”. OK, seriously. How is it that I’ve lived all these years without this polish? How?? Can I marry a nail polish? Because this polish had me at “hello”. The formula on this polish is beyond perfection. It’s buttery and amazing and has the color of melted caramel. I’m wearing it on my nails right now, and I’m so absolutely in love with it. I adore the color, which feels so perfect for Fall, in every light. But this one was zOMGoodnessGORGEOUS in the sunlight. We had mostly clouds and rain today, but there was a short burst of sunlight just after I put this on my nails. I think I heard angels singing. For real.




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