Fall Polish Picks: Browns & Greens


I love wearing browns and coppers at any time of the year, but I especially love them in the Fall. Pantone listed a couple of different brown tones in their “trending” report, but let’s face it: I would have included these colors even if Pantone had overlooked them. There is just something about a great brown or copper polish that gets my polish-junkie blood going. They are some of my favorite tones to wear in the Fall, and I generally enjoy both of these against my (so-light-it’s-almost-invisible) skin tone.


First up is Orly, “Million Dollar Views”. This is a new polish, from their Fall 2016 Mulholland Collection. It’s described as a metallic copper foil.

I know I’ve posted about this polish fairly recently (within the last few months), but I had to include it here, too. I love this polish. It didn’t show a ton of brush strokes, which can be an issue with foil/metallic polishes. It applied easily and built up well. And the color is beyond amazing. It is a perfect, coppery, new-penny color that is spot-on for Fall.


Zoya, “Cinnamon”. This polish is originally from the Fall 2015 Flair Collection, and the Zoya website describes it as “a classic bronze liquid metal”.

I don’t think of this one as a bronze. It looks more brown to my eye, although it has a beautiful bronze/gold undertone that comes out in different lighting. I like the finish of this polish, as it seems to strike a balance between a metallic and a creme. It goes on easily, with a nearly perfect formula (which is pretty typical for Zoya). This is a stunning, stunning polish. I love how rich and deep it looks, and I enjoy the way it contrasts with my super light skin tone.


OPI, “Today I Accomplished Zero”. This is originally from the 2014 Coca-Cola Collection, but it’s a new polish for my stash. I purchased this over the summer, while visiting my parents in Texas. And I immediately fell in polish-junkie lust with it.

This is a strange choice for my brown/copper list because it clearly has a black base. I have seen this described as a black jelly base with pink glitters. This totally blew my mind, because I never would have pegged those glitters as pink. To my eye, they have a gorgeously copper/red tone to them. The glitter fabulousness is exactly why this polish landed in with my copper and brown picks for the Fall. I love the squishy appearance to the base, but the glitters are the entire show for this polish. They glint through the dark base with a beautifully coppery appearance, and they look like little, fizzy bubbles. I wasn’t sure about this one when I saw it in the bottle, but I love, love LOVE it on the nail.


OPI, “Espresso Your Style”. This is originally from the Holiday 2006 Kick Up Your Heels Collection, and I’ve seen it described as a mid-tone brown shimmer. It looks super dark in the bottle, but the shimmer shows up nicely on the nail.

This one reminds me of crunching through Fall leaves. It’s such a lovely shade of brown — not too light, not too dark. I love how the shimmer never seems to shift to gold or bronze, but always stays brown. I wore the heck out of this one last year, when I first purchased it. It is just lovely, lovely, lovely.


Green isn’t a color I would typically think of for Fall. Until recently, green wasn’t even a color I would have thought about wearing on my nails regularly. Over the last few months, though, I have found myself falling more and more in love with greens. So when I saw it listed on the Pantone “trending” list for Fall colors, I was like, “Well, of course! Green is awesome!!”


This is Zoya, “Merida”. It’s new for this Fall, from the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection. The Zoya website describes this polish as, “a brilliant lush evergreen scattered holo”.

Yep. That description is pretty much spot-on. The color is deep and lush, and I like the cool tone I see in this one. Maybe I’m crazy, but I see a black or dark blue undertone in the green. This polish is pretty much perfect in every way. It’s a lovely, rich color for Fall, but also kind of tends toward that jewel tone look I enjoy for both Fall and Winter. The holographic is spectacular. It comes alive in daylight, but also in certain types of indoor lighting. I had a hard time staying out of elevators when I had this beauty on my nails, because the holographic is fan-freaking-tastic under elevator lights! I’m looking forward to wearing this one again and again and again and again and … *ahem*


This is Zoya, “Midori”. The Zoya website describes this one as, “a glowing medium apple green with yellow undertones and strong gold shimmer”.

This polish was originally from the Summer 2009 Oooh-La-La Collection, but it’s a very recent addition to my own polish stash. I feel like this one is perfect for Fall because it’s such a lovely tone of green. The yellow undertones and gold shimmer lend it a Fall feeling, and it goes on in two easy coats — pretty much like all of my Zoya polishes.


My next green is OPI, “Thanks a Windmillion”. It’s originally from the Spring 2012 Holland Collection, and I’ve seen it described as a light green, leaning toward a sea foam green color.

To my eye, this is a murky sort of green that has quite a bit of gray in it. I don’t feel like it is particularly light in color tone when I see it on my own nails, perhaps because my skin tone is super light in comparison. I think the murkiness makes it a perfect color for Fall. This is an older polish in my stash, but I haven’t worn it all that much. I remember absolutely loving the color of it in the bottle. But I wasn’t crazy about it on my own nails. This was a few years ago, though. When I swatched it for this post, I was like, “YES!! I love this!!” So it seems my personal color tolerances have changed a bit over the years. Yay for expanding my limited horizons!


Finally, here is OPI, “Stranger Tides”. This polish was originally from the 2011 Spring Brights Collection, which was called “The Pirates of Stranger Tides”. It’s an olive/khaki green color. No shimmer or glitter in this one, just a lovely, plain creme formula that OPI does so well.

So, again, here I am picking a “spring” color for the Fall. What can I say? I’m a total rebel without a cause. I think this color is perfect for  Fall because it’s got an almost cloudy appearance to it. The color leans toward a lighter, dirtier green in some lights and brown in others. It’s an “ugly pretty” color for me, for sure. I loved it immediately when I first tried it (back in the Spring/Summer this past year), but it really made me think “Fall” when I saw it on my nails. That doesn’t happen often, as I typically just wear what appeals to me most at any given time. I wanted to make sure to pull this one out again for the Fall to give it the love it deserves. I also think this polish would be beautiful under quite a few of my glitter toppers because it has a neutral feeling to it.



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