Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

It’s Friday! Yay! It’s Friday! Yay! Eh. As mottoes go, it leaves something to be desired. Still … YAY!! I’m so happy to see the end of this week, as it’s been a busy and hectic one. My weekend isn’t looking any more sane, but at least we won’t have to contend with school and homework for a few days. I’m looking forward to the long weekend, too, as I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for the past few days. I got my flu shot a couple of days ago, and it always leaves me feeling icky-sicky.

So, on to the polish shenanigans!!


I started off my week with a pink manicure. This, in itself, is pretty unusual for me at any time of the year. It probably looks particularly unusual now, since most nail polish junkies are heading toward their darker Fall colors. But, a group that I post in on Facebook decided to start a “Pink Nails for BCA” thing where you wear and post a pink manicure every Monday during October. This water marble was my offering for the first Monday of the month.

I did this with Orly, “Kiss the Bride” (the light pink) and Orly, “Beach Cruiser” (the dark pink). I love both of those colors and, like pretty much every Orly I’ve ever used, both of these polishes are flawless in color and formula. I really liked the two colors together, and I was super happy with how this turned out. (So happy that I, apparently, had to snap a picture before I finished doing all my clean-up around my nails. Oh well.) This kind of reminded me of peppermint candy or something. If I was a pink lover, I would be very likely to try this manicure again. Heck, I’m not even a pink lover, and I may try it again in the Summer. For some reason, it has a very “summer” sort of feel to it for me. I used China Glaze, “Fresh Prince-ss”, from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection, as the base underneath all the water marbling. I ended up not liking that China Glaze polish much at all. The color was fine, but my bottle is thick and gloopy. I think it might have been unsealed and/or leaking at some point before I got it, because I found polish caked around the top of the bottle. So it might just be my bottle and not the polish itself. Either way, it was disappointing.


The pink, of course, didn’t stay on my nails for very long. And, once it was gone, I headed right toward my oh-so-beloved blues! My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, “Summer Glacier”. I just realized this polish looks a bit “brush-strokey” in my picture, but it wasn’t like this in real life. I take all my pictures right next to the window in my home office, so I’m guessing there was some a weird reflection happening from the blinds or something.

Honestly, I wasn’t completely sure about this polish when I ordered it. I thought it was pretty enough to give it a try. And, well, it’s blue … so there is that. But, this was not the polish I was the most excited about out of that particular order.

Well … Let me tell you: This polish completely captivated me as soon as I saw it in person. It was the very first polish I wore out of my order.  And, I even wore it before any of the Halloween Collection polishes that I had been so excited about wearing. Needless to say, I ended up LOVING this polish. I’m so glad I ordered it. It is amazingly delicate and pretty on the nail. I love how the larger glitters mix in with the color and the smaller holographic glitters. It is gorgeously sparkly in the sunlight. And the color — !!! I love the color so, so much. Have you ever seen pictures showing the deep, intense, blue-green color in glaciers? This polish is that exact color. I swear, it really is! In the bottle, it looked completely blue to me. But, once I put it on my nails, I was like, “Yep! This really does look like packed-in ice.” I think this one will be beautiful for winter, too.


Continuing on with my Colores de Carol adoration for the week, my next manicure was with “Vampire Nightmare”. This polish is part of the 2016 Halloween Collection. It’s not necessarily a color I would expect to go all ga-ga for, and yet, I was completely smitten with it when I saw it swatched on YouTube and in some of the blogs I follow.

In person, this polish is everything I expected and more. Oh, so much more. It is such an amazing, moody, reddish-brown color. In some lights, it looks red; in others, it looks much more brown. There is so much holographic glitter running through this one, too. It is stunning. Absolutely, amazingly stunning. And it looks incredible in the sunlight. I found the formula for this one to be pretty darn perfect, and it was opaque in two easy coats. I’m showing two coats in my photo, but I ended up doing three coats total. I loved how the color deepened and looked richer with the third coat. This is one of those polishes that makes me want to whisper sweet nothings to my nails as I’m applying it. You know: “Ooooh! You’re so pretty. I love you so much.” And so on. Surely, I’m not the only nail polish junkie out here who does that. Anyone? Anyone? *ahem*


Last but certainly not least, I wore Colores de Carol, “Feronia”. In fact, this is what is on my nails right this moment. This is one of the Fall 2016 Harvest Goddess polishes. It. Is. Fantastic. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!one!!! Yeah. It really is that darn good.

This is another of those colors I never thought I would go for, but Colores de Carol is really expanding my boundaries and opening my mind with regard to my color comfort level. Before this, I was like, “Eh, Green. I guess it’s okay.” Now, though, I’m all, “Green!! Yes, yes, YES!!!”

In some lights, the base color of this polish looks like a forest green. In others, it looks  more like a dark olive. The base is so jelly-like and squishy and perfect. I love the way it looks on my nails, both the texture/finish and the color. But that’s not even the best thing about this polish. The best thing about it is the glitter. zOMGoodness, the glitter!! The website lists the glitter as being holographic silver glitter and micro holo flakes. But, there is something about the combination of the silver glitter with the green tones of this polish, because it looks gorgeously gold to my eye. Especially in the sun. This polish comes alive in natural daylight, because you can see the deep and delicious tones in the base color, as well as the sparkly goodness of the glitters. I think this is one of those polishes  you have to see in person in order to get the full impact of it. I’m so happy to have it in my collection.



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