Colores de Carol Halloween 2016

For one of my nail polish “extras” this week, I wanted to post about the Colores de Carol Halloween Collection for 2016. I know this post is coming a bit late, but I missed the pre-order period for these polishes by about a day or so. And then I had to wait (ever so anxiously!) for them to arrive. There was much celebrating, including dancing and whoops of joy, when they arrived this week.

I don’t normally purchase entire collections. I typically pick and choose which colors I love the most, which might be pretty normal for most people. Sometimes, I will end up with almost an entire collection, which is what happened for both the Colores de Carol Fall 2016 collection and the China Glaze Fall 2016 Collection. I might do posts for those (at least, for the polishes that I have) later. For this Halloween Collection, I was surprised to find I was completely smitten with every polish in here. It’s a small collection, too, which helps me feel less guilty about grabbing the whole thing.

I have recently fallen super hard for Colores de Carol. It is an “indie” brand, and I’m very new to the whole “indie polish” game. I think I purchased my first indie (from Glam Polish) about 6 months ago (?). Maybe a bit more than that, but less than a year ago. I made my first Colores de Carol order less than a month ago, but I was hooked in, big-time, from the first moment I tried one of her polishes on my nails. I love how creative her colors and finishes are, and the formulas are spot-on perfect. At least, everything I have tried so far has been that way. Needless to say, Colores de Carol quickly became a favorite for me.

So … On to the Halloween Collection! Ugh. I love it so much that I want to squeal. Seriously. A chubby, middle-aged woman … squealing. Can anything be more ridiculous and pathetic? I have no idea. But, hey, when the happy squeals are in you, they just NEED to come out.


This is the whole collection in their cute little bottles. From R to L, there is: “Glitter Phantom”, “Morticia”, “Chimera”, and “Vampire Nightmare”. Right away, just looking at them in the bottles, I have to say I love the variety  in here. I love the mix of colors you can find in Glitter Phantom. I also love how there is not only an orange, but a deep, sexy red and a gorgeously dark blue-violet. Blue, in particular, isn’t necessarily a color one might think of for Halloween. But I feel like it works so well with the other colors in this collection. And the orange! Oh my googley-gosh! That orange is just fabulous. It’s beyond fabulous.


OK, so you guys know me. I am, of course, going to start with the blue. This is Morticia. The Colores de Carol website describes this one as, “a deep violet holographic with blue shimmer to it, micro holo glitter, and holo flakes.”

She is so freaking sexy and amazing. When I look at this polish, I really do think of Morticia from the Addams Family TV show, with her long, violet-black hair and black dress. Look at all those glitters and sparkles in that polish! I love how  you can see some reds and some lighter blues peeking out through the deep, dark base. This one went on perfectly in two easy coats. It almost could have been a one-coater, although I liked the way the color deepened up with the second coat. This one applied so well that I didn’t even have any clean-up with it.


This is Chimera. The Colores de Carol website describes this one as, “a semi metallic orange holographic with orange holo glitter and micro holo flakes”.

I think it’s hard to pick a “star” from this collection, as all the polishes are fantastic. But, if there is a true “star”, Chimera might be it. This is definitely the brightest, flashiest polish out of the set. I’m a huge fan of orange polishes, and I have never seen anything like this one. I love how the almost metallic finish mixes in with all the holographic glitter and flakes in here. It creates a finish that reminds me of spun glass on my nails. It is So Freaking Pretty!! I feel like this is a great, kind of mid-toned orange. It’s a little bit juicy, but also a tiny bit burned, if that makes sense. I think this one would look fantastic on almost any skin tone. I’m so in love with this one that I have a feeling I’m going to be rocking it hard all season, not just for Halloween.


This is Vampire Nightmare. The Colores de Carol website describes this one as, “a dark brownish red holographic with gold glitter and holo flakes”.

Yep. Stick a fork in me, because I am done! I’m not usually a fan of reds. I know I sound like a broken record on this. But this one … just wowza! I fell hard for this polish when I saw it swatched by my favorite YouTube polish channel. And, actually, it was this polish that pushed me over the edge and made me realize I NEEDED the entire Halloween Collection. I love how the brown and red mixes so effortlessly in this polish. It makes a perfect color that’s in between a true red and an oxblood red. Honestly, it looks like old iron (or, perhaps, dried blood … although that’s kind of gross: ha, ha). And the gold glitters combined with the holographic flakes … SPECTACULAR! There is no other word for it. I am 99% sure that this polish will be my next manicure. I can’t wait!


Last, but certainly not least, there is Glitter Phantom. The Colores de Carol website describes this one as, “a sparkly clear base packed with white, orange, green, and black glitters and black bats”.

This glitter topper is LOVE. I saw it swatched on the Colores de Carol website over a sort of soft gray polish, and I thought it looked amazing that way. I applied it over China Glaze Dope Taupe, from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection. It’s a bit more on the brown side than the swatch picture I loved so much, but I think it still looks fantastic. This glitter would look amazing over many different base colors. I think it would be fabulous over a light to mid-toned purple, and it would really pop over a white. I didn’t get any of the little bats out of the bottle on my application. They are in there, but I was in a hurry, so I basically slapped this on quickly in order to take a picture while I still had a little bit of natural light left. Even without the bats, I love this one. The mix of orange and green is vibrant and beautiful, and the black glitters set them off perfectly. This glitter also comes with a little baggie of extra bat glitters, so you can pick them out of there and place them where you like on your nail.

All in all, I think this collection is fun and fabulous. As I said, I love the mix of colors and finishes. And I think the glitter topper is too much fun. If you’re at all interested in purchasing from this polish brand, here is a link to their online store: . I am NOT affiliated with this company at all. I’m just a huge fan of their polishes, and I can’t stop myself from loving them and gushing over all of them!



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