Fall Polish Picks: Gray & Red

According to the Pantone website, Gray and Red are two more of the colors that will be popular/trending for Fall. This makes absolute sense to me, as I love gray any time of the year. I’m a total sucker for gray polish. I also think Red is a great color for Fall, especially later Fall and leading into Winter. I particularly adore Red around the Christmas holidays, although that’s definitely another post for another time. I don’t generally get the same warm-fuzzy feelings about reds that I do with the grays, but I’m continually trying to step out of my comfort zone and find reds that I like with my skin tone.

Again, I’m only addressing main stream polishes here. And most of these are older. It’s been such fun shopping through my collection to rediscover my old loves and find new ones.



China Glaze, “Fade Into Hue”. This is from the Spring 2013 Avant Garden collection. It’s a soft periwinkle creme.

I realize including this one might be a bit of a reach for a few reasons. First, it’s one of those “Is it blue? Is it periwinkle? Is it purple? Is it somewhere in between?” types of colors. In some lights you can really see the blue/periwinkle color to it. But it also has a lot of gray to my eye. I’ve always thought of it as a softer, sort of grayed-out polish. Second, it’s from a Spring collection, which would seem to make it not entirely suitable for Fall. I do think this polish is lovely in the Spring, but it also feels very “Fall” to me. It reminds me of a cloudy Fall day, when there is just a hint of blue sky that you can see behind the gray clouds. This is a lovely, lovely polish. The formula is decent, too. It goes on a bit streaky/sheer on the first coat, but evens out well with the second.


China Glaze, “Change Your Altitude”. This is from the Fall 2015 Great Outdoors Collection, and it’s a warm gray creme with slightly pink undertones.

Depending on the light, I sometimes think this polish looks tan. And then, sometimes, the pinkish undertones come out a lot more, although it never looks truly pink. This one reminds me of the way dry cement looks when the sun shines on it. It’s a beautiful neutral and has a wonderful formula: two or three easy coats. This is pretty much my favorite gray of all time. I wore the heck out of this polish last year — all year long, but particularly in the Fall and Winter. It also looks great under most glitter toppers.


China Glaze, “Recycle”. This is from the Spring 2008 E-Collection. It’s a mid-tone to dark, almost rubbery-looking gray. I would say it probably leans more to mid-tone because it always looks gray on the nail.

To my eye, this is a much cooler gray than Change Your Altitude. I feel like I see brown undertones in it, too. Even though it’s a creme polish, it has a rubbery/squishy sort of appearance on the nail. I quite like that. It reminds me of wet sidewalks on a chilly Fall day or, maybe, the leaden appearance of a Fall sky as a front comes rolling in.



Zoya, “Sarah”. This is from the 2010 Winter/Holiday Fire & Ice Collection. The Zoya website describes Sarah as, “a red-ruby toned metallic with a dark fuchsia sparkle.”

Yep. That about sums this one up perfectly. This red is gorgeously luscious, and it definitely gets noticed. It is moody and sexy, and I love its cool undertone. To my eye, it seems closer to a berry red than a ruby one. Either way, this one is deep and beautiful and luxurious.


OPI, “Thank Glogg It’s Friday”. This is from the 2014 Nordic Collection. This is a hard red to describe. It kind of walks the line between red and burgundy, with an almost fuchsia appearance in certain light. It has a pearl finish, which is very shimmery and bright on the nail.

I loved quite a few of the polishes from the Nordic Collection, but this one wasn’t one of them — at least not when the collection first came out. I happened across this one over the summer while I was visiting my parents. I was drawn to the bottle, although I also felt kind of unsure about it. I mean, overall, it kind of looks “meh” in the bottle. But this one is beyond spectacular on the nail. The pearly, shimmery finish shows up beautifully in the sun. But it looks rich and deep in darker light or shade. This quickly became my go-to pedicure color. It is almost always on my toes — I love it that much!


OPI, “Ro-Man-Ce On The Moon”. This is from the 2015 Holiday Starlight Collection. It’s a bright red, cool-toned shimmer.

This polish seems to glow right off the nail, as if it has a secret that it’s keeping from the universe. It’s a beautifully cool-toned red: not too bright, but enough that it will still get noticed. It’s full of drama and impact.



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