Weekly Nail Wrap-Up + September Favorites

There were lots of nail shenanigans in my neck of the woods this week, although not all my efforts ended up on my fingertips. I have become so enamored with the whole water marbling thing that I did a lot of experimenting this week. It was fun pulling different colors out of my collection to see the combinations, as well as what spread well in the water and what didn’t. In the end, though, I only wore one water marble manicure, and it was a partial. I was more in the mode of wanting to see some of my newest polishes in all their beautiful glory. I love nail art, but seeing all those wonderful colors solo makes me pretty darn happy, too.

So, on to what I’ve been loving this week! And, since we’re coming to the end of yet another month (seriously — how does this keep happening so quickly? it’s madness, i tell you. madness!), I’m going to stick my September favorites down at the end of this post.


I started out the week with Colores de Carol, “Road Warrior”. This polish is described on the Colores de Carol website as “a black holo with holo flakes and micro holo glitter”.

This polish is delicious. That’s the best word I can think of to describe it. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Hmmm … that word becomes more and more fun the more I type it. The holographic glitters nestle down into the deep, dark blackness of this polish, and they come alive in the sun with multi-colored twinkles. I really enjoyed the spread of the micro glitters in this one, although I felt like I didn’t get too many flakes out onto my nails. This could be because I didn’t mix my bottle well enough before wearing it. Or, it could be that the flakes get a bit lost in the base because it’s so dark. Whatever the case, the flakes are totally optional for me with this one. Even if it just had the micro glitters, I would still adore it. The base color is so deep and rich, and those little, colorful twinkles are just the icing on a very yummy cake.

As with all the Colores de Carol polishes I have tried so far, this one had a wonderful formula. It went on in two easy, smooth coats.


This was the only water marble that made it onto my nails this week. This is Zoya, “Merida” and “Aggie”. Merida is the dark green, and was part of the Fall Urban Grunge Collection. Aggie, of course, is the gold. Aggie isn’t a color I enjoy wearing on its own, although I love the look of it in the bottle. I thought it mixed beautifully with Merida in this design. I’m looking forward to mixing it in with some other colors, too, as it water marbled really well. It would be pretty with a deep red or purple.

On Zoya’s website, Merida is described as “a brilliant, lush evergreen scattered holo”.  I have had this one sitting in my “to be worn” pile for quite some time. I have no idea why it took me this long to put it on, as I adored it immediately upon opening the box when it arrived. It is such a deep and beautiful color. It’s perfect for Fall, and I think it would be an amazingly gorgeous color going into Winter, too. Heck, this polish is so beautiful that it would be stunning any time of the year.

I can’t add much, other than to say this polish is pretty darn close to perfection. I’ve never considered myself much of a green lover, although I’ve come to enjoy the color more and more recently. This, though, is such a beautiful shade of green that I think it would win me over even if I didn’t like the color at all. I loved seeing this on my nails. It is rich and luxurious. And there’s sparkle — so much sparkle.


This is Superchic Lacquer, “In the Twinkling of an Eye”. On their website, Superchic describes this polish as, “an incredibly stunning, ethereal creation of vibrant multi-chrome color flakes with blended accents of color enhancing matte glitters and micro glitters having predominant shades of blue, purple & violet in a clear base formulation”. I’ve had this polish, literally, for months. It’s just taken me a while to get around to wearing it. I hesitated because of the glitter. I needn’t have worried, as the glitters in here are soft and luscious. It was a bit of a pain to remove, though.

This polish is lovely, lovely, lovely. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the blues. It’s my absolute favorite color, and I have a hard time wearing any other color on my tips. Yes, even with all the polish I hoard. *ahem* With this one, I get so much blue payoff, it’s not even funny! There are multiple shades of my favorite color, and I love the way the matte glitters mix into the polish. That little touch of matte gives the polish a soft, rather ethereal look that fits the official description perfectly. As a full-on glitter polish, I was happily surprised to find this one got opaque on its own in two easy coats. I had, maybe, two teeny bald spots, but you couldn’t even see them in amongst all that glittery goodness. This one dried a bit lumpy, and it was thirsty for top coat. But it smoothed out nicely after a couple of coats of my favorite topper.


This is Colores de Carol, “Selu”. The Colores de Carol website describes this one as, “a berry red jelly base with micro pink holo glitter and a mix of gold glitter”. It’s part of their Fall 2016 Harvest Goddess collection, and is named after the ancient corn mother of the Pueblo Indians.

This is what I’m wearing on my nails right at this moment. And it is Marvelous. It was part of an order I received yesterday. I’m generally not much for reds. I tend to feel like they look too stark or bright on my nails, probably because my skin tone is so light that I could almost be invisible. However … As soon as I opened the box and got my first look at this one, I knew (KNEW!!) that it had to go on my nails. Right away. It is so pretty, it makes me want to scream and cry all at the same time. The red jelly is beautifully juicy. I love the squishy sort of appearance it has on my nails. And the glitters twinkle and float way down inside the polish. The whole effect is nothing short of magical. I am loving this one on my nails. It went on in two easy coats. In fact, the application was so easy and enjoyable that I almost didn’t want to be done with my manicure!

September Favorites

I can’t believe we are at the end of September already! I thought this month would be a long haul because of the start of school, but it has fairly flown by. One of these days, I am going to start expecting the months to go quickly, and then they will creep along.

I went back through my September posts, and these are the polishes that I loved the most. Not that I don’t love all my polishes, but these are the ones that really got me where I live.


Zoya, “Finley”. This is such a perfect purple. And the scattered glitter is beautifully amazing. As with the other polishes like this one, it is truly stunning. I wish Zoya would make this type of polish in every color!


OPI, “Make Light of the Situation” over OPI, “Chiffon My Mind”. I loved wearing this manicure. Loved it! The tone-on-tone appearance really let the glitters shine. I felt elegant and very feminine while I wore this one.


China Glaze, “Pearl Jammin'”. Ugh. This polish is LOVE. Seriously. It’s so similar to my beloved Dashboard Dreamer, but I think this one has a slightly better formula. It’s part of the China Glaze Fall 2016 Rebel Collection, which I adore. I ended up with several polishes from that collection; maybe I should do a post on them or something. Anyhow, this one is one of my favorites. I love the finish and the color tones of this polish. I think it would be beautiful on any skin tone, and the light airy look to it is stunning.


OPI, “Blue Chips”. As soon as I put this polish on my nails, I was like, “zOMGoodness! Where have you been my whole life, Polish? And why … WHY haven’t you been on my nails?” Yes. So much love for this one. The color is beautiful, and the holographic glitters are perfection.


Water marble with Zoya, “Merida” and “Aggie”. I know I just listed this one in my current post, but it was definitely a favorite manicure. This was my third water marble attempt, and I’m so happy with how the pattern came out. I also loved the combination of Merida and Aggie together. It felt very elegant and luxurious on my nails.


And, finally, there is “Selu” from Colores de Carol. Another from my current post, but I had to include it in my favorites from the month. This red is just too perfect and too good and too yummy. Yep. That’s all there is to it.


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