Fall Polish Picks: The Blues

It doesn’t feel much like Fall in my corner of the universe. The weather has been hot and humid over the past week, and my sinuses have been pounding away like crazy. Both of these are definitely Spring/Summer-feeling things. And yet, we are officially into Fall — at least according to the calendar. I’m so ready for Fall, though. I’m ready to get into the spirit of a new season with cooler weather and, maybe, even some pretty fall foliage changes. It’s supposed to be in the mid 70s next week where I live, so I’m looking forward to that.

Since I’m ready to get into the spirit of Fall, I thought it would be fun to do a series of Fall nail polish picks. Initially, I was just going to do one post for this. But, I have such a love of darker colors (I wear them all year long) that I could not make up my mind about what to include in a single post. In the end, I decided to do a small series and organize it by color. I went onto Pantone’s website to see which colors they feel will be “trending” for Fall. Instead of trying to match the specific color shades Pantone has listed, I decided to use the broadest color categories: blue, gray, red, brown (including rust and copper), green, yellow (including gold and orange), and purple. Pantone also included a pink shade, but I seldom wear pink polish. I didn’t have anything pink in my stash that said “Fall” to me.

So, of course, I’m going to start out with blue. I know: It comes as no surprise, right? Well, it is my favorite color, after all. And, actually, blue was the main reason I ended up with a series of posts. I have so many blues in my stash that it was really hard to pick just one. Too hard! And so, I picked several. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wear some of these polishes during the season, although I have so many new things to try out that I’m not sure if I’ll manage it or not. I decided to stick with main stream polishes for my picks, as they are easier to find. (Also, if I started going down the indie rabbit hole, this post would probably never end. Yikes!)


Zoya, “Muse” is my first blue pick. I think this color does an amazing job of crossing  multiple seasonal lines. It’s beautiful for Spring. And, in some ways, it feels very much like a late Summer sort of shade to me. I think that makes it perfect to cross over into Fall. Those first weeks of Fall are always a tug-of-war between the end of Summer and the beginning of a new season. This polish has a beautifully jewel-like appearance on the nail, which is highlighted by the presence of iridescent glitters within the polish. I love jewel tones in the Fall. Overall, this one is bright and rich, and it feels like a breath of fresh air — like a cool, Fall breeze.


Next is Zoya, “Song”. Talk about jewel tones! This polish is deep and rich. It has the slightest bit of shimmer way down inside the polish, so that it seems to glow off the nail. It is beautiful and bright and deep, which makes it perfect for the shorter days and cloudy skies that herald Fall’s arrival.


China Glaze, “Sexy in the City”. I wanted to include a turquoise-ish polish on my list. I originally picked Rain Dance the Night Away, which is also from China Glaze, and I still think that polish is a great one for Fall. But — as soon as I pulled out this beautiful lady, I knew it had to have my turquoise spot. Again, it’s the jewel tones that get me where I live. And this polish has such a pretty finish to it, particularly when topped by a thick and glossy topcoat. It looks like glass on my nails. Love it!! I’m sitting here wanting to put this one on my nails right now!


This … *happy sigh* … This amazingly gorgeous polish is “Up All Night” from China Glaze. This polish could pretty much go on my favorite/top polish picks for every single season. It is one of my favorite polishes of all time. Yep, I love it that much. I own two bottles of this one. That’s how much I love it. When I pulled this one out of my stash, I had a hard time swatching it because I was too busy whispering sweet nothings to the bottle. I know. It really is that sad and pathetic, but this one makes me so happy that I want to cry. The. End.

I think this polish is perfect for Fall. It is smooth and silky and perfect on my nails. I don’t know how to characterize the finish, as I can’t see any shimmer in it. And it’s not a jelly polish. It’s definitely a creme, but it has a very soft appearance on the nail. It’s like wearing velvet. This one reminds me of those deep, dark Fall night skies when the stars are bright and the air has that perfect amount of crisp bite to it.


This is OPI, “Rich Girls & Po Boys”. This is such a beautiful mid-tone blue. Like Muse, I feel like this color is the perfect cross-over between late Summer and early Fall. It’s bright and bold, but it has a lovely depth to it, as well.


Last, but certainly not least, is OPI, “Suzi Says Feng Shui”. I love the dusty and muted appearance to this polish. This one definitely leans toward the teal, at least to my eye. This color has the perfect depth and darkness for Fall. It reminds me of foggy evenings, or, maybe, of the fog that rolls in off of the ocean (which is fitting, since I think this one came from the San Francisco collection).



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