Weekly Nail Wrap Up

It’s Friday, it’s Friday!! Yay! I look forward to Friday every week because it’s when I get to post about the polish I wore during the week. In case it was a secret, I’m seriously obsessed with nail polish. Obsessed. Doing my nails, trying out new types of nail art, and looking at new collections and colors puts me right in my happy place. I have ideas for different nail-related posts, but I don’t want to drop my weekly wrap-up. So I’m thinking about adding in one or two weekend posts for some additional nail fun and chit-chat. I don’t get to obsess over this stuff out loud in real life, so nattering away about it on my blog is a good outlet.

For now, though … on with the list of stuff I wore this week!


I did NOT wear this color this week. This is Colores de Carol, “Slippery Deck”. I wore this one last week, but I didn’t have a swatch photo of it. It’s such a pretty and fun polish that I wanted to be sure to share a picture of it, even if I am a week late. I love this one so much!!


The first color I wore this week was Colores de Carol, “Prototype 1052”. I am new to this indie brand, but I have quickly become a super-enthusiastic fan! I have made three orders with her brand within the past couple of weeks. I kid you not. That is how much I love her polishes. I started out with my favorites from the Harvest Goddess collection. Then, I saw swatches of her Halloween Collection and had to have them ALL (plus a couple of the Harvest Goddess polishes I hadn’t picked up the first time). And, last night, I ordered a few more things because there was a coupon code in the Colores de Carol & Friends FaceBook group. I am never going to say no to new polish!

Prototype 1052 was from my first order. It is one of the polishes that the company’s owner tried out but then decided not to make. She puts these for sale on her site for a reduced price, but it’s sort of a “mystery” polish. You don’t get to pick the color; she picks for you. When I placed my first order, I (of course!) had to try this out. I was so excited to see what I would get. And, this is it!

I wouldn’t have picked this polish on my own. BUT — I adore this one so, so much. It is a beautiful mixture of purple and blue. I love the blue glitters running through the polish. With the second coat, the purple deepens out to this gorgeously dark and yummy shade. This one has So Much Bling in the sunlight. It was like wearing crushed amethysts on my nails. I loved wearing it, and I got tons of compliments on this manicure, too. It’s definitely a polish that gets noticed! Another bonus with this one for me is that wearing it coincided with a bit of a hair disaster. I went in to get my blue dye touched up. I really just needed a touch up at the roots and the hairline on my forehead, but my stylist ran the color all the way through my hair. For some reason, I ended up with what looks like a sharp gradient: bright blue on top and then indigo/purple at the bottom. It’s still blue, but just so dark that it looks purple in the sunlight. I was so bummed. Until I got home and realized this polish matched my hair exactly. It made me feel much better about life.


Next, I wore Colores de Carol, “Sapphire Princess”. Since my hair is dark now and shedding TONS of blue dye (everywhere — ugh), I thought dark blue nails would be a good idea. I had this one sitting in my “to be worn” tower, so I thought, “Eh, why not?”

Oh. My. Good Googley Gosh! I am in love with this polish. Seriously. In Love. There are no words to describe the sheer perfection that is this polish. Have  you ever started polishing your nails and the very act of putting the polish on is so fantastic and satisfying and fun that you don’t ever want to be done? Yeah, I know. That pretty much never happens. Never. Well, that happened for me with this polish. The color, the formula, the linear holographic … Just everything works together so perfectly in this polish that I wanted to go on applying it for forever. I actually felt sad when I got my two coats done and had to stop. I wish the holographic showed better in my photo, but it shows up beautifully in real life on the nail. It’s a strong linear, but not overpowering. Just … yeah. If I could, I would marry this nail polish. I think it might be my new favorite polish of all time. And that is saying a LOT …


Even though I wanted to continue wearing Sapphire Princess for, like, FOREVER, I decided to try and teach myself how to water marble. I love the water marble look, in general. I watch pretty much every water marble video I can find on You Tube. I find it fascinating and can’t get enough. For months, I have wanted to try this out, but I kept talking myself out of it. It looked too hard or too complicated. I’m not a nail artist. I won’t be any good at it. You name it, and I used it as an excuse. Finally, I managed to convince myself to try it. After having to work up to this for months (literally!), I felt I had to do this right away, before I could back out.

This is my first attempt. I used OPI, “I Cannoli Wear OPI” + China Glaze, “Rain Dance the Night Away”. From start to finish, it took me about three hours to figure out what I was doing. I had to figure out which polishes would spread in the water. Then, I had to figure out which polishes I liked together. Then, I practiced making the designs. I did all of this before I felt ready to dunk my nails in the water. Once I actually started dunking, it didn’t take long to put this manicure on my nails. You can see it’s not perfect. My middle nail, in particular, got a bit messed up when I was trying to clean the polish off of the water’s surface. But I like the designs I got onto my nails. I feel like this was pretty good for a first try. I had a lot of fun with the whole process, so I’ll definitely keep on doing this.


Okay. So I loved the whole water marble thing so much that I did it again last night! For this one, I used OPI, “Fearlessly Alice” + Colores de Carol, “Old Orchard” + Colores de Carol, “Sapphire Princess” (my love!). I like these colors together a lot. And I was happy with the designs I got. Overall, the process went a bit easier … until it came time to do the clean up. And that’s when I realized that this is, in fact, the devil’s manicure. Seriously … Satan lives in here, and he’s camping out on my nails. I used what has to be the worst latex barrier in the universe, and it didn’t work at all. It wouldn’t come up off of my skin. At the same time, the polish leached right through in some areas and stained my fingers. (Fearlessly Alice is a horrible stainer, which sucks because it’s such a perfect blue.) It took me FOREVER to get this manicure cleaned up, and there are some areas where I couldn’t get it completely clean. Still, it is a pretty manicure. Even if it is the devil. *sigh*


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