Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I was a little torn this week regarding my nail polish. I have quite a few things from the China Glaze Rebel collection that are brand new, and I’m totally in love with them. So … part of me was desperately wanting to bust out all the dark colors already. Plus, I love dark colors any time of the year. And yet, it’s so stinking hot in my corner of the universe. The “dog days” of Summer are definitely upon us, and a big part of me wanted to stick with light, bright colors on my nails. I think I kind of split the difference, as I wore one thing from the newest China Glaze collection and one thing from the Zoya Urban Grunge collection … but I also stuck to lighter colors, overall.

Well, you know … it makes sense in my mind. Which is really pretty scary.


I started out my week with Zoya’s “Alicia”. Basically, I could NOT leave this pretty lady sitting unworn on my desk. This polish is so delicate and pretty in the bottle that I could hardly wait to get it onto my nails. She did not disappoint. I love this color and this polish so much. The formula was amazing — two easy coats, even with this lighter color. In some lights, I had a hint of visible nail line, but I actually liked that look with this one. The holographic in here is stunning. It just blings and shines right off the nail in the sunlight. I got so many compliments about my nails when I wore this one, and I loved how pretty and feminine this color made me feel. I am pretty sure it’s destined to be a favorite of mine. It’s perfect in every way.


Keeping with the fall-but-not-fall theme, I decided to try out China Glaze, “Pearl Jammin’ “ from their Fall 2016 (Rebel) collection. When I saw this polish swatched online, I knew immediately that I HAD to have it because it reminded me so much of my beloved Dashboard Dreamer. The bottle shots, in particular, looked like a dead-on dupe. On my nails, I feel like the two polishes are vastly different. Pearl Jammin’ has a very strong shimmer, which seems to float from gold to pink, with a peachy-pink-gold tone somewhere along the line, depending on the light. I feel like it has a stronger shimmer to it than Dashboard Dreamer. Also, I think the finish for Pearl Jammin’ is more pearlescent, which makes sense, given the name.

Even though this didn’t end up being a dupe in my mind, I LOVED this polish. LOVED IT. It is so, so, so good. I’m usually not a big fan of pearl finishes, but this one was super pretty. I didn’t feel like it was that streaky or difficult to work with, although I had to use three coats of polish for full opacity. And the color! Oh my googley gosh! This color is beyond pretty. It is delicate and lovely, shifting from a light, pearly blue in some lights to a pinky gold, to a more peach-toned gold. It’s one of those polishes that made me feel very feminine and delicate (which is so NOT me … I usually feel like I clomp through life). When it was at its peachy-gold best, I looked down and thought, “It’s like wearing candlelight on my nails.” Sooooooo pretty. *happy sigh*


This is Sinful Colors, “Let’s Meet” (the yellow base) + Zoya, “Maria Luisa” (the gold glitter) + China Glaze, “Fairy Dust” (the holographic glitter).

When I got ready to change my color the next time, I looked around my desk and spied this rather new (to me) yellow polish from Sinful Colors. I’m a sucker for yellow polishes, and I was feeling rather summery from all the hot weather. Why not give it a try? Well, I’ll tell ‘ya. “Let’s Meet” is not destined to be a favorite yellow of mine. I had so much trouble with this polish. It went on streaky and pulled up from the nail if I used too much brush pressure — even after the second coat! I ended up having to take this polish off and reapply it. And I had to do three coats to get it even and opaque. It also took FOREVER to dry. Super annoying.

At that point, I was really mad at this color, so there was no way I would be happy with this manicure. I decided to liven it up with “Maria Luisa”, a gold glitter from Zoya that I don’t wear nearly often enough. Maria Luisa is really pretty and delicate. I like it a lot, and I don’t know why I don’t use it more. Once I had that on, I liked the tonal look to the manicure. But I felt it still needed a little bit of a zing, so I threw on a coat of “Fairy Dust” for some holographic goodness.

I ended up liking this manicure. I thought it was pretty and turned out well, especially considering the disaster that was “Let’s Meet”. It looked super pretty in the sunlight, thanks to that lovely, fine holographic glitter. Seriously, is there anything that “Fairy Dust” can’t make better? I don’t think so. I didn’t wear it for long, though, because this was just a LOT of polish on my nails. It felt very thick and unwieldy, overall.


I rounded out my week with OPI, “Chiffon My Mind” (shimmery white base) + OPI, “Make Light of the Situation” (glitter topper). After the craziness of the yellow manicure above, I needed a bit of a palate-cleanser. This manicure was perfect for that.

Chiffon My Mind and Make Light of the Situation are both soft and delicate polishes. I love white polishes, but I like a white that is more subtle, which usually means a white with some kind of shimmer to it. There are times when I’ve worn the liquid-paper look on my nails and enjoyed it, but that doesn’t happen often. Chiffon My Mind is a perfect white for me. It reminds me of my very favorite soft, shimmery white, Dandy Lyin’ Around from China Glaze. I somehow lost my bottle of Dandy, and I’ve been mourning it ever since. Now, I feel like I have something very similar to wear, which makes me happy.

I really like the glitters in Make Light of the Situation. There is a good mix of sizes, and I like how there are some soft blue glitters in there to offset the harder silver tones. I think this manicure is perfect for any time of the year. Beautiful in Spring, refreshing in Summer, and right at home for Winter because it looks like the sunlight glinting off of Winter snow. This manicure was definitely a winner in my books!


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