Good-Bye, Summer

It’s the last weekend, and, actually, the Very Last Day of Summer in our corner of the universe. Tomorrow, my kiddo will head unhappily back to school (8th grade!). And we will plunge headlong into the morass of homework assignments, sports practices, music lessons, and after-school activities. There will be places we have to be. And schedules. And expectations. So many expectations.

Honestly, I’m not ready. Usually, I feel nostalgic and a bit sad at this time of year, but I also feel hopeful, positive, and a little bit excited about all the wonderful things to come. Usually, I face Fall with mixed feelings. Not so this year. This year, I would like nothing better than to hide under my covers and let Fall pass me by. And yet, I know it’s no use. Fall is coming for us all.


Summer felt so long and gorgeous and perfect just a couple of months ago. As last school year ended, it seemed impossible that Fall would ever come, impossible that there would be a new school year. Even as I stood in line at the store, buying school supplies after rummaging through stacks of flotsam just to find that one, “perfect” spiral notebook, I thought, “How could this be? Didn’t Summer just start yesterday?”


I feel like I just got used to staying up late and sleeping in and snuggling in on the sofa to watch movies and anime with my girl in the middle of a weekday. It’s been a good Summer. So many memories and funny stories and hunting Pokemon and laughing out loud. I blinked my eyes, turned around, and it was all over. Done. Finished. And, somehow, as we get closer to high school … and then college … I don’t know. It all feels final and limited. Like everything that’s most precious to me is slipping through my hands faster and faster, no matter how hard I try to hold it in place.

I know you have to come, Fall. You don’t have a choice. The planet turns. The seasons change. Time passes us by. But, in my heart, I think it will stay Summer for a bit longer, and I will smile as I chase fireflies across my soul.

That’s okay, right?


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