Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

So … the end of another week. The last weekend of Summer, which makes me feel incredibly nostalgic and probably deserves a blog post all of its own. (Note to self: Do this!) I’ve spent pretty much this whole week playing catch-up with a stupidly long “To Do” list. It’s amazing how many things there are to do in order to get back into your normal life when you’ve been gone for most of the summer. Ugh. At any rate, more substantive posts are coming. They are in the works! (Literally, as I am writing them offline and have been for the past few days.)

In the meantime, there is more nail polish fun. Not that I have a problem or anything … *ahem* (Yeah. Sorrynotsorry.)

This is what I wore on my nails over the past week.


I started out with Color  Club, “Route 66”. I … have mixed feelings about this polish. I think this is the second time I’ve put it on. The first time, I didn’t leave it, but took it off right away. By all that is reasonable and sane in the universe, this is a polish I should adore beyond measure. I mean, look at it! It’s such a gorgeously perfect shade of blue. This is a seriously pretty color. And yet, I’m not at all sure I like this polish. It makes me sad to type those words. There is something about the formula that bugs me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. I feel like it’s a bit difficult to work with, as it has a tendency to pull up off the nail if you put too much pressure on the brush. But that isn’t what bothers me about this one. I think I just don’t love the way it looks on my nails. After it’s dry, I feel like it has this “vinyl” sort of look to it — almost like I put vinyl stickers down on my nails or something. It’s just not a look I love seeing on my own nails. I’m going to hang on to this one, though, because I do love the color. The next time I try to wear it, I might adore it and wonder what I was thinking. Who knows? My heart is fickle, I tell ‘ya! Fickle!


I then moved on to Sinful Colors, “Opal Essence”. This is one of their new “iridescent” colors. It’s a lovely teal, with flashes of blue and green depending on the light. In most lights, it tended to lean more toward the green end of things to my eyes. I love Sinful Colors. It’s such a great brand — inexpensive, typically good formulas, and tons of colors to choose from. I don’t find them to be a particularly imaginative brand, but that doesn’t lessen my love for them in the slightest. This polish was pretty typical, formula-wise. It went on beautifully in two easy coats. I really like the color. I was drawn to it immediately when I saw it in the store. It reminds me of a peacock. I did have a tiny bit of staining with this one when I took it off. Nothing major, but there were some green tinges left around the edges of my nails and along the sides.


After a day of wearing Opal Essence, I got a little bit bored. So I decided to try out this really pretty glitter polish that has been sitting on my desk, waiting for its moment, for quite some time. This is Sinful Colors, “Ice Dream”. It’s such a pretty, pretty glitter. I have no idea why I didn’t wear it sooner, but I guess it just needed the right moment to strike my fancy. At any rate, I decided to give it a try over the Opal Essence I already had on. I wasn’t sure if I would like the combination or not, but I ended up loving them together. Normally, I would wear this glitter over a white-toned polish so that the blue glitters would stand out more. I think the little blues got a bit lost on top of the teal, but the light would sometimes hit them and give a really pretty effect. Overall, this was sparkly and pretty and fun, so it was a winner in my opinion!


This is Native War Paints, “Goblin King”. This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous polish, and my picture doesn’t do it justice at all. It’s a vampy, moody sort of color, with a black base and loads of blue and purple micro glitters. It feels kind of mysterious to me. In the sunlight, this polish seems to glow blue and purple from deep down inside. It is truly stunning. I find the formula to be a bit thick. It’s not difficult to apply or hard to work with, but it just feels kind of thick to me coming off the brush. I think it’s because of the glitters. I also like to use a thick topper over this one, just to make sure everything is even and smooth. I had worn this one on my toes previously, so I already knew I loved it. I had been looking forward to wearing it on my fingers, too. And it did not disappoint. Sadly, I didn’t even have it on for a whole day before I took it off … because …


Just before we left to come home from our Maine trip, I had ordered three of my favorites from the Zoya Urban Grunge collection. As I was applying Goblin King, my little inner voice whispered to me, “You know, those Zoya polishes are probably going to show up today, since you just did your nails.” And, wouldn’t you know it … my inner voice was right! I finished up my manicure, ran an errand or two, and came  home to find my new  Zoyas on my doorstep. Of course, I had to wear one of them right away. Because I have a problem …

So, this is Zoya, “Finley”. Oh. My. Gosh!! I love this polish so much. There has been a ton of hype around this new Zoya collection online. I’ve seen so many swatches and videos of it, and everything in this collection looks beyond amazing. I was super excited for it to release, super excited to order from it, and super-super-super excited waiting for my polishes to come! This is one of those rare collections where I felt like I could happily order every single polish in it, although I didn’t do that. I will likely go back and get a few more the next time Zoya runs a special, but, for now, I stuck with my favorite three from the sparkly side of the collection.

So, Finley … I. LOVE. This. Polish. It is so beautiful and perfect and gorgeous and everything a polish junkie could dream of. Gorgeous color, holographic sparkles, perfect formula. I can’t even with this polish. Seriously. It’s so beautiful and perfect that I want to cry. That is how much I adore it. (And it’s not even blue. Mind Blown.)


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