Nail Favorites: Red & Pink

I have been a traveling fool this Summer. My kiddo and I spent a month in Texas, attending a family wedding and visiting my parents. We came home for a week, and then we were off again on a family vacation to Maine. We were gone for a week; we just got back on Saturday evening. I am Pooped, although our trip was a lot of fun. I’m hoping to get some pictures edited and posted in the near future.

Until then, I thought I would do an easy post of nail polish fun to kind of ease back into normal blogging life. I don’t have a “weekly wrap-up” this week because I was traveling. And, believe it or not, I did not do my nails at all. For a whole week! Yikes! That pretty much never happens. I had China Glaze’s “Holo at ‘Ya, Girl!” on my nails when we left, and I wore that polish pretty much all week. It wore really well. I had normal tip wear, which was pretty much driving me crazy by the end of the week. And there were, maybe, two smallish chips. I was pretty impressed!

I’ve been wanting to do a favorites series for a while, so I figured this would be a good time to start it. I’m not sure how I will work this into my normal posting schedule, but hopefully I will figure it out. At any rate, I’m going to start off with my favorite reds and pinks. I’m not a huge fan of either red or pink. I don’t tend to buy a lot of these types of shades, and I decided it would work best if I lumped them together. I haven’t swatched and photographed everything I have yet, but these are my favorites out of what I have done so far. It might be fun to revisit this later to see if these change.

So, in no particular order, here is a look at my favorite (at this moment) reds and pinks. (And, actually, I already know there is one polish that should be on this list but isn’t because I don’t have a picture of it yet. And that is China Glaze, “Ruby Pumps”. It is probably my favorite red of all time. I really NEED to get a swatch picture of it.)


This is OPI, “Let Me Bayou a Drink”. I debated over including this one because I was thinking it might fall into the nudes/neutrals category. But it looks pink to me. It also looked pink to me when I wore it … so, here it is. I think I may be the only person out there who liked this polish. Because of that, I kind of consider this one a guilty pleasure. I honestly don’t remember why I picked up this color when I was shopping the rest of the New Orleans collection. It’s not the kind of color I would normally go for, but, for some reason, I was drawn to it. I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed wearing this one. I like the light, peachy-pink tone to the color, as well as the very slight shimmer it has. I liked it with my skin tone. The formula on this polish is not the greatest. If I remember correctly, it was a booger-bear to work with. It went on streaky, and I think it took three coats to get it opaque and streak-free. Normally, those things would be enough to make me walk away from a polish, but I really like this color. So I’m willing to make some allowances for a wonky formula.


This is Zoya, “Mae”. I really enjoy this one because I feel like it has a cool (sort of blue) undertone to it. That puts this sizzling pink right into my comfort zone, color-wise. I love cool colors. This one has a bit of shimmer to it, too, which was fun. This is just a pretty, vibrant pink that rides the border between pink and red. It didn’t feel too harsh against my skin tone, and I believe this one had a great formula, too.


This is Zoya, “Chyna”. It’s a pixie dust that I picked up because I loved the color in swatch photos I had seen online. It looked so rich and gorgeous and sparkly. Sadly, after applying it to my own nails, I quickly realized I am not a fan of textured polishes. I think they look gorgeous on other people, but they are not for me. I felt a little bit disappointed over that … Until I slapped a couple of thick coats of topcoat over this polish. And BOOM! I. Was. In. Love. Love! This color is so rich and deep and magnificent. And I love the way it sparkles under the topcoat.


This is Orly, “Kiss the Bride”. I love the idea of a super light, almost white pink. And yet, it is very hard for me to find one that I like seeing on my own nails. It’s kind of like hunting unicorns. I think this polish may be my absolute favorite super light pink of all time. I just love it. I feel like the color tone is perfect. I put it on my nails, and it actually looks pink instead of white. And yet, it’s not overwhelmingly pink. I feel like it’s the perfect balance between pink and white. This polish also has an amazing formula. It applied perfectly, which surprised me. Usually, these kinds of light pinks can be pretty tricky and difficult. I think this polish is perfection.


This is China Glaze, “Wanderlust”. This is kind of a “sweet” sort of mid-toned pink. I think of it as a “Barbie pink” color, but it seems that a lot of people think Barbie pink is a bit darker than this. At any rate, this is not a color I typically wear or enjoy. but I love this polish so much. I really like this pink against my skin tone, and it has a beautiful golden shimmer in it. So, so, so good! I love wearing this one, and I often pull it out when I’m in the mood for pink. The only drawback with this one is that the formula is a bit difficult. It can tend to flood the cuticles and sidewalls, and it takes me about three coats to get the level of opacity I like. Even so, I still adore it.


This is SpaRitual, “Melt With You”. This one is kind of a surprise favorite for me. It’s a super bright, in-your-face color, and, for some reason, I typically don’t love seeing those types of shades on my nails. I like the contrast of this color with my skin tone. And, it also has that sort of blue undertone to it that puts it within my comfort zone for pinks and reds. I particularly enjoy wearing this color in the Spring and Summer; it’s one of the few that I wear seasonally. I also love it on my toes.


This is Orly Color Blast, “Wonder Woman”. What’s not to adore about this polish? I love everything about it. It is so playful and fun. I love the look of the little stars that kind of float through the polish, and I also enjoy the contrast of the blue glitters with the red base. This is a more orange-toned red, but I still liked it on my nails. I felt like it worked with my skin tone, and I almost didn’t want to take it off. The formula for this one is pretty good. From what I recall, I only needed two easy coats to get it opaque. The yellow stars were a bit hard to get out of the bottle and onto the nail, but that didn’t bother me very much. I love the stars, but I also would have been happy with just the blue glitters. One drawback to this one is that I had some staining with it. That was a bummer, but not enough to make me stop wearing it.


This is OPI, “Mad for Madness Sake”. I feel like this one also rides the line between pink and red, although it’s definitely more on the pink side. It’s a bold and strong color, which I like. As with the other dark pinks I’ve listed here, I like the way this one contrasted with my (super pale — eek!) skin tone. And I like the undertones in this polish, too. I have read good things about the formula on this one, but my bottle was pretty difficult. I had quite a bit of trouble getting this one to go on, as it wanted to be thick and a little gloopy. Maybe I got a wonky bottle or something.


This is Zoya, “Sarah”. I love, love, love this polish! It is such a pretty, almost berry-toned red. I loved it against my skin tone. I’m not often in the mood for red, but this is one that I reach for when I just NEED to see red polish on my nails. I also love it around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. My only disappointment with it is that it has such a pretty golden shimmer in the bottle, but that did not translate onto my nails when I wore it. Even so, this one will likely be a favorite of mine for a long time.


This is OPI, “You’re a Bad Muffuletta”. As far as red cremes go, I think this one is pretty perfect, color-wise. I like it with my skin tone a lot, and I find it an interesting and unique color. When I look at it in some lights, I feel like it almost has a cool, sort of blue, undertone. Then, in other lights, it seems kind of orangey. Maybe I’m just crazy! But, whether the undertones in this polish are cool or warm, I do enjoy wearing this one. I feel like it kind of strikes a balance between a “true” red and a sort of coral red.


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