Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

So here we are … Friday yet again. It’s been a super busy week for me. My daughter and I just got back from Texas last Thursday, and we head out again tomorrow for Summer Vacation, Round 2. It will be our family trip this time, so just my husband, my daughter, and me. We are heading up to Maine, and we decided to drive. It will be a great chance to see a lot of the countryside in between Virginia and Maine. I am looking forward to it and dreading it in equal parts. Mainly, I’m just really tired, as I’ve been running around like crazy all this week trying to catch up on missed appointments and get things done for the next trip. Anyhow, I’ll probably be out of pocket all next week.

But, for now … there is nail polish fun! Woot!! The Fall collections are starting to come out, and I am super excited for that. I think the China Glaze Rebel collection looks amazing. I got several from that collection, particularly because there are quite a few blue tones in there, and blue tones are my jam. I wasn’t as crazy about the OPI Washington DC collection. I really wanted to love it, because it’s themed on where I currently live. But … I dunno. It just didn’t wow me. I only picked up four from that collection. I haven’t yet grabbed anything from the Zoya Urban Grunge collection, but it looks amazing, too. There are a few from it that I would love to have, but I am waiting until I come back from our trip. (It would be nice if Zoya did a special promotion, too — ha, ha!)


These are my grabs from the China Glaze Rebel collection. From left to right, they are: “Heroine Chic”, “Pearl Jammin'”, “Combat Blue’ts”, “Dope Taupe”, “Teen Spirit”, “Holo at ‘Ya, Girl!”, and “Blue-Ya!”. So. Much. Fabulousness! I think this is the first time I have purchased this many from any one collection. Usually, I will get from two to four, as there are colors that typically won’t interest me a lot. I’m not much for pinks or reds, for example. But this collection surprised me. So many of the colors were right up my alley. There are a couple of others that I have since seen swatched online and am also thinking about getting. Just … yeah. So much love for this collection. There are no words.

With that said, I have seen and heard different online bloggers, vloggers, and reviewers comment that they feel this collection is pretty dupe-able. This may be true, as I’m looking at the polishes I purchased and can easily think of dupes I possibly have in my collection for a couple of these. Even so, I still love this collection and think it’s fabulous because, like I said, so many of the colors are right up my alley.


Here are my four picks from the OPI Washington DC collection. From left to right, they are: “Shhhh! It’s Top Secret!!”, “Never a Dulles Moment”, “Liv in the Gray”, and “Pale to the Chief”. I thought the OPI collection, overall, had a great mix of light and dark shades. I like that in a fall collection because I love to wear dark and light all year long, no matter the season. I’m already crazy for the yellow, and I haven’t even tried it on my nails yet. But it is so gorgeous. It’s kind of mustardy, but light on the brown undertones. I think “Pale to the Chief” is super pretty in the bottle, but I’m having second thoughts about whether it will look good on my nails or not. I guess time will tell on that one. Overall, I was a bit disappointed by this OPI collection. This is a personal thing on my part. It was pretty much full of colors that didn’t interest. There were a lot of red/pink/berry tones, as well as a lot of orangey-peachy tones in it. Given time to think on it and look at swatches, I may change my mind. Who knows? I’m already thinking I should have gotten “Suzi – the First Lady of Nails”, which is the sort of olive green color.

So … on to what I wore this week! I went a little bit polish crazy because there were two new A. England polishes waiting for me when I returned from my Texas trip. I had ordered them before I left, hoping they would arrive so I could take them with me. Sadly, they came a day or two after I left. I had to live for a whole month (!) knowing these were at my house, and that I was unable to wear them. Torture!! Needless to say, I had to wear them right away. And then, both my OPI and my China Glaze orders came a day or two after I got home.


This is A. England, “Tristam”. Oh. My. Gosh!! I love, love, love this polish. LOVE IT!! I wanted this one for a long time. It’s the first A. England color I fell completely head over heels for, and the first one I wanted to order when I decided to take the plunge and buy from this brand. But every time I looked to buy it, it was sold out. The pain! The frustration!!  Finally, I got lucky and found this one in stock at one of my favorite e-tailers. I was on giddy pins and needles waiting for it to come, and that was made even worse by the fact that I had to wait about a hundred years before I could wear it. (A hundred years … a month … same thing, right?)

This polish is so, so, so pretty. I love the flash of color from the holographic micro glitter in the sun. It throws beautiful rainbows down inside all that amazing, gorgeous, dark, and moody blue. This is such a perfect color of blue, too. I love how deep and intense it is. I can see this one getting a lot of use in the Fall and Winter this year. I’m so happy I was finally able to get it!


This is A. England, “Spirit of the Moors”. This is another color I drooled over and wished for over the course of a few months. It, too, was always sold out. I think this made me want it more. If all of my polish-crazy peeps out there in the world love this one so much, it must be FANTASTIC! Right? Finally, I got lucky and was able to snag this one at the same time I purchased “Tristam”. So … Is it fantastic?

YES!!! Yes, it is.

I am so completely smitten with this polish. It is incredible — full of holographic, sparkly glitters and rainbows. And the most amazingly gorgeous, in-your-face, electric blue color. It is just perfection. That’s all there is to it. I love this color so much that I asked my stylist to put it on my hair. Oh yeah, baby!!

So, after I got my hair done, I was a bit blue all over. Even getting the color done in a salon, I still seem to end up with color all over my fingers, around my nails, around my hairline, and sometimes on my face. If I did my color at home, I think I would look like I had jumped into a tub full of blue dye, I kid you not. Anyhow, since I already had blue on my fingers and somewhat around my nails, I decided I would continue on with this color as my theme for the week. Who am I kidding? A week full of blue polish is a heck of a good week, in my opinion!


This is China Glaze, “Combat Blue-ts”. (You know, like “combat boots” … but blue. So clever with the naming thing, China  Glaze. So clever.) This is one of the colors from the Fall 2016 Rebel collection.

I have a love-hate thing going with this polish. It is amazingly gorgeous in the bottle. Just … wow. So the bottle pretty much had me at hello. The formula for this one is very tricky, though. It is mostly opaque in one coat, but it dries on your nails in about a nanosecond. You have to be fast, fast, fast with putting this one on, using a very strict “3-stroke method” for application. If you work the color at all, you will end up with bald patches. Because of that, there is a tendency for the polish to ridge up where the strokes bump up against each other. This isn’t an unusual thing, and you can normally just smooth them out a bit by going over them with your brush. Not so with this polish. You can smooth out the ridges if you go for it right away, as you are putting down each stroke. If you wait at all, the polish will lift up off the nail. This one dries matte, so it looks nothing like the bottle when it’s dry. This isn’t a big deal for me, as I like the idea of being able to get a couple of different looks out of the polish. It’s very pretty matte, although I forgot to take a picture of it. I topped it with a shiny, quick-dry topcoat, and it looked pretty much just like the color in the bottle. Gorgeous!

Overall, I love the color of this one. So it’s worth it to me to work with the tricky formula. That might not be the case for everyone.


This is China Glaze, “Holo at ‘Ya, Girl!” over “Combat Blue-ts”. “Holo at ‘Ya, Girl!” is also from the Fall 2016 collection. It is incredibly beautiful in the bottle. It’s a soft, kind of greenish-gold micro glitter in a clear base, and there are some bright blue glitters running through it. The blue glitters are also small. I had seen swatches of this one over black and over this “Combat Blue-ts” color. All of those swatches were so gorgeous, and I loved the look of it.

I did not love it on myself, though. For me, this one was a little bit too opaque to use as a 1-coat topper. And anything over 1 coat, when you toss in base coat, topcoat, and the base color, is really pushing it for me. I don’t love having five or more coats of polish on my nails. It ends up feeling too thick and unwieldy, and I never leave it on for more than a day. Also, I felt like the bright blue glitters, which I loved in this polish, got lost on the darker base. But maybe that’s just me.


So, I decided to start all over and try “Holo at ‘Ya, Girl!” on its own. Oh. My. Gosh! LOVE!! I adore this polish on its own. The glitters are not holographic, by the way, even though I know the polish name would probably lead you to think they would be. But, on its own, this polish seems to shift color depending on the light. It shifts from a gold to a kind of soft green. And the bright blues in here just seem to pop off the nail. I love the look of it. It’s very sparkly/bright, overall, and it does get noticed. I had to run an errand at the mall today, and I had four or five people comment on my nails. This wouldn’t necessarily be a reason for me to decide to wear it, but, if you prefer to fly totally under the radar, you might not enjoy this polish that much.

The only other negative for this one is that it is sheer. It’s at 2 coats in my  picture, which I felt was pretty adequate coverage. (First coat rather thin, second coat rather thick.) I feel like you can see a bit of bare nail in my picture. In real life, there is so much sparkle going on with this polish that I don’t see that at all, even out in the sun. In some lights, I can catch just a hit of visible nail line, but I actually like that with this one.

I don’t know how this one will be for removal. I did the “foil method” to take it off when I had it over “Combat Blue-ts”, and it came off pretty easily. I don’t know if I could easily remove it without using foil. It felt like a pretty soft glitter going on, and it wasn’t horribly textured or thirsty. I topped it with one coat of Seche Vite, and it was good to go.


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