July Nail Polish Shenanigans

So … It’s been a while, Blog. I’ve been out of town and pretty much off the grid for the past month or month and a half. It was a really good and refreshing break, and I hope to do some blogging about it in the very near future. For now, though, I have a ton of work to catch up on around my house and pictures to put on my computer and edit, which means it may be a few more days before I can do a substantive post. BUT (!!) there is still nail polish fun to be had. I decided I would do a different kind of “wrap-up” and include pictures of pretty much everything I wore during the past month. I think one or two of these might have been on the very tail end of June instead of July, but they haven’t been included in a blog post yet. So I feel like that makes them fair game.

These aren’t in any particular order. Even though I managed to grab pictures of most of what I wore, I didn’t keep records of when I wore them. I was on vacation, after all! With that said, buckle up for a looooong post of nail polish goodness. (eek!)


This is Native Warpaints, “Bog of Eternal Stench”. Talk about a yucky name for a super pretty polish! I know I wore this one in June, because I already had pictures of it saved on my computer.

So I’m a total sucker for yellow and gold polishes. And I also love polishes that are “ugly pretty”. I think this one falls into both of those categories. In the bottle, it really does look kind of boggy or swampy, in a way. The color seems sort of a muddy golden yellow-brown, but with these surprising flashes of blue and green. I fell hard for this one from the beginning. And, it did not disappoint! I love it so much on my nails. I think it’s a fun color for Spring/Summer, but it will also be fantastic in the Fall because of the deep sort of golden look to it.


This is Zoya, “Stassi”. I can’t even with this polish. Can’t. Even. It is so, so, so, so pretty. I love this tone of green, but there are blue and golden glitters in here that really take this polish to the next level. I was so happy with the depth and appearance of this one when I had it on my nails. It looks airy and ethereal, and (dare I say it?) mermaid-y. Yep, I totally said it. At any rate, I have so much love for this one. Wearing it made me super happy. Heck, just looking at pictures of it makes me super happy!


This is Zoya, “Song”. *sigh* What can I even say about this one? It’s no secret that I’m crazy for the blues. But, even if I didn’t like blue at all, I think I would adore this polish. It is breathtaking. Seriously. When I first saw it on my nails, I did that little gasp thing that you do when you’re happily surprised. Yep. Gasp and awe. This polish is a beautiful and deep blue. And it seems to glow from somewhere deep within the polish. I found it to be moody and just gorgeous. It’s destined to be a favorite of mine.


This is Zoya, “Ivanka”. Oh. My. Good googley gosh!! I think this polish might be my favorite green. It is cool and deep and lovely. I like the way you can see so many darker flakes down within the polish and on the nail. It gives this one a lot of depth and beauty that shines through in every light. I’ve never considered myself much of a green fan. I don’t hate it, but it’s just not my favorite shade to wear on my nails. Even so, I really didn’t want to take this one off. It’s just that fantastic.


This is Sinful Colors, “Mist-erious”. I love me some Sinful Colors. This polish brand is a great deal, and they have a really great selection of colors. They usually have a fabulous formula, too. Usually. Sadly, I would have to say this polish falls into the exception  pile, formula-wise. I found it to be a bit too thick and gloopy because of the strong shimmer running through it. I feel like I’m pretty experienced with doing my nails, and I had to fight with this one to get a decent manicure. It wasn’t possible to get anything other than a thick coat on my nails, but the polish had a tendency to pull up with the brush. So, I had to do at least two coats (and three on a couple of nails). I ended up feeling like this manicure looked too thick, overall.

Color-wise, I really like this one. It’s a super pretty light blue color with silvery shimmer. I thought the shimmer showed up quite well in the bottle. But I didn’t feel like it showed up as much on my nails.


This is OPI, “Today I Accomplished Zero”. I have no idea what rock I was hiding under when the OPI Coca Cola collection came out, but, for whatever reason, I didn’t get any of these polishes when they were released. Of course, I later looked at swatches of them online and fell hard for several of them. By then, they were nowhere to be found in my corner of the universe. But I got lucky (yay!) on my recent trip, because I found my favorites in a store near where my parents live. This polish was one of them.

My daughter actually picked this one out for me to wear. I had been wanting to try it, as it looks fantastic in the bottle. But, I kept hesitating because it felt so Fall/Winter to me. Not that I’m usually one to care much for seasons when it comes to polish. I pretty much wear what I want when I want. But there is something about 100+ degree weather in S. Texas that makes one a bit reluctant to bust out the dark colors! I don’t think I would have put this one on right away if my kiddo hadn’t insisted.

Man, am I glad she did! This polish is FANTASTIC. It is just as amazing on the nail as it is in the bottle. I felt like the glitters, which seem so packed when you look at it in the bottle, applied a bit sparsely on the first coat. With the following coats, though, I got a good scattering of them onto my nails. There is something about the coppery orange-red glitters combined with the black base that just gets me where I live. This one reminds me of bubbles in a glass of soda, and I love that! One drawback with this polish is that the base is very sheer (jelly/crelly), so I had to use three coats to get the opacity I wanted. Also, I wasn’t expecting the base to be as thin as it was, so I had some trouble with the polish flooding into my cuticles and the sides of my nails. Even so, I adored this polish, and will happily wear it again. And again. And again. And again …


Apologies for the lack of a bottle shot in this picture. This is OPI, “Petal Soft” over OPI, “You’re So Vain-illa”.

“You’re So Vain-illa” is another polish from the Coca Cola collection, and it was one that I loved when I saw pics of it swatched online. Sadly, I’m not sure I adore it on me in real life. It was a lot more yellowy-brown than I expected it to be, so I found the color to be a bit disappointing. Not that it’s not a pretty color, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Still, it could be that I just wore it on an off day. I might love it the next time I wear it.

“Petal Soft”, the glitter topper in this picture, was a bit of an impulse buy. I honestly have no idea what possessed me to get this one. It’s not at all like what I would normally buy. It has beautiful matte hexes in it, which are all different sizes, as well as matte flowers (although I didn’t manage to get any of the flowers out onto my nails). It’s all shades of pink and white — very soft and very feminine and very dainty. It’s not at all me, as I am not any of those things. And  yet, I love, love, love this one. I think it’s so pretty, and I can’t wait to try it out over some different tones of blue and gray.


This is OPI, “Orange You Fantastic”, another polish from the Coca Cola Collection. I surprised myself by LOVING this polish. It is so, so pretty in the bottle, and I was drawn to it immediately. Even so, I hesitated (a lot) because it’s orange. Orange is not a color I usually buy or wear. Now, though, I’m glad I got this one, because I truly adore it. It is such a fun and playful polish. I love the orange base color combined with all the different sizes of gold glitter. This one is super sparkly in the sun, and it (much like the “Zero” polish above) looks like bubbles in soda. So, so fun and pretty!!


This is China Glaze, “UV Meant to Be”. This is a lovely polish. From what I can remember, it had a pretty decent formula. I don’t recall it being super streaky or difficult to apply, although I think I had to do three coats on a couple of my nails. That might have been “user error”, though. I love the color. It’s a perfect and perfectly beautiful mid-tone blue. Not as exciting as some of the things I wore during July, but I feel this one is destined to be a staple in my collection. I also think this color is going to be fabulous under several of my glitter toppers.


This is A. England, “Excalibur”. I thought I had already blogged this polish, so I’m pretty sure I wore it either on the tail end of June or early in July. But … I looked back over previous posts and didn’t see it listed anywhere. Apologies if I missed it and am sharing it a second time. (Although, it’s such a fantastic polish, I suppose sharing it more than once isn’t a huge crime.)

What can I even say about this polish? It is stunning. I love the mixture of silver and gold, which gives this polish a beautifully warm glow on the nail. It reminds me of a soft, comforting kind of light — like the light from a house’s windows falling onto snow on a cold winter night or the warm and cozy glow of a fireplace. Just … yum. I loved this one so much. And, like all the other A. England polishes I have tried, this one was absolutely perfect, formula-wise. Seriously — does that company even make a bad/difficult polish?


This is A. England, “Excalibur Renaissance”. Funny story about this one: I originally ordered the gold/silver Excalibur pictured above, but the seller accidentally sent me this all-silver version, instead. It’s understandable, as the names are so similar. Once I contacted the seller, they sent out the correct polish right away and told me to keep this one, too. Talk about an exciting and lucky bonus for me!

I’m not sure I would have ever purchased this polish on my own. It’s a bit too metallic and silvery and kind of hard in appearance, so it never appealed to me enough to push me into ordering it. With that said, I’m really glad I ended up with this one because … WOW! It is spectacular. It’s such a perfect and beautiful color of silver. And, for a very metallic polish, it applied easily. I don’t have perfect nails, so I wasn’t sure if this one would even look good on me. But I was pretty happy with it. I think this one would be a lot of fun to wear again for the Christmas and New Years holiday season.


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