Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I can’t believe it’s the end of another week. I swear my summer is going by at super lightning-fast speed, just like the school year did. I had been looking forward to the end of school so that we could enjoy lazy days and just spend time relaxing. This did not happen. Thankfully, I have my ever-growing nail polish addiction to keep me (sort of) sane.


This week, I started out with Zoya, “Muse”. In celebration of the 4th of July holiday, Zoya ran a special where you could order three polishes and, then, get three polishes for free — plus free shipping. You can bet I was all over that lovely deal! So, I happily scratched six new Zoya polishes off of my “need to get it” list. That’s always a good feeling, even if I know my list will only continue to grow.

This polish was one of the ones I got in my Zoya order. I honestly was not sure what to expect from this polish, because the pictures of it on Zoya’s site look nothing like what I saw when I unwrapped my bottle. I was halfway expecting a sort of metallic-frosty kind of finish that was, more or less, solid. I was NOT expecting mermaid glitter goodness! Talk about an amazing surprise!

Oh. My. GOSH! I love this one so much. Just look at those pinkish, iridescent sparkles in the bottle! And, even though they are super hard to photograph properly, those sparkles show up on the nail. I adore this color of blue, too. It’s peaceful and relaxing and perfect for summer. It definitely hits my happy spot, color-wise. This really is the perfect mermaid finish polish. Love it so much!!!


I guess it was the week of glitter for me, because I moved on to this: Sinful Colors, “Army Brat”. I layered it over China Glaze, “Change Your Altitude”. Honestly, I am not much of a pink polish or pink glitter person. I was immediately drawn to this topper when I saw it in the store, and that surprised me. Because, you know … pink. Lots and lots of pink.

But (!!) I really loved this one on my nails. I also loved it layered over this particular gray. Change your Altitude is a kind of warm-toned gray, so I think it went well with the pinks in this glitter. It was neutral but also let the pinks kind of pop out. I really liked the combination of holographic glitter and matte glitters in this topper. I’m a sucker for matte glitter, in particular. And the different sizes and shapes gave this polish a very pretty look, depth, and texture.

Overall, I loved this whole manicure. I thought it was very pretty and girly, but also kind of had a little bit of tomboy edge to it. I felt like it made my nails and hands look prettier than usual. (Is that nuts of me? Ha, ha.)


The one thing that bugged me, at first, about “Army Brat” was that I could see these cute-looking, larger matte black glitters in the bottle. But I pretty much could not get any of them out on my nails. I am seldom willing to use a toothpick to fish around for glitter pieces. I think I’m just too lazy or something. But, I ended up getting one of these glitters to show up on my right pinky nail. I realized I am not a fan. Suddenly, not getting any of the larger matte glitters out of the bottle didn’t seem like such a bad thing.


But the next glitter I used had matte black glitter to spare! This is Sinful Colors, “Under Cover”. I wore it over Orly, “Kiss the Bride”. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly why I decided to give this one a try. It looks like a hot mess in the bottle. There’s such a jumble of everything in there. In the store, I pulled out the brush and caught a glimpse of what I thought were smaller blue glitters in amongst the matte black. I think that’s what sold me on trying it. I wasn’t expecting much.

I’m happy to say, though, that this topper is fantastic! I love the juxtaposition of the matte black glitter pieces with the light pink base color and with the pink glitters, too. There were smaller blues in there, along with very sparkly holographic pieces. I thought it was a fantastic look, overall. And I enjoyed the heck out of this manicure.


I’m rounding out the week with Native War Paints, “Sir Didymus”. This is part of their new Labyrinth collection. A week or so ago, I pre-ordered my three favorites from this collection, and I was happily surprised when they showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Yay! Of course, I immediately had to try this color out. I mean, look at it! It’s right in my favorite color comfort zone.

I’m loving this polish so far. It went on in two easy coats. The blue is vibrant and gorgeous. But there is so much more to this polish than just the beautiful blue color. It has a sort of silver shimmer running through it, as well as darker blue pieces. I’m not sure how to describe them. They aren’t exactly glitter, but they do give the polish extra depth and dimension. I love the finish, and I think this polish is beautiful. I’m looking forward to trying out the other two that were in my order. (One of them has already gone onto my toes!)


7 thoughts on “Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

  1. That Sir Didymus by Native War Paints looks fantastic on you! I want the whole collection! They did such a fantastic job with them all. What were the other two you purchased from the collection?

    • Thanks so much! I agree that it’s a fabulous collection. I was totally blown away by all of them, and I wanted to get the whole collection, too. But I had to limit myself — LOL. The other two I purchased were “Goblin King” and “Bog of Eternal Stench”.

    • Hi, hi! I’m sorry for the super late reply to your comment. I’ve been out of town for a bit over a month, so I pretty much wasn’t online during that time.

      I’ve been loving the sparkly, glittery polishes more and more recently. In the past, I feel like I was pretty much a creme polish gal. But I love having more of a variety in my polish choices, so that’s a lot of fun. And I adore all the blues — so, so much. I think I could probably live in blue nail polish, ha, ha! I bet that “Sir Didymus” color would look gorgeous on you! 🙂

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