The Day of Doing Nothing

Happy 4th of July to my fellow US peeps. As I sit here typing, there are fireworks going off all around my house. It sounds like I’m in the middle of a mini war zone or something. My dogs are none too happy about it, either. I can hear them downstairs, howling. Poor pups. They hate fireworks. And thunderstorms.

I don’t know how everyone spends the 4th, but, for us, it’s usually a day of hanging out together. And spent mostly outside. We grill. Sometimes, we take a walk or hike. Maybe we go to the pool. We might go see a movie. And my husband and daughter usually go to see our town’s fireworks display. We are within walking distance of a  pretty good viewing area, which is nice. Around here, it’s always nice when you don’t have to fight traffic or search for parking.

Our 4th of July plans this year were a bit derailed by the weather. It rained all day, which meant no grilling or pool. None of us much felt like getting out in the rain to see a movie. The official fireworks are rescheduled for tomorrow. And I’m still feeling the pain from our car wreck a couple of weeks ago, which  meant walking or hiking was pretty much out of the question. Instead, we ended up with a very long and very boring day spent at home.

It. Was. Glorious.


I can’t remember the last time I did absolutely nothing without feeling (very) guilty about it. We cleaned the house last night and finished that up this morning. My daughter had a friend over for the day, and they had fun baking and playing video games. At least, I think they had fun, if the giggles are any indication.

I’ve been feeling sore and tired and grouchy and stressed and just … well, worn-out. The past several weeks  have become a blur of running around and trying to keep appointments while also searching for a somewhat affordable new car. It’s been difficult for all of us, I think. My husband has been more stressed than usual. I’ve been more stressed than usual. Things have just not been very happy in our house.

Today, after my daughter’s friend arrived, I decided to go back to bed. I planned to rest my aching back and hip a little bit while playing Dragonvale and reading. Just for an hour or two. I fell asleep and ended up sleeping for about three hours! This pretty much never happens for me. Now, I’m sitting here looking at the clock and thinking about going to  bed at about 9 o’clock in the evening. Oh yeah, I’m a total party animal today.

Tomorrow will come soon enough, with its demands and worries and cares. For today, I think I will while away my time doing a little bit of nothing. And enjoying every moment.



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