Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

So it seems I’m trying to cram all my posts into one day here. So much for trying to play “catch up” — ha, ha!

This week was kind of a “strange” one for me in terms of nail polish. Because … I didn’t wear any blues! *gasp* Yeah, I know. A whole week with no blue nail polish. I think I’m already having withdrawals or something.

Maybe, I should do a whole week of nothing but blue polish one of these days. That might be fun. My daughter also wants me to do anime-themed nail polish posts, so that’s something else I’ve been thinking about recently.


First up this week was Zoya, “Ness”. This is from their new Summer collection. I think it’s called “Sunsets & Seashells” or something like that. Truthfully, I wasn’t totally wowed by the Sunsets part, which are the creme polishes. For the most part, the colors were either stuff that I felt “meh” about or that I knew I wouldn’t wear. And, although I thought the Seashells (the pixie dusts) were super pretty, I passed on all of them, too. I think I have discovered that the whole pixie dust thing is not for me.

But (!!) I really liked this green color. And, of course, I bought the blue, too. Not that it was particularly unique, but … Blue! Yeah. I’m a sucker. This green, though, is different for me. I don’t have anything even remotely like it in my collection, and I don’t have a lot of greens, overall. So it was a win-win on both counts. I do like the color very much. I feel like it’s a cooler-toned green, and the cooler undertones give it a softer sort of appearance on my nails. I liked that it was a more muted, kind of dusty green. Because of this, I feel like it seems more neutral than an in-your-face green.

These are supposed to be one coat formulas. Ness was almost a one coater. I had to do two coats on some of my nails, but I was able to get away with one coat on others.


Next, was Color Club, “Perfect Molt-en”. What can I say? I guess this was my week for greens or something.

I picked this up online on a total whim. It just looked so neat in the bottle shot, and it was inexpensive. But I wasn’t sure if I would end up liking it or not. It’s not a color I typically wear. And it has a very different sort of finish. I’m not sure if it counts as a metallic or a frost or what. Maybe, like a “frosty metallic”? I don’t have a ton of polishes that have this sort of finish.

I was surprised to find I like this polish a lot. I really enjoyed the color on my nails, and I really liked the finish, too. It applied perfectly, so I found the formula to be amazing and easy to work with. When I was wearing this on my nails, it made me think of green chrome, or, maybe a sort of “space age” nail look. (I know. I’m weird — ha, ha!) Also, as you can see, I ended up taking my nails back down to nubbin territory. I’ve just been enjoying the heck out of having shorter nails lately. I think this color and finish look really great and fun on shorter nails.


Next, I really stepped out of my comfort zone with Sinful Colors, “Cloud 9”. I do not wear orange. Well, almost never. I think I have a total of three orange-toned polishes in my entire collection.

As far as oranges go, I quite liked this one. I don’t feel like it shows up well in the picture, but it has a very pretty golden shimmer running through it. I feel like that gives this polish a little bit of “oomph” that moves it from strict “orange polish” territory into something much more wearable for me. As is usually the case with Sinful Colors, the formula was perfection. It’s kind of sheer, so I had to use three coats. But all three went on easily and dried quickly. I didn’t have to fight with this polish at all. Also, I got several compliments on this color while I was wearing it. I ended up not wearing it very long, just because I find I get bored with oranges pretty easily. Still, I’m happy to have this one. And I will wear it again one of these days. I think it’s a great color for Summer. It might be a fun one to wear as a pedicure.


Last but not least, I have China Glaze, “We Got The Beet”. This is from their 2016 Lite Brites Summer collection. I have to say, I liked almost every polish from this collection, and that doesn’t happen very often for me. Usually, I will like one or two of them. Or three, at the most. But, I don’t know … This Lite Brites collection was just pretty fantastic.

This is a super pretty color. I’ve worn it before, when I only had the little mini bottle of it. I love how deep and sort of plum-y the purple is. But then, it has that fantastic golden fleck/shimmer running through it. And you do not even have to try to see it, either! That shimmer is out there, loud and proud. It really gives this polish a unique and pretty look on the nail. And, again, it’s one of those colors that I think looks so fantastic and fun on shorter nails.


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