Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

It was an exciting polish week for me because I was able to try out two new-to-me brands that I’ve been hankering after for months. Also, I really loved everything I wore this week. Huzzah!!


This is A. England, “Whispering Waves”. I know I’m probably the last person on the planet to try out this brand, but this was my first experience with the magic that is A.England. Oh. My. Googley Gosh! It was seriously love at first sight for me with this one. I think it is the most perfect polish I have ever worn. Ever. The formula was so beautiful and perfect. The color was so beautiful and perfect. The only thing that’s not perfect about this brand is that it’s from the UK and is kind of hard to get over here in the US. I found a couple of e-tailers that carry it, but the colors sell out quickly. Even so, I think I may officially have a new favorite polish brand.

I’ve been keeping a running “wish list” for A. England over the past couple of months or so. Believe it or not, this color wasn’t on the list, but I fell hard for it when I saw pics online. I had to have it. I’m so glad I took the plunge with it, because I love this color in person. It’s such a pretty, bright blue. Not dark, but also not too light. At the same time, I don’t necessarily think of it as a mid-tone, either. It’s super vibrant, though. And it had a lot of sparkle in the sunlight. I can see this one getting a lot of wear in the future.


This is A. England, “Sparks Divine”. I’m generally not much for neutrals or nudes, so it’s kind of surprising that this polish quickly went on my A. England wish list. It doesn’t seem like the kind of color I would normally want or wear.

But you know what? I really, really LOVED wearing this one! So much so that it even surprised me. I felt like this polish is so elegant and feminine. It made me feel really elegant and special (even just wearing my old jeans and ratty t-shirts) when I had it on. In indirect light, it looks like your basic neutral-type polish. But it absolutely comes alive in the sun. I felt like this polish practically glowed off of my nails in the sunlight, which gives it an added dimension.


Above is a bonus picture of this one in the sunlight. Look at those rainbows!!!


This is Color Club, “Factory Girl”. Color Club is another brand I’ve wanted to try for some time. I have heard and read nothing but positive things about it, but there aren’t any stores in my area that carry it. I finally decided to take a chance and order a few bottles from one of my favorite sites. And, of course, one of them had to be this beautiful, sky blue.

I’ve been looking (unsuccessfully!) for a dupe of an old OPI color called “What’s With the Cattitude?” I had read a few reviews online that indicated “Factory Girl” was possibly a close dupe, so I had to give it a try. Personally, I’m still on the fence about it, as I’ve never seen “Cattitude” in person. From my own photos, I feel like it’s not a dupe. “Factory”, to me, seems darker and a bit dustier than “Cattitude”. But it’s hard to know for sure when all I have to go on are internet photos. So many things can make the colors vary, and it’s impossible to know if I’m seeing a true color representation.

Overall, I like this polish. Well, I like the color A LOT. I’m a sucker for blues. Formula-wise … I wasn’t super happy with this one the first time out of the gate. I really had to fight with this polish. And I wasn’t thrilled with my manicure once it was done. It ended up pulling away from the edges with my top coat, which you can kind of see in the photos. Also, I felt like the polish was kind of thick and tended to pull off the nail if I went too heavy with the brush. This made it a challenge to apply. I was in a big hurry when I did this mani, though, which might have been part of the problem. I’m reserving final judgment on this one for later, after I’ve tried wearing it again.


This is Color Club, “So Crumby”. I LOVE THIS POLISH!! So, so, so, sooooooooo much. Even my daughter, who has almost no interest in polish, commented that this one was “really nice”. She is nearly thirteen, so “really nice” is a HUGE deal, all things considered.

This one is such a great shade of light blue. And the black speckles/glitters in the polish distribute almost perfectly with little to no manipulation. This is just two coats of the polish, straight out of the bottle. It reminds me of robin eggs. Or, like I crumbled up Oreo cookies so that I could wear them on my nails. Which, yeah … is maybe a bit weird and kind of gross. But it’s what I immediately thought of when I put this polish on. This one is destined to be a favorite. Even just looking at the pictures of it on my computer gives me the happy feels.


This is Glam Polish, “The Wrong Alice”. I think the whole “It’s Only a Dream, Alice” collection from Glam Polish is amazing. I love everything in the collection, and narrowing it down to just one or two polishes was really hard for me. I ended up buying two from the collection, although I’m really thinking about going back to try and pick up a couple more that will not get out of my head.

At any rate, it was pretty much a given that I NEEDED this one. I mean, hello! It’s blue! And, of course, I had to try it out as soon as it arrived. Actually, I held off for several hours because I had errands and a doctor’s appointment. I think this shows a huge amount of restraint on my part.

I could not be happier with this polish. I love the mix of glitter in it. There are larger pieces that give off some amazing rainbow sparkle, as well as giving the polish a lot of depth and interest. And I love this color of blue. It’s very vibrant and beautiful. I was expecting an actual “blue” blue from pictures I had seen online, but it’s really more of a turquoise — not like REALLY turquoise, but just barely leaning that direction. It’s enough to make this polish even more unique, in my opinion. I’m adding a bonus “in the sun” shot below, so you can see the sparkle.



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