Weekly Nail Wrap-Up + May Favorites

I’m a day early with my weekly post of nail polish goodness. I had plans for two or three different posts, but those ideas seem to have fled my little pea brain. It’s been super hot in my neck of the woods over the past several days, so … yeah. I’m blaming the heat. Plus, my allergy shots are still kicking my butt twice a week, like clockwork. In all seriousness, I need to start carrying one of those little mini Moleskine journals around with me so I can jot ideas down when they occur to me.

I decided to add a little something extra to this week’s wrap-up and include my favorite polishes for the month of May. It’s funny to think that I’ve been doing this little series for a whole month now. (Well, a little over that, but I don’t think I had a whole month in April.) So I’ll include the May favorites at the end of this post.


I started off my week wearing Zoya, “Vega”. This polish is from their Pixie Dust line, so it’s a textured polish. You’re supposed to wear these with no base coat and no topcoat. I had seen swatches of this one in all its textured, super-sparkly glory online, and I thought they were so beautiful. I couldn’t get over how twinkly and sparkly this polish looked in those photos. And so, when I decided to wear this one, I resolved I would give the whole matte and textured thing a try. I put it on without base coat and, initially, without top coat.

Yeah … I quickly learned textured polishes are not my thing. I loved all the sparkle (did I mention this polish is super sparkly?), but I hated the gritty and rough feeling on my nails. I ended up slapping some super thick layers of topcoat over this. It’s a thirsty polish; I think I ended up using three coats of Seche Vite. After that, I didn’t wear this one for very long because it was just too thick and felt like “too much” on my nails.

But(!!) for the short time I wore it, I found this polish to be Aaaaaah-mazing! I thought it was beautiful under the topcoat, and I loved how the look of it was totally different from when it was matte. It’s almost like having two polishes for the price of one. While I had this on my nails, I could not stop staring at them. It reminds me of sunlight sparkling off of rocks and pebbles beneath the surface of the cleanest, purest, coolest river or creek you’ve ever seen. Just … perfection.


Next up was OPI, “One Chic Chick”. This is the yellow from their 2016 pastels collection. (I think it was called “Soft Shades”.) I have this weirdly obsessive soft spot for yellow and gold polishes, so, of course, this was one of the ones I HAD to have from the collection. I think it’s easy for yellows to end up on the brash and sort of aggressive side of things, color-wise — which is beautiful! But I loved that this yellow seemed soft and gentle. It felt perfect for Spring, to me. Much like its name, it reminds me of that perfect, soft yellow of a chick or duckling’s feathers.

Every single review I saw or read for this polish talked about how streaky and difficult the formula was. So I went into application expecting to have to fight with this one a bit. I was determined I would not give up, and I would conquer the pretty, springy yellow! Huzzah! I was super surprised to find that my bottle hardly streaked at all. I had a little bit on the first coat, which is expected with any type of yellow. But really nothing more than that. It was opaque for me at two coats on most of my nails. I think I had to do three coats on one or two of them, because I accidentally went a bit too heavy-handed with my brush.


After my adventure in soft yellow, I decided to go for a red with Zoya, “Sarah”. I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m not a fan of red polish on myself. And yet, I keep on buying reds. I think I’m still searching for my “perfect red”. Is this one it …?? Well, the jury is still out on that one.

I was both thrilled and disappointed in this polish. I was thrilled with the shade of red. I love that it has kind of a cool undertone, at least to my eye. I also liked that, instead of the deep, dark, and moody red I expected from looking at the bottle, this one turned out to be sort of a berry red. I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt a little more cheerful and “lighter”.

But, see the pretty gold shimmer in the bottle? I think you can see it in the picture, just below the “Z” in “Zoya”. That gold shimmer is the entire reason I decided to purchase this polish. I thought it was so beautiful and different and just fantastic looking in the bottle. I didn’t see any gold shimmer on my nails at all. None. So disappointing. *sadpandaface*


I’m rounding out my week with China Glaze, “In the Lime Light”. Is it green? Is it blue? YES!!! And I love every bit of it.

This color mesmerized me from the first moment I laid eyes on the bottle. It’s a bright green and has a strong blue shift to it, which gives the polish a very airy and kind of ethereal appearance. I think it’s a fun and feisty color that’s perfect for summer. I did three coats of this one. Like most neons, it’s pretty sheer. I didn’t use an undercoat with this polish, and I think the color still pops right off the nail. It dries super matte, so a couple of coats of topcoat were a must to get this one looking shiny and pretty. Once it’s topcoated, though, it almost seems to glow. I love that.


I went back through my May posts and picked out my favorites from what I wore during the month. These aren’t in any sort of “favorite” order, but are listed from oldest (first worn) to newest (last worn).


Zoya, “Dream”. I do have to say, though, that this polish quickly went onto my list of all-time favorites. Even though it’s a coincidence that it’s listed first in here. I just love this one so much. I think I could almost wear it every day. Almost …


Zoya, “Amy”. A surprise favorite for me. I never thought I would love an orange. But, yeah … I do. I really, really do.


Zoya, “Payton”. What can I say? Zoya was killing it for me in the month of May.


Orly Color Blast, “Wonder Woman”. This polish was hell to get off my nails. But it’s so pretty and different that all the torture was worth it. Well, mostly.


China Glaze, “What I Like About Blue”. This one also quickly went onto my list of all-time favorites. This is one of those colors that just makes me happy when I see it on my nails.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Nail Wrap-Up + May Favorites

    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it, particularly since it’s a bit longer than my typical “nails” posts — LOL. Zoya has some great colors and polishes, for sure. They are quickly becoming a favorite brand for me, which is great because they are main stream and a lot easier to find. Yay for that, but boo for spending too much money on nail polish, ha, ha!

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