Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I feel like I always come into these posts and talk about how it was a “crazy” polish week for me. I think that what’s “crazy” to other people might be kind of normal for me. Yikes. That is a bit frightening.

This week, though, things were very calm in my polish world. I only wore three colors this week! I know — super shocking!


First up this week was China Glaze, “Cowardly Lyin’ “. This polish is an oldie but a goodie, from the “Wizard of Ooh Aahz” collection. I’m pretty positive mine is from the collection’s re-release, because I wasn’t into polish when that collection first came out. Whatever the case, this polish is new to me, and I love it!

I don’t think my weakness for gold polishes is any big secret. And I had read so many raves about this collection online that I started feeling like I NEEDED some of the polishes from it. This one quickly went on my list, along with “Ruby Pumps” and “Dorothy Who”. I actually had no trouble finding Ruby and Dorothy. I found them on a random trip to my local Ulta, which makes me think those two are part of the core collection now. I had more trouble locating this beautiful gold. I finally found it on an online retailer.

This one wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It’s so different from both Ruby Pumps and Dorothy Who. The glitter is much more subtle and small. But wearing this made me feel like I had either melted gold or spun glass on my nails. It was smooth and beautiful and shimmery and oh-so-perfect.


Okay, so this polish was the reason I only wore three polishes this week. Because, once I put this one on, I did not want to take it off. Ever. This is China Glaze, “What I Like About Blue” from their 2016 Lite Brites collection.

I. Freaking. LOVE. This. Polish! LOVE IT!!!

As soon as I saw swatches of this collection, I knew I had to have this amazing blue. It was the one polish I seriously lusted after. And, wouldn’t you know it, it was the one polish my local store sold out of almost immediately. Argh! I looked for this polish everywhere around where I live. Everywhere! No one had it. No one was going to get it back in stock. This became a serious obsession with me. It wasn’t pretty.

Thanks to my wonderful cousin, this polish came all the way from Texas to live with me! I happened to mention via text that I could not find this polish to save my life, and she went and hunted it up for me. Can you believe it? I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I have some really fantastic and sweet cousins.

I am happy to report that this polish was everything I dreamed it would be, right from the bottom of my little, polish-hoarding heart. It is so shimmery and beautiful. I love how the shimmer is very subtle, so that it gives the polish a softer, almost delicate look. But, it still shows up on the nail. This is such a gorgeously bright color. It’s just … perfect, perfect, perfect. In every way.


Last, but certainly not least, here is Orly Color Blast, “Wonder Woman”. Yes. You read that correctly. There is Wonder Woman-themed polish in the world. Somehow, just knowing this exists restores my flagging faith in humanity. I can’t explain why, but that’s how I feel.

Honestly, I was really uncertain about how this one would look on the nail. It looked okay in the bottle, but … Let’s be honest here. I bought this one because it was Wonder Woman nail polish. I mean, seriously, how could I pass it up?

It is beautiful on the nail, though. The red glitters are so pretty and they have a subtle shimmer-sparkle to them. I love that the blue dots came out of the bottle very easily. I would have liked to get more yellow stars, as I had to fish around a bit for those. On the plus side, I didn’t have any trouble with the stars peeling up. I wore this for a couple of days with no problems at all.

There is enough shimmery red glitter in this one that it would definitely get opaque on its own. I wanted to try for a bit more depth to the colors, so I used two coats of this over one coat of OPI, “My Chihuahua Bites”. I was really happy with the result.


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