Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

Not sure if this week qualifies as a “nutso” nail week or not. I almost want to say that it does, but I changed my polish five times this week. This seems to be about standard for me, especially since I still have so many polishes that I haven’t yet tried.

Anyhow, this week, I wore …



Essie, “Viva Antigua!” Okay, so, for a long time, Essie was a brand that I avoided. When I first started getting back into nail polish several years ago, I heard a lot about how great Essie was. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but a few of my friends really liked it. I thought I would give it a try. But … I dunno. Maybe I had the bad luck to run across polishes that had a bad or tricky formula. I had a lot of trouble with the polish applying evenly. Also, it tended to bubble up on me. Considering I’m a huge OPI fan girl — and I had just discovered my love for China Glaze — I figured it wouldn’t be such a big deal to take a pass on Essie polishes. I thought that, maybe, they just didn’t agree with my body chemistry or something.

So, this was my status quo for at least a couple of years. Maybe three (?) … Until recently, when Essie came out with their 1,000th shade of polish. It was such a pretty yellow/gold that I felt it was right up my alley, color-wise. I decided to give it a try and LOVED the way it applied. This kind of encouraged me to try out Essie again. Heaven help us all.

Anyhow … “Viva Antigua!” I have to say I really loved this polish. I love the color. It is such a pretty blue with just a hint of green to it. It reminds me of the ocean, which feels really perfect for a Spring and into Summer polish. It has such a pretty shimmer to it, although I don’t feel it showed up very well in my photo. And it applied like a dream. Two easy coats and “boom!”, I was done. Looks like I’m going to have to add a new brand to my polish hoarding ways.


This is Essie, “Jazzy Jubilant” over China Glaze, “Pinking Out the Window”.  When my nails are longer, I’m not a big fan of pinky corals on them. But, I love this type of color when my nails are a bit shorter. Right now, I’m in nubbin territory with my nail length. This is partly because I had a couple of breaks, but also partly because I’m just enjoying this very short length. It’s fun to change things up every now and again. Anyhow, “Pinking” caught my eye recently at my local Sally’s. I had thought about picking it up months ago, when the collection first came out, but had passed on it. I thought I might love it on my shorter nails.

Eh. I didn’t. I think it’s maybe not a dark enough or a strong enough color to hit my buttons. I didn’t hate it on its own. But I didn’t love it, either. I felt like, overall, the color was just a little bit “meh”. It felt kind of blah and hum-drum, like it was missing something.

So I decided to try out a new Essie glitter, and I put “Jazzy Jubilant” over the top. Wham-o! I loved the combination. I particularly loved how the little teal glitters in “Jazzy” coordinated with the pinky coral in “Pinking”. The only thing I didn’t love was that I had a little bit of trouble, at first, with getting enough glitter positioned on my nails in just one coat. I shook up my bottle, and, as you can see from my pinky nail in the photo, I ended up with almost TOO MUCH glitter. Ah well. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?


This is Zoya, “Chyna”. Reds are another color I don’t love on my nails when they are longer. It’s not a color I wear often. I have very fair skin, and I find red to feel a little bit too “shocking” to me against my skin tone. I think this is my own weirdness, because I tend to get a lot of compliments when I wear reds. On shorter nails, I find red a bit more bearable. And, earlier this week, I found myself thinking that a dark/bright red might be fun on my shorter little shorties.

This is my first time wearing a Zoya Pixie Dust polish. And I thought this polish was beautiful! I really love shiny/glossy nail polish, so I topped this one with a thick top coat. I thought it was gorgeous with a topper. It looks so different, kind of like slick glass on my nails. And I love the depth the top coat gave to this color.

I have to say, though, that this polish is also gorgeous matte and textured. The red parts are rather matte, but it has these beautiful, beautiful glitters that really pop off the nail. And it sparkles like mad! Like a disco ball. I think I might try it without a topper next time.


This is China Glaze, “Point Me to the Party” over China Glaze, “Re-Fresh Mint”. I found both of these in the clearance rack at my local Sally’s. Actually, the Sally’s near my house has the most fantastic clearance section. It’s always a bonanza of nail polish goodness when I shop there. I love it!

Originally, I had planned on wearing “Point Me to the Party” over “Pinking Out the Window”. When I put the bottles next to each other, I thought they would be perfect together. But, when I tried them out in real life, I didn’t love the combination. That’s when I thought about putting the topper over this light, mint green. I thought about doing this manicure for, like, three days, and I was so excited about it. And it turned out exactly how I had hoped!!

I love these two polishes together. I don’t feel like I have a lot of light/mint greens in my stash, but this one is a lovely color. It’s the perfect minty green. It was a little bit streaky, and it tended to pull if I pushed too hard on the brush or overworked my nails. And I had a little trouble getting it to even out and not be all ridgy. I didn’t much care because I had planned to put a glitter over it. But, I don’t know if I would love this polish on its own.

The glitter topper, though … Man! I love this topper. It has such a wonderful variety of color, and it came out of the bottle and onto my nails pretty much perfectly with just one coat. I didn’t have to work at getting the glitter out of the bottle and onto my nails. I’m looking forward to seeing this one over different colors in the future: maybe a light blue, a white, or even a light grey.


And, to round out my week, here is Zoya, “Payton”. I decided I wanted something kind of dark and a bit moody, and this one fit the ticket nicely. This is a beautiful color. I love the depth and dimension to it. It’s a perfect and perfectly gorgeous deep dark, plum-y purple. And the glitters floating inside this polish are stunning. It’s beautiful and flashy in direct sunlight. But it’s also stunning — showing a lot of depth — in indirect light. I don’t love this one as much as “Dream”, just because “Dream” is blue. But this one has to be a close runner-up. It truly is gorgeous, gorgeous perfection.


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