Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

Two posts in one night! Yikes! What is the universe coming to? What madness is this? No, really …

Yeah, well, this is what happens when a week of suck combines with a busy Friday. The nails post happens a day early. Aaaand, since I was a bit stressed out this week, it kind of looks like there was some nail madness going on. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to see on my nails this week. It was nutso. But in a good way.


So, first up this week was Essie, “Aim to Misbehave”. This is Essie’s 1,000th color, which is the main reason I felt I NEEDED it. Plus, it’s kind of a gold-ish yellow. I’m a sucker for both yellow and gold, so this one felt like it would be right up my alley. It is truly a beautiful polish, and it has beautiful sparkle to it, too. I like that it’s a strong color. And that the yellow is darker and saturated. It kind of reminds me of a mustardy sort of gold because of the shimmer. But I didn’t see the brown undertones to it that you often see in a mustard yellow or “old” gold.

I have to say that I haven’t been crazy about Essie in the past. I know it’s a popular brand, and they have a huge range of colors. But, overall, I hadn’t had good luck with them. This polish might cause me to change my mind. It applied like a dream. Just such an easy and flawless application. And I thought it looked great on my nails, too. Today, I was browsing at Target and ended up coming home with three new Essie polishes. Heaven help us all. Yikes!

But … I dunno. I can’t decide if I love this color or not. I think one of the reasons I’m waffling on it is that I still have some green staining on the nails on my right hand. And I felt like those stains made the polish take on a green tinge in certain lights. I definitely want to try this one again once the stains have worn off or grown out. I’m not ready to give up on it, because it’s so, so, so pretty.


This is Sinful Colors, “Kurtain Kall”. This is a really pretty sky blue. It has a nice shimmer to it, and it dries matte. I put a glossy topper with it because, you know: magpie. This is from one of the new Kylie Jenner collections that Sinful Colors has been putting out recently. I had seen most of the collection swatched online, and I thought many of the colors were fabulous. And, of course, I’m a sucker for the blues in any shape or form. Sadly, I could not find these polishes at any of my local stores. I finally hit the mother lode when I ran across a Walgreen’s in a different town. Score!

Of course, I had to try this one immediately. I thought the polish felt a little bit thick going onto my nail, but it wasn’t too bad. In spite of feeling thick (probably because of the shimmer), it went on smoothly and easily. And the color — *dreamy sigh*. What can I say? I love, love, love this color. I felt like I could wear this polish for a whole week, just by itself. And, maybe I would have, but I ended up breaking two nails — one on each hand. I had to file all my nails off into little nubbins, and my polish was ruined. I thought about putting this color back on, but then I took a long look at my gigantic “to be worn” pile. And ended up moving on to something new. But I’m looking forward to wearing this one again.


OPI, “Mod About You”. This is such a classic and perfect pink. Everyone loves this color. There are so many reviews online saying how wonderful this polish is and how perfect and how much the person writing the review loves this polish. I have a dear friend who loves this polish. I thought, for sure, I would love this polish. I was completely expecting to love this polish.

Sigh. I … don’t love this polish. Why? Why, Mod About You? Why don’t I love you? I don’t know. You look so beautiful on everyone else. But, on me,  you are just kind of “meh”. It’s not meant to be between us. And that makes me sad. So, so, so very sad.

Needless to say, I’m still searching for my “perfect” baby pink color. It’s gotta be out there somewhere.


This is Sinful Colors, “Rocket On” over Mod About You. Rocket On is this really pretty glitter topper. It has small silver glitters, along with red, white, and blue stars. When I picked it up, I imagined wearing it over a white or maybe a light blue. I think it would also be pretty over a darker blue.

So why did I end up wearing it over Mod About You? Well, when I realized I really didn’t like this pink, I decided it could at least serve as a neutral background so that I could knock another polish off of my “need to wear this” list.

Overall, I like Rocket On. It’s packed with the little, silver glitters. I had to fish a little bit for the stars, but not too much. One of my stars didn’t lie down all the way, so I kept catching the edge of it on things. That was annoying, but I think it happened because I did a bad job of positioning it onto my nail. I’m looking forward to seeing this one over a white, as originally planned.


Finally, we come to the color I’m wearing on my nails right now — even as I type this. I know. It’s super exciting, right? Right?!?

This is Zoya, “Amy”. I don’t have anything even remotely like this in my polish collection. It’s not a color I would have expected to like. And definitely NOT a color I would have ever expected to want in my collection.  I mean, it’s ORANGE. I’ve always shied away from orange. And yet … Yep. Here it is.

I saw this polish a couple of weeks ago at my local Ulta. I came super close to buying it the first time I saw it. I carried it all around the store with me before finally deciding to pass on it. But I could NOT get it out of my mind. And so, two weeks later, I was back at my Ulta trying to chase down this bottle of polish. Luckily for me, it was still there on the shelves. I wasted no time at all, because this pretty lady was destined to be mine!

I. Love. This. Polish. LOVE IT!!! It is so vibrant and gorgeous and perfect. It is exactly the type of fun, zany color I needed to see on my newly-short nail nubbins.  It’s this shiny, dark, tangerine orange with gold flecking running through it. It was perfect in two easy, thin coats. And it looks like glass on my nails. Glass!!! I’ve been sitting here tonight thinking that this one needs to go on my toes, too. I think it could probably stay there all summer long.


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