Weekly Nail Wrap-Up

I am so, so glad it’s Friday. Every morning this week, I found myself thinking, “I wish it was Friday.” And now, here it is! Friday at last! Yay! I don’t know why, but this week has felt particularly pesky to me. There wasn’t any drama or anything like that, but … I dunno. I guess I just kind of felt “off” this week. Lots of little things annoyed me from day to day, and I basically felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Not a fun feeling. But (!!) it’s Friday now, and time to look at some pretty nail polish. Pretty nail polish always makes me happy. I definitely have a little addiction going here. I’m definitely not sorry about it.

My selections this week weren’t very “Spring-like”. I was leaning quite a bit to the darker, kind of jewel-toned shades. Partially, this was because the weather has been chilly, gray, and rainy in my corner of the universe. Partially, these were the colors I felt drawn to over the week. I don’t always feel like wearing seasonally appropriate polishes, and this was definitely one of those weeks when I was feeling completely inappropriate. (In so many ways! Ha!)


First up for the week is “Honor”, from Zoya. This is one of their matte velvet colors. It dries to a matte finish, as implied by the name. The matte finish is very pretty, but you know me: I’m a magpie, and I NEED the shiny. So I topped it with a glossy top coat. I love how the gloss brings out different flecks and depth in the color that I couldn’t see when the polish was matte. I don’t think the color looks very velvety like this, though, so that might be a draw-back for some people.

Overall, I’m not usually one for green polish. I say this, but I’m sitting here thinking that I’ve purchased several greens in recent months. Maybe I’m becoming more of a fan of this color. Anyhow, I saw swatches of this polish online and just fell in love. It’s so deep, rich, and gorgeous, especially when paired with a shiny topper. I immediately put it on my list of Zoyas I wanted to get during the recent Earth Day sale/swap. I’m ever-so-glad I did, too. I really love it, and can see myself wearing it again (quite a lot) in the future. This little tidbit will seem even more amazing once you find out …


That this color is the final reason why I gravitated toward the dark and jewel-toned polishes this week. Yep, it stained! It stained like … well, something that really stains a lot. This is a picture of my poor, little naked (eek!) nails from my right hand. I didn’t have as much staining on my left, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. This picture is after I washed my nails twice with whitening toothpaste, so you can see the staining was pretty bad. Also, I wore 2 (TWO!!) coats of base coat under this polish. *sigh* The staining will not keep me from wearing this polish again, though. I’m going to experiment next time with a different top coat to see if, maybe, that makes a difference.


My next polish was China Glaze, “Ugly Sweater Party”. I realize this is a fairly old shade, but it’s new to me. I picked this one up on a whim with a recent online order. I thought the photos of it I had seen online looked interesting. And who doesn’t love glitter? Am I right?

I LOVE this polish. Love it!! It had so many different glitters inside it. Not a lot of variety in shape, but colors galore. And it was absolutely packed with glitter. I had no trouble at all getting it opaque on my nails in 2-3 coats. (A couple of nails needed 3 coats because I was a bit heavy with my brush strokes.) My favorite part was the larger blue glitters. I feel like they add so much interest to the polish. I’m looking forward to wearing this one again during the Christmas season. Next time, I think I’m going to try layering it over either a black or a dark blue (I’m thinking about China Glaze, “Up All Night”, which is one of my all-time favorite polishes.) It doesn’t need to be layered, but I feel like a darker base underneath will make the color a bit deeper. I could be totally wrong about this, but it looks so pretty in my mind.


This is Finger Paints, “Beverly’s Touch”. I think this one feels a bit like Spring or Summer, but it could also easily go for Fall/Winter. I think it would be especially pretty during the holiday season.

I love me some gold polish. Love it. I can’t explain it, but I tend to head right for gold shades in pretty much every brand. At the same time, I’m kind of picky about my golds. I like a rich, buttery, yellow-looking gold. There are some darker, more brown/black-tinted golds that I like, but, generally, the lighter ones are my preference. It’s not always easy to tell when the paint is in the bottle. There are a couple of golds I can think of that I loved in the bottle, but felt hugely disappointed with once I put them on my nail. (I’m looking at you, Zoya, “Aggie”!)

This gold was perfection to me. It was so beautiful and buttery, both in the bottle and on my nails. I love the finish: shiny but not mirror-smooth. I’m weird, I think, but I like a little bit of texture to the finish with a gold or a silver. I love the look of those mirror-smooth colors on other people, but I kind of freak out (not in a good way) when I see them on my own nails. Anyhow, this polish was rich and beautiful in color. It applied wonderfully, and was easily opaque in two coats. Truthfully, it could have been a one-coater. I love it.


Okay, the one truly “Spring” looking color I wore this week! This one is OPI, “Mad for Madness Sake”. It’s from the Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass collection. I feel like it photographed with a more “red” sort of look to it, but this color is a beautiful hot pink with slightly blue undertones.

Honestly, it’s not super exciting. It’s a dark pink … Been there, done that. But, I am also pretty picky with dark pinks. It’s not a color I tend to love seeing on my nails. I found I quite liked this one. I can see myself wearing it a lot, and it might even become my “go to” dark pink. I know. I’m going out on a limb there. But, yeah, I can see it happening.

Sadly, I didn’t wear this color for very long because the green stains on my nails showed through. Not enough for most people to notice them, but I could see them. This bothered me too much. Plus, I felt like I wasn’t getting to see this color in its truest form, since the green was skewing the color a bit. I’m looking forward to wearing this one again once my nails are stain-free.


Rounding out the week, here is Zoya, “Dream”.

Happy sigh. What can I say about this polish? I love everything about it. I had had this one on my “I need to purchase this!” list for quite a while, just waiting for the recent Earth Day sale/swap. It was the first thing that went into my shopping cart. And, honestly, it should have been the first color I wore once I got my order. Because it is my absolute favorite out of the six that I purchased. But, I was savoring it for a bit. You know, building up to wearing it while occasionally pulling out the bottle to look at all the prettiness and whisper sweet nothings to it. What? I know I’m not the only one who does this … *ahem*

If you’re a blue lover like me, you NEED this color. I can’t figure out how I went this long in my life without having this color. Seriously. It is perfection. The blue is so rich and deep, and I adore the sparkles inside it. They are visible in every kind of light, but they are not completely in-your-face glittery/shiny. It’s almost like this polish glows from inside. It makes me feel like I’m wearing the entire Universe on my nails.

I don’t think I could ever live with just one polish. But, if I had to pick just one … this one would be a strong contender. I love it that much. In fact, I purchased new polish today … and I still have quite a few things sitting in my “not yet worn” pile … but I don’t even want to do my nails again because I don’t want to take this polish off. Ever.


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