My Week in Nails

Another “crazy” nail week for me this week. One of these days, I will either settle down and wear fewer polishes during the week … Or I will just admit to myself that I’m a polish-loving magpie. For now, I’m totally doing the magpie thing, but I think I’m a bit in denial about it. So I keep on saying how my polish week was “crazy”, as if to indicate this is not normal for me. Yeah … Denial: It’s not just a river in Egypt.

Anyhow … On to the polish fest. Woo Hoo!!



First up is China Glaze, “It’s a Trap-Eze!”. What can I say about this one? It’s like a party on my nails. I love, love, love, LOVE it. I really could not stop staring at my nails when I had this on, and it almost felt like I was wearing melted cupcakes on my nails. Or maybe ice cream with sprinkles. Which sounds totally gross when I type it out loud like that, but it isn’t gross on my nails. At all.

The party was over when it came time to take this one off. As expected, it was extremely difficult to remove. There was glitter everywhere. Two days later, I was sporting a totally different color, and I looked down to see glitter still stuck to the side of one of my nails. I had somehow missed it when I did the removal, even though I thought I was being sooooooo careful. This is normal for glitter polishes. But it’s still annoying. It won’t stop me from wearing this one again, though. I loved it, and it’s totally worth the extra annoyance.


SpaRitual, “Emerald City”. I love this brand of polish. Love it! There is something so luxurious and rich about the formula on every color I have tried from this brand. Even the colors I ended up not liking felt rich and kind of decadent, in a way, when I applied them. Even so, I don’t often buy it. It feels pretty expensive, even to polish-junkie-hoarder me. Also, my local Ulta, which is the only place I’ve ever found this brand, doesn’t carry many colors. I look at them pretty much every time I go into the store. But, yeah … don’t often buy.

But (!!) my Ulta had SpaRitual on clearance the last time I visited, so I picked up a couple of new shades. This is one of them. I don’t usually think of myself as someone who heads for the greens, but this is a really, really pretty green. I was drawn to it right away in the bottle. And I also loved it on my nails. I feel like the color is rich but also kind of floaty or ethereal on my nails. Not even sure that makes sense or not, but this one was a winner for me. I’ll definitely wear it again.


Defy & Inspire, “Winner’s Circle”. This is a new brand of polish for me. I think it might be new, period. It’s a Target-only brand, and I’ve only just started seeing it in my local Target store. Anyhow, they had so many pretty blue shades that I couldn’t resist giving it a try. It’s advertised as being 5-free and wear-resistant, meaning it’s supposed to last longer than a normal polish. This was not the case for me. I had it on for about two hours before it chipped. And, really, even though I do my nails a lot … and I am kind of hard on my nails and  hands … I don’t usually change out my manicure because my polish chips. Usually, my manicures change because I’m tired of that color and ready for something new. I can typically wear a polish for at least 4 or 5 days before it starts to chip or look ragged.

I still loved this polish. The color is so beautiful and perfect. It’s just a perfect and gorgeous blue for me. The formula was good, too. I liked the way it applied. And it was easy to remove. I’ll definitely wear this one again, even though it did chip quickly on me. Maybe my body chemistry doesn’t agree with it or something.


Finger Paints, “Been There, Scene It”. This color is so, so, so GORGEOUS. I loved it. In my picture, it looks more on the green side. In reality, it is a super pretty and soft blue-ish teal with the most beautiful golden shimmer running through it. I think it’s one of the prettiest colors I’ve seen in a long time. And I love that it comes from a “cheaper” polish line. I’m a big fan of the Finger Paints brand, anyhow. It’s the main reason I visit my local Sally’s Beauty Supply. If I wasn’t in such a magpie mood this week, I could have seen myself wearing this polish for several days. I could maybe even see myself wearing it for an entire week. I loved it that much.

This is from the “Endless Wear” line. I think they are supposed to be longer-wearing, but you have to use a specific base and top coat for them. Maybe it’s Finger Paints’ answer to all the different do-it-yourself gel type polishes out on the market. Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t care enough to look into it because I was never going to buy a special base and top coat to use just for this polish. I wore it with my regular OPI Nail Envy as the base and with my regular Seche Vite as the top. And it was great. No chipping, no tip wear. So, yeah, this one is a total winner in my book!


OPI, “Rich Girls & Po-Boys”. This is from the recent New Orleans Collection. And what can I even say about it? It is perfect, perfect, perfect. I love it. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue, falling into that color category that I’ve always thought of as “French Blue”. Even among all the blues I have in my polish stash, I didn’t have anything with this exact color tone. It goes on like a dream, and was almost a one-coater on some of my nails. With that said, I did a terribly patchy job of applying it because I had a shaky hands day. I take three different allergy medications, and they sometimes give me the shakes, which makes applying polish a challenge. So, on some of my nails, I was good with two coats. On others, I needed three. But this had to do with my crap job of applying the polish and not with the polish itself. I didn’t have any staining with this one.

Interesting side note: I accidentally bought this polish twice. I happened upon a review of the New Orleans Collection some time after I had picked up the colors I liked best, and I was mesmerized by this amazing and gorgeous blue. I could not remember buying it when I shopped the collection. I did a quick look through my stash and didn’t find it, and I was all, “What the heck? Why did I not pick up this polish? It’s perfect!” Yeah. Turns out I had already bought it. But that’s OK. Now I have a back-up. As much as I love this color, I will probably need it.


OPI, “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana”. Why do I keep buying yellow nail polish? Why, Universe, WHY??? I don’t know. I don’t even particularly like yellow. And yet, I keep on buying these yellow and gold polishes. Although, really, gold isn’t the same thing. No, really. It’s totally different. *ahem*

This one is from the Hawaii collection. I passed it up for months. I would look at it every time I went to the store, but I would tell myself to put it back and walk away because I didn’t need another yellow nail polish. For months, I did this. Months!!

And then, Ulta put this one on clearance. Damn you, Ulta! It was such a good price that I couldn’t pass it up any longer, so here it is. Do I love it? Ehhhhhh  … I don’t know yet. I only wore it overnight and long enough to take the picture because I got a huge chip on one of my thumbnails when I was trying to change the battery in my pedometer. Ugh. I had to do three coats on this one because of the formula and, well, because it’s yellow. So there was no way I was going to repair the chip.

I like the color, though. It’s very sunny and bright. It’s a really pretty yellow. I’m just not sure I like it on my fingernails. I think this one might end up being a toes-only color. And that’s OK.


OPI, “She’s a Bad Muffuletta!”. I don’t typically fancy myself as a red polish person. For some reason, I feel like reds look weird on my hands. No one else seems to feel this way, and, believe me, I have taken surveys. It’s my own weirdness; I know this. But still, reds are just not something I reach for a lot, even though I have a few in my stash.

I quite like this red, though. I could see myself wearing this one on a fairly regular basis because I love the color a lot. It feels softer, more muted, and a bit cooler to me. And I can see a sort of blue undertone to it, instead of the more typical orange. Honestly, I’m not sure if most people would categorize this as a red. Maybe it’s considered a coral? But whatever … I like it. I think I’ll wear it again on my fingers. And I’ll definitely wear this one on my toes!



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