Nailing It Again

Here we are, Friday again. And, according to my newly self-imposed posting schedule, that means I get to share nail polish colors and pictures. Yay! As pitiful as it sounds, I’ve been looking forward to this post all week long. And that’s saying something, considering I’ve currently got a pretty terrible case of bronchitis. So I’ve been wheezy, coughy, headache-y, and all around icky for almost two weeks now. Not to mention the weather in my neck of the woods has been lovely all week long, but I am a prisoner inside my own house. Darn allergies and pollen and wind. I think we all remember how much I hate spring, right? Yeah …

So instead of being able to get outside to experience the loveliness that is Spring, I tried to enjoy the season on my nails. I’m generally one of those “wear what I want when I want to” gals, so I don’t particularly follow seasonal color trends. But, lately, I have been drawn to some lighter, brighter colors that definitely feel “Springy” to me.


Oh, did I say I was drawn to lighter and brighter colors lately? Oh yeah … well, except for this one, I guess. See what I did there? I made a liar out of myself already. This is China Glaze, “Avalanche”. It’s sort of a moody, metallic-looking purpley blue. Or maybe purpley grey. Or … something. Anyhow, I ran across this color in a clearance section, and quite loved it. It’s kind of a pain to apply overall because it can be a bit streaky, like most metallic polishes. So I tried to keep my brush strokes nice and straight, at least. Talk about pressure! Yikes!

I definitely think I will bust this one out to wear again in the future. I like the way the color kind of shifts between grey and blue and purple. It feels kind of mysterious, in a way. I think it might be pretty with a glitter topper over it, too. So that might be fun.


This is Zoya, “Aster”. I’m … kind of on the fence about this one. I can’t decide if I love it or not. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate it. It’s a pretty, pretty color, for sure. And I love how unusual it is because of the light purple and silvery shimmer combination. I thought it had a nice formula, and it applied pretty easily. It was a bit more sheer than I expected, based on how it looked in the bottle.

I can’t decide if I love how it looks on me. There’s something about it that feels almost too soft or ethereal to me, at least on my nails. Plus, as you can see, my nails are now teeny-tiny little nubbins. I had some peeling problems, combined with a break. So I ended up filing all of them down. I’m actually good with having short nails, but I keep wondering if this color would have looked better on my nails when they were longer.


This is Nine Zero Lacquer, “Let It Rain”. Okay, so this one is super, super, super exciting for me. Because it’s part of my very first ever indie nail polish purchase. And I even did a pre-order, too! Another first for me. After seeing swatches of this polish online, I just HAD to have it. I was watching a swatch video where they mentioned that the deadline for pre-order was fast approaching, and I actually paused the video to place my order, then came back and finished watching. That’s how much I loved it!

In person, I have to say … OH MY GOSH, I ADORE THIS!!! It’s such a pretty and soft teal/blue color. I love anything blue. And I love how icy and cool this one is, tone-wise. And the glitters! Wowza. This polish is stuffed full of gorgeous, holographic micro glitter. In the sunshine, it’s like wearing a rainbow on my nails. We’re talking serous sparkles, people!


This is Zoya, “Robyn”. Ah … Robyn, Robyn, Robyn … you had me at “hello”. You are such a gorgeous, amazing color of blue. You feel like joy and springtime on my fingertips. You are such perfection. And yet, you refused to say good-bye when it was time for you to go.

Yep, this one was a stainer. I’m talking smurf hands, here. *sigh* It hurts me to type that out loud, because I adore Zoya. And I adore blue. And this is such an amazing, beautiful tone of blue. This is a color I would have worn again and again and again. But now, I’m a little nervous about putting it back on. Because scrubbing my nails with whitening toothpaste is not fun.

Maybe I ended up with a bad bottle or something. My bottle came to me kind of gunked up with polish around the outside rim. I was able to clean it off easily enough, and I thought my bottle had been closed securely in spite of the leaked polish. But, this polish was so hard to work with. It was thick and gloopy and difficult to apply. It took forever to dry, too.


And, last but definitely not least, this is Nine Zero Lacquer, “New Growth”.  I’m not much for green polish, but this one just spoke to me the moment I saw the color. I feel like I keep saying that: “I’m not much for green polish” or “I’m not much for pink polish” … and  yet, I have three pinks and two more greens sitting on my desk, waiting for me to wear them. What can I say? It’s Spring, I tell ‘ya. Spring made me do it!!

This color is incredibly lovely. I really like this soft shade of green. I feel very girly while wearing it. And the glitter!! Oh my gosh, the glitter!! It is seriously, gorgeously sparkly. I’m definitely going to enjoy this one again and again; it’s so, so, so pretty.


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