Expect the Unexpected

People always tell me this. They say I should “expect the unexpected”. I … don’t really understand this tidbit of wisdom. If I expect the unexpected, then doesn’t it become expected? Which, in turn, makes the more mundane stuff (the stuff I expected from the beginning) unexpected. So that I will then begin to expect the boring mundane stuff that I always expected. And that, in turn, once more makes the other stuff unexpected. And then …

Well, as you can see, it’s a rabbit hole of insanity. Around and around and around, circling that giant drain at the center of the universe. You know, the one where horrible ideas go to die. And then stop up the universe’s plumbing. Or something.

Harry Potter Hamster in his "sun room"

I have been thinking on this whole “unexpected” thing lately. Because my daily plans continue to be thwarted on a pretty regular basis. I don’t know what the universe is up to with all the shenanigans, but I’m pretty sure it’s sitting around laughing at me. A lot. I keep thinking, if I can just get through this next thing and, then, the one after that … maybe, just maybe, everything will fall into place. I will be able to tackle my life head-on, and all of my plans will, finally, work out perfectly.

So far, this hasn’t happened. I have simple plans for each day. They mostly consist of finding time to work out and finding time to write. The more blocked I get, the more important it becomes for me to sit down and just put words — any words — on paper. Considering I only have, on any given day, two things on my agenda, you would think reaching these goals would be easy-peasy.

But there are always errands to be run. There are always “things” that pop up at the last minute and need doing. My husband generally has plans of his own, which require my attention, and which, by the way, seldom coincide with my own plans. My daughter needs stuff, too. Like clean clothes. And food. Everyone in my house seems absolutely obsessed with eating regular meals. And they want said meals served off of dishes that are clean. I am beginning to feel my family is entirely too demanding. Perhaps I am so fantabulous at this whole Domestic Goddess gig that I have set their expectations too high. (This is not the case, by the way. I just wanted the opportunity to type “Domestic Goddess” out loud.)


And so, I have decided I shall stop expecting the unexpected. And I shall stop expecting the expected, too. Instead, I think I shall laugh and love and live all the way through my life, each and every day … no matter what it might bring my way. There will be boring things, like laundry and dirty dishes. There will be yucky things, like cat pee on the floor and dog barf on the carpet underneath my bed. There will be comfortable slippers in the evening and funny stories. There will be upsetting things, like a sick child or an angry spouse. There will be exciting things, like a surprise gift or a special trip somewhere fun. There will be sad things, too.

And all of it will sort of whirl and mix and mash together to create one big, giant bundle of life. Which, in the end, shall likely be much more awesome and amazing than I could have ever expected.


3 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. I love this post and your positive change in perspective. If you cant change your life, change the way you look at it. Something that jumped out at me was you saying ‘If I can get through this thing then….. Nope! Pencil yourself in that little book. Make time for yourself no matter what without excuses. There are so many minutes in a day…certainly there is time for what you want to do. Serve dinner a little late on not so sparkly clean dishes! Put yourself first and others will start to do it too 🙂

    • Yes, these are wise words and great advice. I have a hard time putting myself first, or even taking time for myself. It’s something that I’m slowly working on, but it’s kind of an uphill battle. >.O

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by. And for your lovely and supportive comment!

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