Upside Down Frown

So last week, I had a terrible day. An awful, no-good, horrible, stinky, craptastic sort of day. I woke up annoyed and feeling like the universe was out to get me. And, for a while there, it felt as if the universe had decided to prove me right. It all started off with a puddle of cat pee on the hallway floor and kind of went downhill from there. Really, they were all petty annoyances, and nothing earth-shattering or life-threatening. But you know how it is: those tiny things pile up and up and up until they feel like big, giant, gargantuan THINGS.

And so, that’s how it was. I was angry and grumpy and feeling oh-so-not-pretty and just kind of annoyed with the universe. I grumbled as I got into my car to run some overdue errands. I griped and cursed under my breath as I headed back into the house to get my phone, which I had forgotten. I cursed even more when I realized I had forgotten my stupid phone all the way upstairs, on the third floor. And, then, a little more as I tramped up the stairs, only to find I had forgotten to plug the phone into the charger … and so, it was dead. Dead as a doornail. Poor doornail.

I finally made it into my car and headed out, convinced the day was already a total and complete bust. It was only 9 AM, and I already knew it. Nothing good could come of this day. Nothing. But then, as I turned out of my driveway, I saw it: A cute little bunny, munching away on some clover. For a moment, it was as if the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. I was all, “OMG! BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY!!! I LOVE YOU!!”


Still, there was traffic. And then, more traffic. And some rude driver who honked at me when they couldn’t manage to fit their entire car into my back seat. Oh, and the person who parked so closely that I could barely open my door wide enough to squeeze into the driver’s seat. My bunny-love high couldn’t last through all of that, and I found myself back in the doldrums of annoyance and anger.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw it: A lone chipmunk, squatting cutely under a parked car.  For another moment, the sun shone and the birds began to sing. I was all, “OMG! CHIPMUNK!! I LOVE YOU!!!”


Life was good, once again. Until I hit traffic on the way home, with more rude drivers. And then got home to find one of the dogs had barfed on the carpet. Oh, and the cat had peed outside of her box — again. And then, my daughter called from school to tell me she wasn’t feeling well and needed to come home. I figured that was the last straw. I grabbed my keys and grumbled all the way over to the school. I grumbled and complained as I sat at the overly long red light. I grumbled as the person in front of me took too long looking at their phone and made me miss my green light, causing me to wait through another long cycle. I grumbled as I ran over the gigantic pot hole that had, over the last couple of weeks, slowly spread all the way across the road leading to my daughter’s school.

As I turned the corner into the parking lot, I saw them: A whole family of geese — Mother, Father, and three adorably gawky, fuzzy babies, all waddling across the road in front of me. And, in that moment, I was all, “OMG! GOOSE FAMILY!! YOU ARE SO CUTE AND FUZZY AND I LOVE YOU!!!”

And that’s when I realized it. The whole day, the universe had been telling me to buck up. Things weren’t so bad. There might be petty annoyances and irritations, and, sometimes, an awful, no-good, horrible, stinky, craptastic sort of day comes along. But a day is only 24 hours, after all, and there will be another day right behind it. A new beginning and a fresh chance at better things. The universe was telling me to turn my frown upside-down.

And so … I did.



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