rose encased in ice


Walking on your street today
As they carried you away
Tucked up inside a white, white sheet
Like a present — small and neat

Were there signs or did you know
That soon, so soon, you would go
Did you say your lengthy good-bye
Before you lay down to die

Did it happen in the night
In a dream, your soul’s last flight
No time to tell the ones you love
As Death descends from above

Yesterday, you were still here
You danced and laughed in good cheer
Today, your spirit has moved on
What made you “you” is now gone

I wonder if you are glad
Or perhaps you just feel sad
To be without those you have known
As you leave this life you’ve grown

I stood in the chilly rain
Feeling my own phantom pain
Watching, somber, as you passed by
I don’t  know you … Nor you, I

But this universe feels large
And I wonder who’s in charge
Right now I am mortal and small
I don’t  understand at all

How can we be here, then gone
In the space of angels’ song
For now, just let me laugh and play
Before I am called away

One day, that will be me, too
Taken away, just like you
Tucked up inside a white, white sheet
Like a present — small and neat


7 thoughts on “Endings

    • Hi! I’m sorry I somehow missed seeing your comment (hence the extremely late reply >.O). Thank you for thinking of me and for the nomination. I appreciate that very much, and I am happy you enjoyed my blog enough to nominate it.

      I am not sure if I will be able to reply. It seems that life is a bit overly full at the moment, and I have been having trouble coming back to my blog on a regular basis to post entries. I am sorry about this.

      Thank you, again, for thinking of me! 🙂

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