Writing the Right Words

fireworks at epcot centerI wrote today! On my book, even. Huzzah!! I would like to say this means my super long-standing block is broken, but I know better. That old saying about counting one’s chickens before they hatch springs to mind …

There are a lot of things in my life that make working on the book difficult. Many of the physical set-backs (like all the stuff I am expected to get done within the span of a day) are easily overcome. Or ignored. Sometimes, if the writing is good, they get ignored. This is actually a fantastically exhilarating feeling: to write and write with giddy abandon, not even wanting to stop for food or sleep. This hasn’t happened for me in a long time, and I miss it.

Other things are not so easily overcome. These are the mental hurdles I’ve struggled with now for several years: depression and anxiety and fear and this feeling of malaise that manifests itself as a complete lack of faith in myself and my writing ability. I know I need to power through these things, but it is difficult. Yesterday, I had a good “powering through” day. I managed to get through all the new edits and bits I had written previously — time consuming work, but necessary in order to pick the story up after a long absence. Today, my “power through” didn’t work quite as well. I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked, but I made some progress. I’m putting that in the “win” column.

Right now, I’m writing a fight scene. This is probably the worst spot for me to try and reenter my story, because I hate writing fight scenes. There is so much mental choreography involved. I feel like I have to be aware of where every hand is and the placement of every foot and how each weapon moves through the air. It can be mentally exhausting. And I never feel like these types of scenes turn out properly. Ah well.

Maybe I should short-cut all of this by making my character a pacifist … OK. Not really. But it’s a fun thought.


13 thoughts on “Writing the Right Words

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from about the ‘malaise’ that comes with writing. You put it so perfectly. Congrats on breaking your writer’s block – I find the best thing to do is just go for it and not think too much about it… although it is very hard shutting off one part of your brain. I’m following you to see whatever breakthroughs you might inspire – good luck.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by to read and for the follow. I’m not sure how inspirational I will be, but I hope I don’t let you down. For now, I would love to inspire myself. Tomorrow is a new writing day, so hopefully I’ll be able to conquer the malaise enough to get some words down.

      I couldn’t agree more that the best thing to do is not overthink things. I’m trying really hard to do that, but it’s proving a challenge … probably because this “block” has been torturing me for a looooong time now.

      Good luck with your writing, too!

  2. Yay! Every little bit helps. Every small step on the journey is important. Am glad the writer’s block is beginning to show some wear and tear, and is developing some hairline cracks in the surface. You never know when one of those cracks will cause the whole thing to shatter!

    • Hairline cracks. I love that!! Yes, here’s hoping those cracks continue to grow and spread … and that there’s something more than a big, gaping hole underneath them. LOL

  3. As Denise says above, ‘Every small step on the journey. . .’ I’m at the editing stage of an 80,000 word ms. I got there by setting a a word goal of 1,500 words per week – yes, per week not per day. It’s not a lot but it is what I felt I could cope with. Realistic steps, bit by bit – sounds good to me. Does it to you? Good luck.

    • At this point, I will take any steps toward that completed goal. Realistic is always best, though.

      Good for you on getting to that all-important editing stage! I’m equal parts completely happy and psyched for you as well as jealous, too. ^.~

      • Please don’t be jealous.

        I notice you seem to blogging regularly. How about less blogging and more noveling? I try to post once a week (Monday) but I have missed a few weeks because I wanted to get to the end of the novel [not the real end but the end of the next step 🙂 ]. That worked for me.

      • No worries! I’m only jealous in the best of ways. But mostly very happy for your progress. It can be hard for written comments to come across properly because they have no “tone of voice”, so to speak. Sorry about that.

        Once the novel (I hope) gets going again, I expect I will blog less. There’s only so much time in the day, and this novel NEEDS to be finished, if only to save my own sanity. LOL I think I’ve been blogging more regularly to kind of make up for being absent for a long time.

        I think a once-a-week or even a couple of times a week blogging schedule is pretty good, overall. 🙂

      • This sounds like an excellent plan! And I started trying to put it into action today. I got that fight scene written! (Sort of … things will have to be fudged and added upon edit, but the bones are there. Victory! :D)

      • Excellent – well done. We tend to take so many things on to do but when we release some, there can be a wonderful feeling of ‘space’ making it easier to slide other things into that space.

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