A Wednesday Confession: Dog Magic

I think my Springer Spaniel’s crate is magical. He is a dog of many obsessions and extra-long hair, and, as such, he tends to get muddy. Especially when it rains, and my yard becomes a giant mud pit. Wet, squishy mud on a long-haired dog is not fun. It gets everywhere, particularly when said dog comes inside and immediately shakes to rid himself of whatever icky stuff might be clinging to his fur.

Today, my yard is muddy and gross. And I made the mistake of leaving my dogs outside for just a little too long. “Too long” isn’t a certain thing. It varies from moment to moment. Let’s just say that, in my house, I perpetually live on the verge of “too long”, and leave it at that. Anyhow, since my fuzz-brains were unsupervised for longer than two minutes, they decided to enjoy the chilly air by running around and yapping their joy into the sky.

Did I mention my yard is a mud pit?

Yeah … Both dogs came inside liberally coated with mud. I managed to clean it off of Fae, who has shorter hair, but also seems to believe I am, somehow, going to murder her with the towel. This was not pretty. Or fun. Then, I turned my attention to Shiner. I was dismayed to find the mud wasn’t coming out of the long hair on his legs, so I shut him into his crate to keep him off of the furniture while I went in search of a solution.

I came back about fifteen minutes later, dog wipes in hand and my heart hardened for battle. But when I opened the crate, out pranced a happy, smiley, dog without a bit of mud on him.

a smiley, happy springer named Shiner. Love him!!

And so, there is only one explanation: Shiner’s crate is magical. There is some sort of magical vortex lurking within its dark depths. It is a place where the fabric of reality has worn thin, and unexpected things can happen. The types of unexpected things that tend to brighten a girl’s day — like finding a mysteriously clean dog in the place of a formerly ratty one. I have begun to wonder if the magic of the crate would work for other problems in my life. For example, what if I managed to crawl inside? Would I stuff myself in there — an overly chubby woman in the throes of her middle adulthood — and emerge a slimmer, younger version of myself? The thought has a certain golden-tinged appeal, and I almost want to give it a try.

But then, I picture myself stuck inside a dog crate … trying to explain to my husband just how this all happened. Yep — I think the magic just died.


24 thoughts on “A Wednesday Confession: Dog Magic

    • Gotta love those magical crates! 🙂 Personally, I think this world could use a little more magic and mystery.

      Thanks so much for the kind words for my handsome boy. He is quite huggable, and I know he would welcome any love that comes his way. That’s how Springers are. 😀

    • Thank you, thank you! I do think he’s a beautiful boy and absolutely worth all the trouble. At the moment, he is in desperate need of a good haircut, so he’s pretty matted. >.O

      Ha! If only the crate thing worked for personal fitness. I would live in that thing! 😀

  1. I love this. My granny and I foster Springer for MAESSR (Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue) and one of our fosters runs from the doggie door to front door when alone. He tracks in every single ounce of mud between the two doors. Oh God the floor are black when we return.

    • Awwww, thank you! I am so jealous that you guys foster Springers. I love these dogs so much. Most fantastic and fun breed, ever. Your story about your “mud hound” made me laugh. Sounds just like a Springer to me! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. 🙂

    • I have not heard of this. Now I am wondering if I can convince one of them to move into my laundry basket so that I can always have clean clothes without the hassle of washing them. Hmmm … 😀

  2. He is beautiful. I have to tell you a funny story about Linus. Lately he does not want me out of his site! This morning I am in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and three times he comes barging in on me after I close the door because he just wants to see me!! Too funny.. Seriously where does he think I am going to go?

    • I thought I had already replied to your comment, but now I see I didn’t. I laughed out loud when I read your Linus story. Shiner is like that most of the time, too. He hates it if I lock him upstairs (or downstairs) and then quickly run to fetch something from another floor in the house. Even if I am gone just for a few seconds, he sounds as if his heart is breaking. And he waits outside the bathroom door for me. My previous Springer, Tex, also waited outside the bathroom door. But he would put his nose right against the crack at the bottom of the door and snuffle very loudly. I always joked that he was trying to use the power of his nose to suck me right out of that locked room. LOL

      They are too funny … but that’s why we love them so. 🙂

    • I think the mud just doesn’t stick to him because he has long hair, and also because he has a lot of oil in his coat. Although my Springer was bred for showing only (in dog shows), the breed is a sporting dog used for hunting and retrieving birds. So their coats are oiler to help them shed water when they are out in the field.

  3. So is this how the situation occurred to you? If magic is in the air, what else might be the possibilities that you may come across?

    Loved the post and the intrinsic positivity that lay within.


    • Hi there! I’m typing at you from the future! (Talk about magic — ha, ha!) I was going through some old posts this morning and realized I never replied to you. I’m so sorry for that. Thank you so much for the comment, for stopping by, and for checking in on me. That’s super sweet of you. *cyberhugs*

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