Glitter Me This

I think I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I am not a “girly” girl. I like big, slobbery dogs and muddy, rainy days. I like jeans and old t-shirts and sneakers or hiking boots. I like motorcycles and fast, loud cars. And, sometimes, I forget to brush my hair every day. I know. I probably shouldn’t admit that out loud, but there ‘ya go. My poor mother always wanted a girly girl, I think. I must have been such a disappointment to her, considering I spent most of my childhood covered in dog, cat, or horse hair from hours spent with my pets, and I much preferred mucking out our horse enclosure to dances and parties.

But then, there is glitter. Yes, you read that correctly: gloriously, grandly, glittering glitter. In all its many forms and shapes, I think glitter is one of the great equalizers between those of us who are less than feminine and our girlier counterparts, whom we both admire and fear. And do not understand — at all.

a rose that naturally grew half light pink and half darkAnd so I found myself staring at day 3 or 4 of NaNo. I had written nothing of consequence. I think I had about 350 of the thousands-plus words I was supposed to have written by that point in time. I should have been feeling pretty darn low about the whole thing, except I had discovered a new nail polish, which is an almost exact match for Tiffany Blue. In case you didn’t know this, Tiffany Blue is also one of those “great equalizers” between the girly and the not-so-inclined among us. There is something magical about that particular color; I can’t explain it.

Anyhow, my “Tiffany Blue” nails were making me pretty darn happy in spite of the frustration and annoyance of having heard the clomping of boots on the floor as my muses  had run screaming from the room. After a bit of additional rooting around in my nail polish stash, I came upon a bottle of glittery polish. I figured, “what the heck? I’m not writing, anyhow …”, so I applied the glitter over the “Tiffany Blue”.

And … BLAMMO!!

Thousands of words behind … yes. Feeling the hot breath of failure on my neck … oh, hell yes. Suspecting I am not at all cut out for this “writing thing”, no matter how much I wish otherwise … double-hell-yeah.

But I had Fairy Princess Nails. With glitter. (GLITTER!!) Which meant all was right with the world — at least, in some corner of my brain.



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