Muse Wrangling and Herding Cats

All right, kids! (Well, we’re all kids at heart, right?) It’s November, and we all know what that means, don’t we? No, not Thanksgiving and turkey dinners. Not football season and crisp autumn mornings. Not gorgeous splashes of color on the trees and overly frisky dogs in the cool weather. Not even the “official” start of Christmas shopping season at the end of this month. Oh no … I’m talking NaNo, people!

I know: You guys had this from the very first sentence. You’re all writers, too. I love that about WordPress. It’s kind of like being in the same club or something. Or, well, what I imagine it would have been like had I ever been in a club as a kid … which I wasn’t. Let’s move on, though, before I start to wonder about my anti-social tendencies and what they might mean. *ahem*

books on a shelf, behind a window

Truthfully, I should probably whisper the dreaded name so that my muses don’t hear it. How does one whisper on a blog? Maybe if I put it in brackets and italics, like this –> {NaNo}. I’m convinced that, once my muses know I’ve decided to join in this yearly mental flogging, they will head for the hills. Or, even worse, sit around my brain eating pie and demanding fresh coffee. My muses are like that. I suppose it’s a lucky thing they don’t seem to read my blog. Score one for me!

In theory, NaNo is a wonderful thing. I love the thought of it, particularly since I am someone who is perpetually mired down in the doldrums of writer’s block. Every year, I think to myself, “Self, NaNo is here again! This is a great time to get the gears working. Let’s dust off this idea and give it a whirl. We will get so much done!” I slide into November full of eagerness and excitement. I just can’t wait to get those ideas down and make progress on some projects.

In reality, that 50,000 word goal … Well, it kinda looms. Over everything. In a menacing sort of way. If it had a voice, I am certain it would constantly chuckle Mwuahahahahahaha as it eats away at my free time, compounds my feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and generally turns me into the kind of crazy person who talks to herself in the grocery store and forgets to brush her teeth and hair due to lack of sleep. And my muses, all of whom seemed so excited and eager at the prospect of getting their two cents into whatever ridiculous plot bunny winds out of my brain, end up wandering off to find better things to do. It’s worse than trying to herd cats. At least cats are fuzzy and mostly cute, which makes it easier to live with the fact that one cannot herd them. Muses … not so much.

journal and pen with writing

At any rate, here’s to November. Here’s to all of you guys who decide to take on the booger-beast known as NaNo. Good luck and good writing to you all. I hope we all make progress on our stories. I hope we all have fun and still find time to laugh — at ourselves and at the world around us. But, most of all, I hope we all remember to shower … at least every other day. Or so.

Godspeed and good writing, my friends!



6 thoughts on “Muse Wrangling and Herding Cats

  1. Cheering you on every time I take a break from my own writing which I am (always) behind on and wishing there were at least 10 more hours in every day! But if there were 10 more hours would we “get it all done?” or just take on more? We will never know but pondering and pontificating with like minded blogging friends is probably JUST as important in the long run as finishing up my overdue crochet cupcakes! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, thank you! Good luck with your own writing, too! And with your crochet cupcakes. Those sound delightfully wonderful! (yum :D)

      I agree that connecting with the blogging community is just as important as millions of other things. Funny how those “other things” seem to crop up and demand all my attention, time, and energy — until I have little left to visit WordPress friends or even blog for myself. Ugh. As you can see, I have trouble balancing everything. >.O

  2. I love being part of the club, too! Before I started blogging, I had never even heard of NaNo. Now I’m participating. It’s so motivating to have the freedom to turn off my internal editor and shoot for 50,000 words. I’ve already gotten 4500 words, more than I’ve written in the past four months, lol. The beauty of NaNo is that aiming for 50K words in one month gives you the freedom to keep writing even when the muses aren’t around, even when it’s not your best. We’ll all have time to revise in December. You’ll do great! πŸ™‚

    • So very true!! I hope your own NaNo is going well, and that you are miles ahead of the target word goals for today. I’m so impressed that you already had 4500 words when you posted your comment. You’ll be at the 50K in no time. I have about 3,000 (maybe a few more) now, so I’m still waaaaaay behind. But it’s much better than the big, fat 0 I started out with. LOL!

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