orange rosesbloom, bloom, my pretty
turn your face toward the sun
share the wind’s secrets




13 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. It’s beautiful. Roses remind me of life in fast motion. Bud,Bloom, Blown into the wind. Then next year the cycle continues. Each one gets it’s chance to bloom. I love roses and thats a stunning pic. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I love roses, too. They are my favorite flower, although I have to admit keeping the bushes is a LOT of work. It takes a bit of time to get that first bloom, but it all goes quickly after that, doesn’t it? It really is a lot like life — ha, ha!

      I currently have two different shades of pink roses outside my front door. I am thinking about getting a yellow one, though. I’ve always wanted yellow roses.

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