Haiku for My Cat

Sister Kitty

sweet sister kitty,
you are not my favorite
when you barf on stuff.


10 thoughts on “Haiku for My Cat

  1. It’s weird how you can’t stay angry at a cat for very long. They don’t even give you the guilty face like a dog will after it’s done something bad… they just kind of stare at you like, “What’s the problem, bub?” and yet, they just completely disarm you!

    • It’s true. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool “dog person”, and even I can admit this. The fact that Sister Kitty is my daughter’s favorite creature on Earth works in her favor, too. Ha, ha! 😀

    • LOL! This made me laugh. I love my cat, although I confess I am more of a dog person. The worst part, though, was when she would get irritated with different things in the house (like when we got a new puppy — this was about a year ago) and she would pee on things: like my shoes … or laundry left on the floor … or the bath mat. Ugh. Darn you, cat! How can she look so adorable and yet be so evil sometimes? 😛

      The thing that always saves her is that my daughter loves her so very much. She truly is my daughter’s cat, in every way. They chose each other from the moment I brought my daughter home from the hospital.

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