Don’t Say It

Yesterday, one of the moms stopped me in the parking lot after we picked up our kids from school. Her child and my kiddo aren’t in the same class or the same grade, but they see each other after school and often chat or play for a couple of minutes while this mom and I visit. The mom waved me over to her car, and I waved back, smiling because I thought this would be a simple and fun conversation.

orange butterfly, niagara falls, ontario CanadaAlmost before I stopped next to her car, she said it: the “L” word.

No, no, no … not that “L” word. The other one. The one that strikes fear into the heart of every parent who has school-aged kids. Still don’t get it? All right, I shudder to type it out loud, but, perhaps if I strike the keys ever so softly …


striped butterfly, niagara falls ontario canadaLice! Argh! Just the thought of it is enough to set my nerves a-twitching.

Here I was thinking we were nearly home free. It’s almost the end of the school year, and I haven’t had one notice come home from school regarding potential infestations of these pesky little critters. It has been such a relief from last year, which, apparently, was lice-a-palooza at my daughter’s school. I should have known better than to feel smug and lucky. I should have known to wait until we were across the finish line before patting myself on the back over my good fortune. It’s almost like I jinxed this into being or something.

It turns out this mom’s child had lice — but just the eggs, which, apparently, were empty. There weren’t any unwanted campers in her kid’s hair, but she wanted to let me know because my child and hers have contact with each other. I appreciate her consideration and kindness, even though this news rather put a crimp in an otherwise pleasant day.

gray and blue butterfly, niagara falls ontario canada


As we drove away, I thought about the vagaries of life. One person gets lice for real, one person sort of gets them, another person is, thankfully, on the fringes of the entire thing. And others might just be innocent bystanders who accidentally get caught in the crossfire of this bug-eat-bug world.

But we all itch … just the same.

hatching butterflies, niagara falls ontario canadaAnd now, if you’ll excuse me, I must head off. I’m feeling a bit itchy.





18 thoughts on “Don’t Say It

    • Ha! Isn’t it funny (and also annoying) how just a mention of the creep-crawlies causes us to get all itchy? I was itching all day yesterday and most of last night, too. Perhaps that’s a sign I have a weak mind — ha, ha!

      Thanks for the kind words on the photos. I wasn’t sure what images to use with this post. I finally decided on butterflies because they are bugs (like lice), but they are pretty bugs, which makes them much nicer to look at than lice. 😛

    • I don’t think they can jump out at you through the computer screen. But, if they could figure out a way to do it, they totally would. Crafty little buggers.

      I checked my daughter, just to be safe, and didn’t see any signs of anything. So I think we’re okay this go-round. Still, the itching continues. Hee! 😀

  1. Lice?

    I’m missing something here for sure – we had lice among kids/adults during the 1960s and even into early 1970s – but not now, as far as we know. But like I said, I’m missing something —-

    It sounds scary —-

    • Same here. I think the little buggers are making a comeback, much like bedbugs. Oh the joy. >.O

      I read an article not that long ago about how lice are now becoming resistant to the medications used to treat them. That was enough to set me off itching for a couple of days! I guess, given how closely we all live to each other now and the way the climate is changing, we are going to have to learn to live with them once more. Truthfully, I hadn’t missed them. Or bedbugs. I’m totally paranoid about bedbugs now, too. Ha, ha!

      Thanks for reading, and for the comment! 😀

    • You’re welcome for the butterfly pics, and thank you for reading!:) The pictures are from the butterfly conservatory at Niagara Falls. (Actually, I believe the conservatory is in Ontario on the Lake, but I am not positive.) It’s a magical place, and a lot of fun to visit. I’ve been there a couple of times, and came away with tons of pictures each visit.

      I never remember hearing about lice in school, either! My mom is really paranoid about stuff like this, and she checked me often. But I think it was from an overabundance of worry and not because notices were sent home from school.

  2. I’m going to make a strange confession…. one of my favorite days in school each year was the day the school nurse would come to our classroom and check our hair for lice. The feeling of the little chopsticks or whatever the nurse used sifting through my hair always felt good! Definitely a lot better than having lice, which (scratch) is still a problem for us (scratch) squirrels…. (scratchscratch)….

    • This made me laugh so hard. I don’t ever remember anyone coming around at school to check us for lice, although I went to a pretty small school. We didn’t have a school nurse. My mom was completely paranoid about lice, though. She checked my hair for them at least once a week, if not more — and she was not gentle about it. (This is without anyone in my class being infested … and without any notices of possible infestations coming home from the school.) Needless to say, it’s not one of the better memories of my childhood. >.O

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