A little epiphany for a lazy early Spring Saturday.

Few things in life are more humbling, more comforting, or more relaxing than when your 50-lb dog decides to climb up into your lap for a bit of a cuddle. Today, when Shiner clambered up and stretched out, settling in for a nap with a long, contented sigh, I found myself thinking, “This … this is how things should be. Pure. Simple. With no strings attached. This is love.”

But it makes it hard to type.

Shiner, in his puppyhood, stealing some food.



11 thoughts on “Epiphany

    • Ha! Yeah, he loved sticking his head inside the food bag. This is a puppy picture. He’s not that small any more — I guess I shouldn’t have fed him so well! 😛

    • I thought you would get a kick out of that puppy pic! He’s all grown now, of course, but I seem to have lost my “grown up Shiner” photos somewhere on my computer. So annoying. Puppy pics are so cute, though. 😛

      I still need to get a picture of him lounging on our sofa, so that you can see it. I haven’t forgotten about that! 😀

      • You must! Guess where Linus and I have been in the last hour? We have been doing just that—lounging..haha Oh but he was sleeping while I was reading….

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