The Black Dog

floating leaf in dark waterHulking, slinking Beast
Darker than my burned-out dreams
There but not there
Teeth and claws and crazy eyes
Unwanted, but all mine

Always, you follow
Just at the edge of vision
Seen but not seen
Wait and watch with hungry eyes
Predator to my prey

Let me fix my life
Hopes and wants in tidy piles
Afraid to breathe
Some things too fragile to hold
Try to start one more time

You race to the fray
Shake apart what time mended
Rending, snarling
Teeth and fury and sharp claws
Rip out my beating heart

Bits of shattered soul
Splintered like glass — broken and sharp
And you lie down
Satisfied, roll in the shards
As I scratch your belly



3 thoughts on “The Black Dog

    • Oh my goodness! I am so sorry I never replied to your comment. I thought I had. *shame*

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am happy you liked the poem. I’m definitely not a poet, but my thoughts seem to come out that way sometimes. It’s kind of a mystery to me. I am glad the poem felt vivid, too. It’s about depression and my struggles with it — my very own “black dog”.

      • poetries and stories can be really therapeutic. I too have dealt with my own beasts through these two, that’s why I could feel its depth so easily.

        hope that dog is dead now!

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