Winter hydrangea. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, VAYou … closer than a sister or a brother
You … shared my hopes and dreams
You … loved those who were mine
You … shared my highs and lows
You … laughed with me
You … consoled me
You … I believed to be more than petty selfishness

You … had to be right, no matter what
You … replied with smug platitudes when I needed your help
You … failed painfully at being my friend
You … hurt me in ways I didn’t know existed

You … who, in the end, I didn’t know at all
Me Β … Β the fool who believed your lies

9 thoughts on “You

    • Sadly, in both instances, I did not know. And finding out came as a terribly painful shock. I wish I had known and forgotten. Somehow, I think it would have been easier that way. Or maybe not. The grass is always greener … or something like that. πŸ˜›

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