Beautiful Blogger Award

1.Place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post.
2.Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
3.Tell 7 things about yourself.
4.Pass this Beautiful Blogger Award on to 7 more bloggers.

Wow! I’m absolutely shocked that anyone would nominate me for a blogging award. I started this blog to have a safe, positive place for my (often stalled) creative impulses, and I never expected anyone would read it. I’m so grateful to each person who has taken the time to stop by here and read a post or two. And I’m even more grateful for the other bloggers I’ve met so far on WordPress.

Many, many thanks to Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh of Charlottesville Winter ( for nominating me. I hope anyone who happens to read this post will check out her blog. It has quickly become one of my very favorite spots on the Interwebs, and I look forward to her wonderful posts every day.

Seven things about myself. Hmmm. My first thought, of course, was mortification that I would never be able to think up seven things about myself that anyone would find entertaining. I truly don’t feel that I’m a very interesting person. After a bit of thought, I figured I would have to substitute “strange” for “interesting”. Hey, you go with what you’ve got, right? So, in no particular order:

1. Although I’m fond of cats, I’m pretty much a “dog person”. I love everything about dogs, and one of my favorite things to do on a gray and rainy day is cuddle up on the sofa with my two pups. Dogs seem to like me, too, but I suspect this is because I’m always covered in dog hair. I smell like a dog; therefore, I must be a dog. Dog logic … gotta love it.

2. I’ve always wanted a tattoo of Goku from DragonBall Z. I love his courageous spirit and the way he never gives up — qualities that I would like to apply to my own life. Even so, a Goku tattoo is probably a bit too weird, which is why it’s lucky that I’ll likely never get one. Because I’m afraid of needles.

3. My least favorite household chore is washing and folding underwear. Yes, I would rather clean a toilet than wash and fold undies. A Domestic Goddess I am NOT.

4. The color blue makes me happy.

5. Sometimes, I hate my original characters. I feel like all they do is stand around in my brain, taking up space and eating pie. So I plot out ways in which to kill them off slowly and with the maximum amount of suffering. I probably won’t do it, but I like to think it keeps them on their toes — and out of the pie.

6. I am mortally afraid of spiders, snakes, and clowns. Oh … And those fancy porcelain dolls with the curly hair and big eyes that look like they’re just waiting for you to turn your back on them so they can come to life and stab you to death. Okay, and also mimes. Because there’s something “not right” about that whole thing.

7. I am head-over-heels in love with an anime character. (And no, it isn’t Goku from DBZ.) Like, if he was real, I would totally cheat on my hubby with him. Lucky for me, he’s  not real because I love my hubby quite a lot. And, also, this character is an assassin … so he would probably kill me. Just saying …

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