Two Dogs

My dogs, Shiner and Fae


Growl, tail wag, and snarl

Sniffle-snuff, and turn around

Two dogs go to bed.


6 thoughts on “Two Dogs

    • Thanks! I’m happy that you enjoyed it. =D

      Yep! Those are two of my “furry kids”. The black and white one is Shiner. He’s an English Springer Spaniel — a bit over a year old. The brown one is Fae. She is a Rescue Dog Special — probably a good mix of Boxer and some kind of hound. She just turned five this month. (Wow … how time flies. LOL)

      I love this picture of them, just because it makes me laugh. Fae is really difficult to photograph. She never likes to sit still long enough. Here, she has that, “EWWWW, Mom! Don’t make me sit next to my punky little brother!” expression. Ha!

    • Thanks! They are pretty funny together. I’m lucky that they are the same size because they love to play rough, but it’s all in fun. Fae (the brown one) cracks me up, though. She hates sitting still next to her brother — and she hates having her picture taken. So I got a double dose of “Ewwww, Mom! Really?!?” from her in this picture. Ha, ha!

  1. Yes indeed there they are. What a great portrait photo. They are sooooooooo cute. Woof woof, Shiner & Fae. Mine like to play rough also. They’re both a little over a year (both from kill shelter and the sweetest two we’ve ever had). Thanks for sending the link. 🙂

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