Cape Cod

November is one of those months that slays me. Between NaNo and my annual Christmas Card Insanity (in which I hand make about 100 cards), it’s a nutty-cuckoo month. And I currently find myself way behind in my NaNo word count and struggling to catch up. So … today’s Blog of Loveliness post is brought to you by:

CAPE COD (sans poetry or pretty words >.O)

bird statues in a window

japanese maple in the rain

seahorses at the Sandwich Glass Museum

stacks of toy cars in a store windowshoes on a power line

people wading at the beachfront porch with hydrangeasold car and building with vineswater and pretty house

fence and buckets

red boats

boat with seagull

whale tail

dock and ship

bikes and flowers


2 thoughts on “Cape Cod

    • Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed the photos. It was my first time visiting Cape Cod, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I thought it was really pretty. But the best part was definitely the whale watching. That was an incredible experience.

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