Geese in the Snow


Thinking about the color gray

A  heavy sky on a winter’s day

Three geese waddle through the snow

And I wonder, like always: which way should I go?

Mickey Mouse Balloons


But sometimes, when my color is blue

Like a whisper, my thoughts turn to you

Balloons in a springtime sky

And I know: laughing together, our hearts will fly.


7 thoughts on “Colors

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Poetry isn’t usually my thing. I love reading it, but I don’t feel comfortable writing it. Lately, though, fiction has been blocked, and my thoughts seem to come out this way. Strange experience, but I’m trying to go with it.

      I took a quick visit around your blog. Amazing, amazing writing! Your poetry is powerful and so much fun to read. I enjoyed it very much.

      • Well thankYOU, you know your poetry shows an open channel and a LOVE of words, I think its great! writing and art is like having a quick swim or a shower for me… i can emerge clean and refreshed!

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